My weekend cooking with Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti

Thinking about to have something fast and convenience to relieve hunger, first come to my mind will be instant noodle.
The great thing about instant noodle, no matter you know cooking or not , as long you know how to get or  boil the hot water, you can have your delicious noodle.
Well, now spaghetti also have instant package.
Master Pasto launched their new instant spaghetti, with no MSG, no preservatives, no refrigeration required and is a HALAL Product.

Well, I spent my weekend discover this instant spaghetti.
Normally, if I want to cook spaghetti, I will need to buy the spaghetti noodle, the sauce, and some fresh ingredients that I like, such as mushroom, meat,tomato, and some spice.
Having this Master Pasto instant spaghetti, I don't need to think on the preparation of the ingredients.

Each box of instant spaghetti consists of 2 packs, one is the spaghetti noodle, and another one is the sauce and ingredients. This 2 packs are safe , and can withstand high temperature heating in boiling water.
There are 2 ways to cook this instant noodle, either by heating with boiling water, or microwave heating.
No worry about the way to cook. It is clearly printed at the back of the box bilingually with picture illustration. 

It's just need 3 minutes of cooking, and the spaghetti can be served. There are 3 flavours of choice so far- Aglio Olio, Carbonara and Bolognese.
Personally I like Carbonara flavour. You can see the pieces of mushroom and chicken with thick Carbonara sauce, as you open the heated pack.
The texture of spaghetti is firm. After pouring the sauce pack, you would need to take some time to mix the spaghetti with sauce. The spaghetti is not sticky, after mixing with the sauce.
The sauce is tasty, and just sufficient with the spaghetti given.
With no MSG, no preservatives, it is more healthier and better compare to other instant noodle that we see in the current market.
Master Pasto Carbonara Spaghetti 

What I like about Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti: 
- Convenience. I can make this simple spaghetti everywhere, as long as I have boiling water or microwave. 
- Time-saving. It's just need 3 minutes of cooking. Fast and easy. 
- No MSG. One of the best proof about this will be I don't feel very thirsty after eating this spaghetti.

What I don't like about Master Pasto Instant Spaghetti:
- Limited flexibility.  At first, I'm thinking whether I can add extra spaghetti or ingredients, based on my personal preference,  on top of what is given in Master Pasto Instant pack. Well, in the end I found that the sauce pack given is just enough for the amount of spaghetti given. I can't add any extra, or else the sauce in the pack will not be enough. 

For more information and online purchase:

Instagram: @masterpasto

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An unusual trip!! - 8D7N Hong Kong& Macau travel guide: itinerary & tips

These few weeks I was thinking of compiling all my travel story and itinerary into my blog. Main reason for this thought is because of my forgetfulness.
I can't deny the truth that without recording my memory in my blog, I will gradually forget all the hard work I had done for planning my travel.

So, I start my post with my trip to Hong Kong and Macau. ( Memory flashing....... )
One of the special thing about my itinerary is no arrangement to theme park or Disneyland. If you are keen in visiting the Ocean Park or Disneyland in Hong Kong, you may spare few more day for this 2 themepark .

Here's my 6D5N itineraries:

Day 1 : Arrived Hong Kong International Airport -->Check in --> Mongkok
- From Airport to Mongkok, it took about 1 hour plus bus journey, which consider the cheapest, but in the same time time consuming transport choice. I prefer airport bus more than the airport train.
- I stayed around Mongkok, which the room space is very small ( Well, every inch of the land of Hong Kong is so precious )
- Mongkok at night is very happening. A lots of youngster mingled around and enjoy their night after work.
Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars

Day 2 : Hong Kong Museum of History-->Tsim Sha Tsui --> 1881 Heritage --> Promenade
- Walking around Tsim Sha Tsui area, with lots of shopping mall and high storey of building. Easy to get lost, but in the same time, I enjoyed hopping around shopping mall, to get myself cool ( I went during hot summer season) and using the shopping mall to recognise my location.

Day 3 : Central Region: Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum --> Victoria Peak --> Wan Chai
- Central region of Hong Kong is the opposite of Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok, which is divide by a river, can be connected by various public transports.
- To reach Victoria Peak , There are various public transport to choose. ( I know this after the trip)  Personally I chose Tram, which is the most well known by the tourist.

Day 4 : Ferry to Macau --> Senado Square --> Ruin of St Paul --> Fortaleza do Monte --> Casino hopping
-Most of the big casino in Macau have free shuttle bus, either from Ferry terminal, Airport to the casino. You can save transportation fees by using the free shuttle bus wisely.

Day 5 : Taipa --> The Venetian Macau
- Macau divides into 4 parts. Most of the attractions are located in Macau Peninsula. Well , don't forget another 3 parts of Macau, especially Taipa. It is the island south of the peninsula, accessible via three bridges.
-Don't miss the Taipa village, you will find a lot of hidden gem when you walk around the narrow street.

Day 6 : Macau Fisherman's Wharf -->Nam Van Lake --> Ferry back to Hong Kong --> Western Market (Sheung Wan) --> Causeway Bay

Day 7 : Ngong Ping --> Lantau Island --> Tai O Fishing Village
- If you have more days in Hong Kong, do come to this part of Hong Kong, which you will find the laid back side compare to our normal busy impression of Hong Kong.
- Highly recommend Tai O Fishing Village, which is a quaint and picturesque village, with the traditional stilt houses predominant of the old Southern Chinese fishing villages. Great place to find dried seafood.

Day 8 : Depart from Hong Kong International Airport
- Well, I really spent more day than others in Hong Kong and Macau, some more without visiting any themepark. I really enjoy the food in Hong Kong and Macau, even it's really more expensive with higher living expense.
- Eating dim sum is something a must when you visit Hong Kong. Almost everyday in Hong Kong I have dim sum and I enjoy it.   

Date visited : 20th -27th August 2016

Disclaimer: My Hong Kong/Macau vacation is NOT a sponsored trip. I paid for all expense of trip.

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Dinosaur Kingdom @ Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri.

Time flies~~ It's come to the end of the year 2018.
Thinking of where to go in Johor Bahru during holiday?
Come and have a look of this new limited time, mobile theme park in Puteri Habour- Dinosaur Kingdom.

Well, I still remember when I still a kids, my first time know about dinosaur is from the movie- Jurassic Park. Even until now, I would never miss any of the movie series of Jurassic Park.
I'm not an expert in recognise the species of dinosaur, Just know the size is big, some is taller than human.
In Dinosaur Kingdom, you can experience, see and touch dinosaur in the theme park. All the dinosaur display are in real size, movable and with the roar sound- animatronic in short.
Can you imagine that all this large dangerous creatures that once shared the earth with humans?

With over 15 exciting dinosaur-themed attraction in the park, both children and adult visitors can have fun and entertaining time in the theme park.
One of the interesting part of this park is that the dustbin in park are all in dinosaur model. 

All animatronic dinosaurs have their description board about their species. Learning while having fun. 


Get into a dinosaur boat to explore the swamp.

Dino rides

I tried this ice fossil game. The kids can enjoy cracking open ice blocks to uncover frozen fossils. After cracking the ice, you will get a small model of dinosaur. I can see a lot of kids enjoy this game, showcasting their dinosaur model they got with the others.

There are indoor inflatable dinosaur island, which you can find the fun with the kids. 

Don't miss the live show, which tells the story of dinosaur kingdom. There are specific timing for the show, take note of the time of show.

There are more attractions you can look forward, such as 5D cinema, Kart drifting, raptor's maze, education hub and more! Some activities need an extra token to access. There are token selling in the park. Not forget the entrance ticket you buy, there are complimentary tokens included. The amount of complimentary token depend on the type of ticket.

Adult ( My Kad holder ) - RM30 with 2 complimentary tokens.
Adult ( My Kad holder, Senior ) - RM20 with complimentary bottle of water.
Children ( My Kid holder) - RM 20 with 2 complimentary tokens.
Foreigner - RM50 with 2 complimentary tokens.

You can also purchase All-Access Passes, which you can have unlimited activity access, exclude the carnival game.
My Kad/ My Kid holder - RM68 with 4 complimentary tokens.
Foreigner -  RM98 with 4 complimentary tokens.

Waze: Puteri Harbour Parking
Date:20th Nov 2018 – 01st Jan 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 10:30pm
Close: every Monday, except Dec 24 & Dec 31

Buy Tickets Online:

FB page :

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Enjoy your Western Cuisine @ 1875 The Mex, Plentong, Johor Bahru

I'm quite familiar about Mexican cuisine, as I have Mexican classmates when I studied overseas few years ago.
One of the factors making Mexican food so irresistible, is because of it's a blend of different cultures. Its distinct blend of spices, seasonings and vibrant colors create a beautiful presentation.
Corn is one of the main ingredient, which you can find in Taco and Nacho. There is a lot of health benefit about the corn.

If you are finding a great place serving great Mexican food in Johor Bahru, come and try this newly open restaurant- 1875 The Mex.
It located very near to Tesco Extra Plentong, previously the shop known as Uncle Tom's Tavern.

The owner of 1875 The Mex, the lovely couple- Shawn and Gail, decided to bring the great western cuisine to Johor Bahru. Shawn has vast experience in working as chef in big-chain hotel, while Gail is helping him to operate the restaurant.
Taco - a popular Mexican street food consisting of tortilla folded around a filling, which is the great start if you don't know what to eat at 1875 The Mex.
The meat is marinated with rich flavoring, not salty, but a kind of nature seasoning which make it very delicious.

Personally, I highly recommend the nacho, which is served together with beef-minced and fresh avocado mesh and sour cream on the top of nacho. If you are avocado lover, this nacho is something must-try. The avocado has make this nacho special.

There are chicken wings, which cooked in Chipotle Pineapple and lime. I can feel the sweetness from the pineapple, well match with the chicken wings.
Chicken wings

Besides the starter, there are variety of main courses can be chosen.
Personally I really like their burger. As you see clearly what the ingredients in between, including sauteed mushroom cheddar cheese maple grilled bacon balsamic & onion jam beef patty & garlic aioli.
It's really attractive to see the cheese melted on the top of bacon. The flavoring used by chef make the burger really juicy.
The St Antonio Burger

Try their salmon too, which cooked with lime and chili butter. The flesh is soft and fresh.
Pan seared salmon steak in lime and chili butter
I tried their ribeye steak in a level of medium. It's really thick and firm, but not tough.
It's really a succulent steak, which is great match together with the vegetable and potato as the side dishes.

The 1875 Ribeye steak

Well, to my surprise, the chef makes the dessert too by himself. Both mud pie and apple pie are in the acceptable sweetness, which make me want to have more after a bite.
The chocolate pie beneath with cookies, the cake and thick chocolate layer on the top.
Mississippi mud pie with whipped cream

Good old-fashioned apple pie drizzled in caramel sauce with ice cream

Overall, what I like the most about this restaurant will be their ingredient choice. This restaurant may not have the fancy interior decoration compare to other fine dining restaurant, but they really concern and choose the best, freshest ingredients to cook their food. You just need to pay much more less than some fine dining restaurant in JB, and you still can get quality western cuisine.

Opening Promotion!!!
Take note of their FB page for more promotion. Currently the restaurant are having set lunch meal, and also the coffee promotion. If you are daily coffee drinker, why not visit  1875 The Mex, they are offering limited promotion RM50 for 50 cups of coffee in 30days. That means RM1 for 1 cup of coffee. Amazing deal!!

More information :

No. G-31, Jalan Masai Jaya Plentong, Masai, 81750 Johor Bahru, Johor ( Near Tesco Extra Plentong)
Opening hour : 12:00 - 22:00

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Japanese Buffet High Tea @ Lada&Clove, Trove Hotel, Johor Bahru

Well, I visited Trove Hotel again after my 1st visit. You may refer my last month post about Halba buffet in Trove.

This November I visited again as Trove Hotel come out with new theme of buffet high tea- Japanese Feast!!
First came to my mind, Hurray, unlimited sushi!!
From various maki & nigiri with different ingredients, such as Tamago ( egg) , California, Kani (crab stick), Kappa (cucumber), Ebi (shrimp), Tempura, Avocado, Ebiko(shrimp flakes), and Inari ( Rice in Tofu). 
All the maki and nigiri are with cooked topping ingredient. There is no raw ingredient.

My favourite Edamame as appetiser to kick start of my Japanese feast ~~~ 

There are variety of vegetable tempura, which deep fried and coated with thin batter. If you are vegetarian or vegetable lover, don't miss this section, with brinjal, pumpkin,oyster mushroom, green capsicum and carrot, turn into the tempura.

Tips of eating Japanese buffet: 

  • Try to have a bowl of Miso soup, before eating the food. It's great to warm your stomach, before starting a heavy meal. 
  • Try to have tempura first before the maki and nigiri. Maki and Nigiri have a lot of rice, which may make you feel full easily. Try to have edamame, salad and tempura, then only the maki and nigiri. 

You will enjoy more about the buffet if you eat in the right sequence. 

For main dish, there are still have some common local food, with fusion of Japanese delight.
For noodles, the chef uses the udon instead of normal noodle, and stir-fried in a local way.

Not forget about the tofu, which is a very common in Japanese food. The chef serves the tofu with dashi stock, ginger, shredded seaweed and daikon radish. Tofu is soft, with slightly crispy fried layer. 

Compound Salad

Again, remember to keep some space for dessert. Besides the common cakes and fruit as we see in every buffet, I found some special dessert, which you may interested to have a look.
This white chocolate with dried fruit attracted my eyeballs when I go around the dessert section.

Variety topping of doughnut, which enlighten your day~~~

Dorayaki-- One of famous Japanese street food, which two pancakes sandwiching sweet ‘anko’ (sweet bean paste).

Drink of the month. Try this refreshing hazelnut drink, to relieve the thirst after eating. It's slightly sweet when mix with the chocolate syrup. 
Hazelnut chocolate milk 

Good news to all my readers! 

You have the chance to win yourself a free buffet pass to enjoy this Japanese buffet worth RM78. To win, go to my Instagram and follow the simple instructions : 

This Japanese High Tea buffet is offers in limited time, only at Saturday, 12pm-4pm for NOVEMBER only.
The buffet in Lada& Clove will change their theme every month, with interesting and new menu.
If you wanna try Japanese High Tea buffet with only RM78nett per person, do come to Trove on Saturday to indulge yourself with variety of all-you-can-eat food.

More information : 

Address : Lada & Clove, Trove Hotel ( 8th Floor ) ( If you use WAZE, it will appear as "Hotel Selesa" )
Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir, 80300 Johor Bahru.
For reservation : 07-2728888

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