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The booming cafe culture is spreading throughout the JB city. Many locals now see cafe hopping as a way of life, since not much entertainment and happening in JB.
The uniqueness of  a cafe is one of the key elements which attract the curiosity of people entering the cafe.
Besides serving the good quality food, the interior design and theme of a cafe can be a factor to make people visit the cafe.

One of the latest theme cafe in JB, inspired by retro railway station located in Tmn Pelangi- Terminal One. It's very easy accessible once you are along Jalan Serampang.
Terminal One is renamed from Station One Cafe previously.
Terminal One is a bistro that encapsulates the need to escape from the bustling city lifestyle and to serve as a gateway to the bygone idyllic era of class and elegance.
The designs are based on retro style of train, including decoration, lighting and the food utensil.

Retro style luggage are all on the top as decoration.  

Terminal One is the place to be for an exquisite dining experience. Discover a timeless setting combined with delightful fusion delicacies and be blown away with the grandeur of the design. There are lunch and dinner set menu, with a wide variety such as western, locals, snacks,etc... for your choice. 

Personally, I like this Pandan Rice with fried chicken chop. It's like the fusion of Nasi Lemak with chicken chop. From the look, you can see it's colourful with lettuce, eggs, slices of tomato and cucumber, sambal and the pandan rice.  

I ordered this appetiser- mushroom soup with puff. The puff is crispy, while the taste of soup is well- match

If you come with your friends, you can try this snack combo, which includes salad, chicken wing, sausages and wedges. 

Terminal One also served snack from the east-- crispy Taiwanese chicken chop. This is one of the new items in the menu. It's best to eat while it's still warm. The chicken chop is cut into the size which is convenient for us to eat in bite.

As the theme of cafe is retro, the cup used in Terminal One is also the retro style big cup. From the left of picture, frozen lemonade plum and chocolate banana. There is a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top of chocolate banana drink.

One more thing to mention, the staffs are wearing the uniform just like what you will see in a train. It's interesting as you can imagine yourself in journey to your destination.

Do come and experience your retro railway journey with Terminal One. It's definitely a place you will recall all your memory of train journeys.

More information:
4, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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