Homemade Dried Fruit - Your Healthy Snack Choice

What is your 1st impression about dried fruit? 
Crispy?? Sweet?? 
As a fruit lover, I will take at least 2 different types of fruit everyday. 
To make sure the fruits I ate is always fresh, I need to go to the market consistently to buy fruit. 
Well, life can be easier!! 
You can keep your fruit for longer time, without adding any preservative or syrup. . 
Dried fruit can be nature, just like the normal fruit. 
You can eat the dried fruit anytime, anywhere, just like eating the snack. 
I got some homemade dried fruit and granola from my friend- Deonne. 

To keep dried fruit fresh, she packed her dried fruit with convenient zip bag. The size of package is just nice for you to put in your handbag.  

Can you imagine how fast I finish up the whole pack of dried green apple? 
I put a pack in my office. I finished it in 2 days.
It's unbelievable that you will non-stop eating this, just like the snack. 
As the dried fruit is natural without adding any preservative and flavours, it reserves the natural sweetness from the apple itself.  

I got a pack of dried lemon, which can make my lemon water or ice-lemon tea at home.
Normally we sliced a piece of fresh lemon to put on our drink, but the rest of lemon can't keep long in the fridge
With dried lemon, you can just keep the other dried lemon slice up to 6 months.

One of my favourite breakfast is the granola. When I know she also selling homemade granola, I'm very interested to try this granola.
This homemade granola is not sweet, with lots of different grains and nuts.

If you are interested to buy the dried fruits and granola , you can contact her :
Ms. Deonne +6017-534 0425 (Whatsapp / SMS )
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unparalleledgrace/

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Visit to Station One Cafe @ Mount Austin, JB

I still remember during my uni time in KL, I like to go Station One to settle my meal, as besides eating, sometime I can listen the live music performance.
Station One is a great place for food and music lover.
One of the newest outlet is located in the heart of Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. It just started operated since December 2016.

If you come with bunch of friends, you can have their mixed platter, which offer bigger portion for sharing. This mixed grilled platter include all kinds of grilled meat- Chicken, Beef and Lamb; plus sausages, french fries and salad.
Mixed Grilled Platter - RM39.00

It's unique to see the special match between almond and salmon, with some mash potato and vegetable.
Baked Almond Salmon Steak - RM 33.00

Station One Cafe offers variety of meals, from western to eastern, snack, cake and drink for teatime. 
One of their signature dish- Salted egg seafood fried rice. The fried rice taste is enriched with the salted egg, getting stronger taste when you eat more.
Salted Egg Yolk Seafood Fried Rice- RM16.00

Chicken Herbal Soup with lots of ingredients. Suitable to share among 2 people.
Herbal Chicken Noddle Pot- RM33.00

Station One also a great place for teatime and gathering. Personally,  I like this tea a lot after my meal. Refresh and great for digest.
Goji Lavender Garden Tea- RM13.00

Oreo Cheese Cake. 

Come and try this new Station One cafe in JB. 

Don't miss out Station One Mount Austin Opening Promotion Buy 1 FREE 1!

More information:

No.32A & 36, Jalan Austin Heights 3/2,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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Unboxing Lazada Box of Joy

To receive a parcel deliver straight to your home is something different feeling compare to shopping in the store.
I believe most of us will feel happy and excited when receive something you bought online.
Online shopping is getting more common in Malaysia, since it's more convenience and sometime cheaper compare to the store.
Reliability and product quality are important for us as an online shopper.
Despite the online revolution sale 11.11 had passed, there is another 12.12 sale coming soon.
Just before the 12.12 sales, I received this Box of Joy from Lazada.
It's my favourite pink colour box!!!

With their moto "Brands For All",  Lazada offers wide range of product on their site including health and beauty, home and living, fashion, mobiles and tablets, consumer electronics, home appliances and etc.....
As I opened the box, I can find the thing I can eat and drink, thing I can use for my beauty, thing I can use in my kitchen and more and more.

I like this manual chopper from Tefal. It's going to be very convenience to prepare my ingredients in the kitchen. Chop everything in few seconds.
Check out more about Tefal product in Lazada HERE

Besides the thing I can use in my kitchen, I have Nescafe Panda White coffee for my drink.
Yes, you can buy your groceries such as Nescafe coffee in Lazada!!!
Check out more groceries product in Lazada HERE

I got something for my hair beauty from L'OREAL. 
Check out more health & beauty product in Lazada HERE 

Did you try to buy something from Lazada before?? If not, just use the promo code below to get 20% off for your 1st order with Lazada.

If you would like to participate in reviews like this in the future, please contact affiliate@lazada.com.my to join the Lazada Family!

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Recap of the year 2016

Time flies~~ It's almost the end of the year 2016. In less than 2 months, we are going to say bye to 2016 and Hi to 2017.  
I believe I live each day to the full. I tried the thing I never try before. 
Let's have a quick recap of what I'm doing this year so far.

1. First time visited Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 
When I just stepped into working life, I tell myself no matter how busy I am, I need to travel to a new country every year. I want to be a traveler, not tourist. I plan all my travel by myself, from searching the flight ticket, booking an accomodation and later come to the itinerary. This year, I visited Ho Chi Minh. A country which amazed with lot's of motobike and crazy traffic. 
Cu Chi, Vietnam

2. First time visited Hong Kong and Macau. 
It's a bless and quite a sudden decision about this Hong Kong and Macau trip. It's my 1st time to Hong Kong. I will remember how fast the pace to live in this busy city, and how precious the space in a city. The small room for accomodation and crowded seats in the restaurant . 
Wisdom path, Hong Kong

Macau- a small country which you can easily spot a casino. 
Mont Fortress, Macau

3. First time attending a conference as a presenter. 
Attending a conference or symposium as a participant is nothing new to me. It's really make me nervous this time as I'm presenter in the conference this time. I'm glad I did it ! 

4. Discover more good food in JB. 
With the booming of cafe and restaurant, I love to try any cafe or restaurant I never been. It's good to have a bunch of good friends who searching good food and coffee with me in JB. More to go~~~

5.  I joined Viper Challenge!!
I'm not really the fans of marathon. Well, I finished this 20km + 20 obstacles challenge this year!!!
It's super tiring, but feeling good when I received this finisher medal. 

How about you?? What you had done in year 2016? 
You still have one month plus to complete the thing you want to do. 
I can't complete all the thing mentioned above without the support of my friends, colleagues and family. 
Christmas is 1 more month to go!! For me, Christmas is not just a religious festival. Most of my non-Christian friend, we have the same thought that it's a festival to express your gratitude to your loved one, and a reunion to celebrate with your family. It's a seasons of giving. 
Have u think of what to give for your loved ones?
Keep calm and shop early! Be a smart shopper and avoid the last minute crowd, and online shopping has made it really convenient nowadays to choose the gift.
If you are looking for a personalised gift  to your friends and family, here are links you may interest: 

You can avoid similarity with personalised gift. It's unique and I believe the receiver will feel more sincere on the personalised gift! See how personalised gift created!! 

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Visit to Matterhorn Bistro, Johor Jaya.

My mission of searching good western cuisines in JB is on-going and last weekend I tried this restaurant- Matterhorn Bistro, which is near to my home.
The restaurant is quite easy to find, which can see from the main road along Jalan Ros Merah.
From the restaurant name, it seems not like a western cuisine restaurant. This restaurant had given me a feeling of entering a restaurant in a small hidden alley in Europe.

As I step into the restaurant, I can see all the tables are with nice table cloth and eating utensils, which including the wine glasses and napkin. The low intensity of light in restaurant creates an intimate and leisurely atmosphere for eating.

There is a separate area in the restaurant, which create a romantic atmosphere, with flowery table cloth, wallpaper and white as the theme colour. This area is quite suitable for the couple.

At the 2nd floor of the restaurant, there is a private space which you can hold the function, gathering or event at here. 
The restaurants offered a range of inside/outside catering services for all occasions. The menu can be either Malays, Indian or Western cuisines.  

I started my meal with this creamy crab meat soup. It's not just a plain creamy soup, as the crab meat can be chewed in every spoon of the soup I eat. 
Creamy Crab Meat Soup

Another great appetiser with crab meat, which you should not miss in Matterhorn Bistro. The cheese is baked on the top and mix with crab meat inside the potato.
Baked Crab Meat - RM28.90

Come to the main course, I tried this grilled salmon fillet, which put on the top of some vegetable side dish.  The asparagus and mushroom are cooked with creamy sauce and truffle oil.
It's interesting to see asparagus in western cuisine served in JB restaurant.
Grilled Salmon Fillet - RM49.90

Next, Roasted rack of lamb with green mint sauces at the side of the plate. Personally, I like the sauce, a well blend between sweet and salty. 
The meat is tender, with a little bit of gamey taste. It can be eaten with the sea salt too.
Roasted rack of lamb - RM 69.90

The restaurant served variety type of steaks, such as Angus Rib Eye Steak, Australian Tenderloin Steak and US Wagyu Rib Eye Steak . I tried this Angus Rib Eye Steak, in medium rare. The quality of the beef chosen is good, served with onion gravy, mash potato and some vegetable.
The meat is tender and juicy, well eat with homemade mash potato.  
Grilled Angus Ribeye Steak - RM 72.90

If you are looking for a better quality of beef, you can try their Grilled Yonezawa Beef.
The beef is originating from Yonezawa region of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It's considered one of the top 3 major beef brands in Japan.
The meat is even more juicy than the normal beef we had. You will not feel disgust even the meat is soft.
Grilled Yonezawa Beef 

I can see the effort of choosing the good quality of ingredients in all their food served, and in the same time make it affordable by the public. 
If you are person who looking more for good taste than the look, you should not miss this hidden treasure Matterhorn Bistro in Taman Johor Jaya. They claim themselves "The Best Steak House in JB!". If you are curious about how good they are, do come and visit Matterhorn Bistro in your next western meal!! You will not regret~~

More information :
3, Jalan Ros Merah 4/14,
Taman Johor Jaya,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Phone : 07-352 2288
FB page : https://www.facebook.com/Matterhonbistro

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Visit to La Cool Restaurant, Permas Jaya.

Permas Jaya is not very far from my home, but I seldom go to Permas Jaya to hunt for good food. 
La Cool Restaurant , which located at Permas Jaya had truly amazed me with their good western food and desserts served. 
As I stepped into this restaurant, I can see there are few white foreigners having their dinner. I believe the food served is good, therefore the white foreigners choose to come here regularly for their meal. 
It's a very comfy restaurant, with ample of space, very suitable to hold an event or party. 
La Cool Restaurant started since September 2016, took over from Re Della Pasta (甲蟲餐廳). 

From the name of the restaurant, you might guess the cuisine served.
During my visit, I tried their signature western cuisine, which generally start from salad as an appertizer, then come to this pasta.
This Beef Tenderloin Spaghetti is perfect as a start of your main course. With some cheese flakes on the top of beef slice, the noodles are served lightly oiled and with the exquisite, full-flavored of tomato sauce.
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Spaghetti-RM28.00

Lasagna is another popular Italian pasta cuisine. It's not easy to find a good quality Lasagna in JB restaurants. La Cool Restaurant served lasagna, not over cheesy with good portion between the meat and pasta.
Homemade Lasagna ( Pork/ Chicken) -RM23.00

Cheese is one of the important ingredients in western cuisine. Cheese can match well with chicken chop too. Personally, I like this chicken chop. The meat is not dry, with melted cheese on the top of chicken chop.
Cheesy Grilled Chicken Chop- RM21.90

Besides chicken, melted cheese can be found in their pork ribs. The portion is big with very affordable price. The ribs are cooked with BBQ sauce, served with wedges vegetable and salad. The meat is tender and not dry.
Cheesy Pork Rib- RM63.00

This rib eye steak served was medium rare, taste much better than what I thought for rare steak.
Normally I prefer medium well steak. However, I can accept this. I believe the quality of steak chose is good, so I don't feel disgusted to eat medium rare steak. Yes!!! the meat is from the Australia rib eye, which is suitable for fast and hot cooking.
It served with some herb potato and salad.
Australia Rib Eye Steak-RM78.00

Pork Knuckle, which is more well known as the western style of pork leg. This German meal is getting common to served in Western restaurant in JB. As you can see from the photo, it's crispy on the outer layer, with tasty meat matched with 3 different homemade sauces.
Crispy Pork Knuckle- RM63.00

For those who love to eat lamb, they served grilled lamb rack. The gamey taste of lamb is not obvious, which is what I would prefer. 
Lamb Rack- RM46.00

Come to the end of dinner, I tried some desserts recommended by chef.
Tiramisu is served , with great mascarpone cheese cream, flavoured with cocoa and strong coffee aroma of Savoiardi (ladyfingers biscuit).
From appearance, this tiramisu is not like what we usual see in Malaysia, but the taste is great, very close to the Tiramisu I ate in Italy.
Tiramisu (not in the menu yet!!)

Matcha hot cake served with some berries. The matcha taste is strong, flow out as you cut the cake. It's lightly sweet taste of matcha powder on the top of the cake. Matcha lover should not miss this dessert in La Cool Restaurant.
Matcha Hot Cake- RM12.50

Another flavour of  hot cake- Chocolate Fondant. The taste is better than expected, with warm chocolate flavour flow out when you cut the cake. It's not sweet, with thick chocolate sauce in the hot cake.
Chocolate Fondant-RM12.50

There is a variety of drinks to choose, including wine. If you are not an alcoholic drinker, you can choose their milkshake with different flavours, such as vanilla,chocolate,coffee, mango,etc.... The milkshake ingredients including fresh milk and a scoop of ice cream, which served in a long glass, with some fruits as topping.

Do come and try their western cuisines in La Cool Restaurant in Permas Jaya!!

* p/s: The restaurant served lunch set menu with competitive price. Just check out their FB page for more information .
FB page : https://www.facebook.com/lacoolbarrestaurant/

La Cool Restaurant
No 1, Jalan Permas10/8,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
81750 Masai, Johor.

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