Batam DIY guide for Malaysian ( Updated version 2017)

Batam Island, an island which is not far away from Singapore , is well-known for Singaporean to have a short escape during the short holiday or weekend.
I never been to Batam before. What I heard the most from my friends around me about the Batam island-- " nothing to see lah" , " No attractions lo",  " Just go and relax" .....
Ok, never expected too much, but still curious about this island, the island that I haven't leave my footprint.
When I did my research about Batam travel guide, most of them are written by Singaporean.
Curiosity came into my mind~~ " Is Malaysians not interested to visit Batam Island? "
Well, after my 2 days 1 night trip to Batam with my family, I think I know the answer. 

Here's in this post I summarise my 2D1N trip into few points and tips, especially for Malaysian.

1. About the Ferry to Batam Island. 

You may book in advance the ferry ticket via online-- RM126 (2 ways)
Here's the link:

Note that the seaport tax is IDR115k or RM40, must be paid at the counter in Batam before boarding the ferry. The ticket bought from online didn't include Indonesian's seaport tax. So, spare your Indonesia rupiah money.
For Malaysia side, you not need to pay any extra tax before boarding. After book the ticket online, exchange the ticket in the counter in Malaysia. They will give you both go and return ticket. Keep the return ticket, and later show to the ferry counter in Batam to redeem the ticket for returning trip.

2. Taxi in Batam
The most convenience and budget public transport will be taxi, especially if you have a group of 3-4 person. Beware of the scam. Most of the taxi will offer a higher price, especially to the tourist, you need to do a little bit of bargain and negotiation.
I used Bahasa Malaysia throughout my trip in Batam. It's seem ok and understandable for them. Here's some price guideline that I paid for my taxi for your reference.

Batam Centre Ferry Terminal --> Nagoya (1 way)  -IDR75 000
Nagoya --> Barelang Bridge + Citra Utama 188 --> Nagoya -IDR200 000
Nagoya --> Batam Centre Ferry Terminal (1 way) -IDR 70 000

Tips: Make a reasonable bargain and don't over bargain. Don't spoil your pleasure of travel and it's more important to travel safe.

3. Accomodation in Batam

After some research on the accommodation in Batam, I chose the hotel near to Nagoya ( aka Lubuk Raja) . I stayed at Hana Hotel, which is located near to Nagoya Shopping Mall. Here's the website of the hotel. ( )
Even it's 3-star hotel, most of the basic toiletries is available. The breakfast included is much more than expected with the price paid. 

4. Shopping Mall in Batam

One of the biggest and best shopping mall in Batam- Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, according to what I research from some website before going.
Don't expect this shopping mall will be something like in JB or Singapore. I would say this is just a very normal shopping mall.
As for Malaysian, I found that most of the price of the thing is almost similar like in JB, not very cheap, but a bit lower if compare to JB.
I went during weekday. There are some promotion offered by restaurant in Shopping Mall, which is quite cheap -such as IDR 8800 ( approx RM3 ) for a decent meal per person.

5. Food in Batam

You have to try some Indonesian cuisine when you are in Batam. In the Nagoya Shopping Mall, I tried Mie Goreng Jawa in Warung Cobain (Ground Floor inside the mall)

If you go the top floor of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, you can find few restaurants offered promotion price for their meal during weekday. Taste is ok, portion not very big and it's really cheap.

5. Place of attractions in Batam
I didn't plan to go any beach or seaside during my stay in Batam. Therefore, I chose to visit the remarkable bridge in Batam- Barelang Bridge.
It's a bit far from the Nagoya, about 40 minutes drive of journey.
There are positive and negative argument about whether worth to visit this bridge.
Overall, I went at the right time, before the sunset, which the scenery is beautiful together with the bridge. 

After taking few picture with the bridge, I went to the seafood restaurant- 188 Citra Utama, which is just less than 5 minutes from the bridge.
This is really a good place to see the sunset, and in the same time enjoying your seafood feast.

You can see the Barelang bridge in another view, from the restaurant.

Address for 188 Citra Utama- Good place to view the sunset

Besides that, I went to the Tua Pek Kong Temple ( aka Vihara Budhi Bhakti )

6. Enjoy Massage in Batam

There are a lot choice of massage centre around the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. I chose Reborn Massage ( ) , which I got 30% discount due to weekday happy hour.
Do make appointment if you visit during the weekend.
I tried Balinese Body Massage for 1 hour, only IDR 84000 ( approx RM 26 ).
It's optional whether you want to give the tips to the therapist.

Hope the tips are useful in planning your trip to Batam, especially those depart from Johor Bahru.

Summary of my basic spending ( for 1 person) :

Ferry ticket (JB-Batam-JB) 
Accomodation (1 night, include breakfast ) 
Transport fees in Batam (Taxi)
 IDR345k ÷4 =  IDR 86.25k
Seaport charge, Batam

Total Basic Spending : RM 227

Disclaimer: My Batam vacation is NOT a sponsored trip, I am NOT paid to advertise for anyone or any place.

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Lazior MayterLynn - healthier drink for your life.

Most of us didn't realise the importance of having a proper breakfast in the morning.
A healthier drink will definitely a great start to begin your day.
Came across this brand in social media- Lazior MayterLynn, which is generally a mix purple sweet potato powder with oat bran beverage.

In fact, there are 20 types of quality ingredients in Lazior MayterLynn --- Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Brown Rice, Black Sesame, Oat Bran, Oat Flakes, Black Glutinous Rice, Black Bean, Red Bean, Green Bean, Soy Bean, Black Eyed Pea, Pearl Barley, Wheat, Buckwheat, Sorghum Rice, Soluble fiber, Inulin, Apple Fiber, Flaxseed Oil Powder and Stevia Extract.

There are a lot of high nutrition value in purple sweet potato, such as selenium, amino acids, anthocyanin, cellulose, vitamins and iron element.

When I just open it, I can smell the very pleasant fragrance sweet potato.  The powders is finely ground.

It's easy to make the drink with MayterLynn. Just take 2 tablespoons of MayterLynn. Pour 200 ml hot or warm water into the cup and stir well. It's quite easy and fast for the powders to dissolve well after stir.
I like the sweet potato taste, nice to drink while it's still warm. It's smell good, not sweet or salty overall. Personally, I don't really like to eat raw sweet potato, but I can accept the taste of sweet potato for MayterLynn drink. 

MayterLynn is an all natural ingredients with no coloring, no preservatives and sugar free. This drink is well suit with all range of age , from 1 year and above children, pregnant lady, elderly and normal adult. It is highly recommended for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Vegetarian also can drink MayterLynn too. 

So, why still drink your milo, coffee or tea in the morning? Let's drink MayterLynn Healthy beverage to start your great day.

For more information about Lazior MayterLynn :
FB page:

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My experience with Jonlivia LED Compression Pants

Exercise benefits everyone. No matter what your age, everyone benefits from exercise.
Recently, I'm looking a suitable pant for my Tabata training session.
Came across the brand Jonlivia after reading some recommendations from social media.
Jonlivia LED Compression Pants is one of the popular workout pants from the brand.

I took M size for the pants. When I just received my pants, I was scared about the length of the pant. ( since I'm quite tall, about 166cm). The pants look short in length.
I'm surprise when I tried it, it perfectly fit me.
As the name of pants highlighted - 'LED' and 'compression', Jonlivia workout pants is different from other brands of workout pant, with unique design of LED strip at the side of pants.
It's well suite for those who wanna do night run or workout in the dark.

For 'compression', I felt fit and tight when I wear this Jonlivia workout pants.
In the beginning, I'm worrying about the tightness of pants will make me uncomfortable or look fat.
I get rid of my worry after looking myself in front of mirror with the pants.
The pants designed with skinny leg opening cutting, which look slim after wear.
The material of pants is elastic,anti-pilling, breathable and stretchable , which make you feel comfortable and great even wearing for whole day. ( 87% nylon, 13% spandex)

I tried this pants while doing my Tabata session. Even I sweated a lot, the fabric of the pants doesn't look wet. Since the pants is stretchable, I have no problem to do some big movement and stretching with the pants.
I did wear this pants for my most recent vacation. I walked a lot with this pants and I don't feel uneasy after long hours.
Well, this pants can be in casual and stylish too, not limited to workout only.

So, what you waiting for? You can now purchase your LED-compression pants via their official website!! 

More information about Jonlivia: 

Offical Website & e-shop :

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Visit to Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken @ Mount Austin

Since the Korean wave, there is growing number of Korean Restaurants in Johor Bahru in the recent years.
You may easily find the Korean food, which Korean Stars eat in Korean Drama.

Omaya opened their 3rd outlets in Malaysia, which located at the new shoplot in Mount Austin,JB, after the success of first 2 outlets in Subang Jaya and Mont Kiara.

Great interior design can do as much for a restaurant as good food and drinks can. As you step in Omaya Mount Austin outlet, you will feel the strong industrial element, from the staff uniform, the indistrial interior design and the box putting the sauces and side dishes.

As like other Korean restaurant, there is TV playing the K-Pop MV, which is visible when you having your meal.

All the set in menu looked interesting, I chose some sets for my dinner.

1. 1200mm Korean BBQ Skewer
It's really a woah~ when you just see this 1200mm BBQ stick served in front of you. It will hanging from the top. The long stick consists of different types of meat, from the bottom you can see the pork, and later the middle portion with chicken, and lastly the seafood. In between the meat, there is some bell pepper, onion and lemon, which can be eat together with the meat.

The friendly staff will help us to take out the ingredients from the stick and grill on the pot. Well, the staff cooked the meat in the right temperature, to make sure the tender and freshness of meat. 
One of the thing I found inconvenience will be the the meat is cut in big pieces, which you may need to further cut using your spoon, so that it can be easier to wrap with the lettuce. 
Besides the meat, you can see there is grilled egg around the pot, which is included in the set. 

2. Deep Fried Squid Cheesy Toppokki Stew
For those who love cheese, you should not miss this chessy toppokki stew. There are few other options of cheesy toppokki stew besides the squid. This includes the pork ribs,clams and fried chicken.
The fried squid are dipped in the cheesy sauce. You can coat your squid as much of sauce as you like.

3. Shimson Stew
One of the most recommended set if you have no idea what to eat in Omaya. 3 in 1 set, which included the army stew at the center of pot, cheese spicy Stir-fried Toppokki Chicken around the pot, and once you finish the army stew, they will served the Korean cheesy fried rice. 
In menu they recommend 2-3 person to share this pot. If you have a gang with small appetite , this set can definitely share with more person. Decent portion with reasonable price. 
For those who never try Korean meal before, this is the good start to have Shimson stew, to taste 3 different Korean food in the same time.     

4. Honey Makgeolli
Besides the food, you may try this Korean alcoholic drink- Honey Makgeolli. 
No worry, the alcoholic content is not high, with pleasant sweet taste from the honey. 
I like this drink, which is match well with the cheesy food I ordered. 
They served this Makgeolli with unique, small bowl.  

5. Rainbow Slush
For non-alcoholic drink, one of the special from the menu, which attract me will be this rainbow colours, with stylish drink bottle.
One of the funny thing when we had this drink will be difficulty in having our first sip. Hahaha, due to tall size of bottle, it's take time ( and effort!! haha!!)  to have the first sip.
The drink is sweet and frozen. I will like it more if it's not sweet~~

Come and try Omaya, which located at new shoplots area in Mount Austin. ( Better to make reservation before go. )

More information:

FB page :
Call for reservation : 07 364 3183 / 017 632 6618

Address: No.49 & 51, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Tmn Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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Things to do in Sekinchan

I still remember when I’m still a kids, my mum told me that the rice we eat everyday are mainly from Thailand.

As I grow, I realised that there are paddy fields in Malaysia, which supply part of the rice we eat everyday. The paddy field are located mainly in Kedah.

In recent year, due to the filming of few scenes at the paddy field in Sekinchan, it’s goes viral and become one of the most popular attraction in Malaysia.

Sekinchan, a small town which is located about 100km from Kuala Lumpur. The town have the wide area of paddy field , which supply the rice, and in the same time, it is also a fishing village, which supply the fresh seafood.

Before I visited Sekinchan, I was once amazed how fast Sekinchan gain it’s popularity and become the top tourist attraction in Malaysia. Before that, It’s just a quiet fishing village.

I believe the power of social media help in spreading the beauty of Sekinchan.
The most viral photo you can see in Facebook and Instagram about Sekinchan will be the greeny paddy field.

“ The beauty of nature can’t replace with any other attractions”

It’s explained well why Sekinchan become famous. When your life is full of works and study in the busy bustle city, you will look forward a place that you can slow down your pace and relax your mind.
Sekinchan is the place for those “big-city, busy” people looking for an escape. 

Here’s I would like to share with you some guide about Sekinchan.

1. How long I should spend in Sekinchan? I would recommended to stay at least 1 night in Sekinchan. There are quite a few accommodation nearby Sekinchan for your choice. ( Check out here for more Sekinchan Hotel )

2. Avoid arranging your visit to Sekinchan during public holiday or long weekend. Sekinchan is much nicer to experience with less crowd. When there is crowd, heavy traffic can be expected.

3. Transport- It is more convenient to visit Sekinchan using car. Highly recommended to take a car pool. Alternatively, you can get public bus to Sekinchan at Pudu Sentral. ( Counter KT40). You may check the bus schedule at this website : . You may rent the bicycle to get around Sekinchan.

4. It’s a must to visit paddy field in Sekinchan. Best time to visit the paddy field in the month of May and November, when the paddy is mature, and you will see a brillant of golden yellow field.  If you want to know more about paddy field in Sekinchan, you may visit paddy processing factory and museum .

5. Another must do thing in Sekinchan will be having a seafood feast. The seafood is extreme fresh as they just caught from the sea. You may busy some snack (keropok) back home from fishing village.


6. You can enjoy the breeze and sea at beach ( Pantai Redang ). It’s great place for picnic.

7.  Remember to make a wish and throw a red ribbon onto the tree, which is also nearby Pantai Redang.

8. What to buy in Sekinchan?? You may buy the brown rice which is produced Sekinchan. Besides that, you can look for mango, which you can find nearby Paddy Processing factory. The mango is sweet and big.

9. Sunrise/ sunset in Sekinchan. It’s worth to have a view of sunrise and sunset in paddy field and the beach.

Sekinchan is a great place friend and family to have bonding time, put away all your worry, reflect and peace your mind. It’s not costly to travel to Sekinchan. Personally I don’t spend much when I visited Sekinchan with my friends. Overall, What I remember the most about my Sekinchan trip will be full of laughter and great memories.

“Travel is to discover the hidden beauty”

For more information about the booking of Sekinchan Hotel , you may visit HERE

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Get your Fresh Juice @ Juseu Juice, Mount Austin.

I believe most of us drink fruit juice. However, we are not aware of the type of juice we drink.
In recent years, there are growing number of cafe selling cold-pressed juice, which refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. For our impression, cold-pressed juice are normally high cost, as they claims that the nutrient of fruit is well-preserved in the juice.

I always wonder the fruit juice should left some pulp, if they really get the juice from the fruit. The pulp of fruit normally rich with fibre.
Here's come to the idea of making fresh fruit juice with pulp, without adding sugars, water and preservative.
Juseu Juice, located in the heart of Austin Height shoplot, served the fresh juice with innovative and creative idea.

You might wonder why I mentioned "innovative & creative". You can create and mix the fruit, vegetable and topping, using all this cute, colourful blocks.

You can put your blocks together, and scan the match. There are wide variety of fruit and vegetable for you to mix and match. If you don't know what to choose, you can put a "surprise" block, the system will help you decide the match of your juice today.

What will display when you scan the blocks you chose? It will show the nutrient content and calories. It's great for those who want to control the calories intake. 

The juice is obtained using the slow juicer, which is a preferred way compare to normal blender.
Tadaa~~ For my juice, I added some chiaseed as topping.
Overall, your every sipping of juice, you will feel the pulp, but in the same time, all these pulp is nicely swallow, just like the other normal juice.
The sweetness of the juice is natural and from the fruit itself. There is not extra adding of sugar and water.
The price of a bottle of fresh juice might be slightly higher compare to other normal juice, considering as the juice is originally from fruit itself only, without adding anymore sugar, ice and water. A significant amount of fruits needed in order to make a bottle of fresh juice.

Besides the fresh juice, Juseu Juice served the smoothie bowl as healthy snack.
As you see from the picture, It consists lots of grains and fruits.

Do come and try their juice and healthy snack at Juseu Juice. Start your healthy life today ~~~

More information about Juseu Juice:
Opening hours: 9AM - 10.30PM
FB page:
Location ( same row as The Hare cafe)

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Having your business cards with

I still remember how I start my blog, with the interest to share the great thing with others.
Recently I have a plan to print some name cards for my blog, which I think is important when there is necessity to network with some clients and bloggers.
Here's I came across , which provides the online order and printing of the cards.

"Using high-quality press printing and a robust yet simple and easy-to-use online ordering system, provides high-end printing services and reliable color printing at discount printing costs." 

As you can see from home page of their website, they provide printing products range from business card, postcard, flyer,gift voucher, leaflets, stickers, tags, poster, etc.... 

The website is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Just register an account with filling some basic information. 
Later, you may choose the product you would like to order, and you can select the options, such as format, print side, paper type and finishing. 
One of the feature I like about their service is the close-up video about different finishing. Gogoprint provides 2 unique finishing- lamination matte and lamination glossy. For business card, there are rounded corner as one of the option too. 

PS: To design the card, you can either upload your own design ( in pdf format), or using their available template. Gogoprint also have the service to help you in design your card, just give them sufficient information about the design.    

As you can see from the table about the the choice of quantity and delivery speed, it varied depend on your choice. The price per pcs of card is getting cheaper if you order more, with the same design. Besides that, if you need your printing urgently, you may choose 24 hours production, with slightly higher price compare to normal production. The website also shows you the date your expected to receive your cards.  

After choosing the printing product you want, your selected products will be appear in the cart. You may proceed to checkout to proceed to payment. 

After payment, you can upload your design at this stage, or you can use the order confirmation, which sent to the email you registered. In order confirmation email, there is also the link for you to upload your design for your products. 

Here's my blog name card. Personally, I used the template from Canva (   to help me in designing my name card and postcard.  The cards arrived on time, with good quality as expected. The colour and look is exactly same as the design I gave to them. 

Do try if you are looking printing service for your business and event. 

More information about : 
Website :
Contact no: 03 2631 5899

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Visit to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Mount Austin

Nowadays, most of us are aware of healthy diet, such as less sugar, less salt and less oil.
Japanese food is highly emphasis on healthy diet, especially their noodles and don.
I don't feel thirsty after eating the Japanese food.
I still remember many years ago, eating a Japanese meal is pricey and expensive.
However, Japanese meal can be budget and affordable.
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant opened their new outlet in Mount Austin last month, mainly focus on Japanese Bento, Don and Noodles.

One of the signature dish will be this Cha Soba (Cold Noodle) . This is so far the cheapest Cha Soba I ever ate in JB, plus the taste and portion are in quality standard.
If you are cold noodle lover, you should not miss this Cha Soba if you drop by here.
The texture of noodle, immerse into the sauce given, with the sesame given, you feel the instant to have few more. even eating without the meat.
You may add-on this Cha Soba with onsen tamago (half boiled egg).
Cha Soba- RM8.90

The Japanese style of Tartar sauce, which commonly known as "Nanban" . The Nanban sauce in this don is creamy, with rich of mayonnaise and mustard . You may choose either Nanban chicken or fish don. 
Nanban Chicken Don- RM8.90

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant served Japanese Curry dish, with variety options of topping and noodle types.
You can also find some Ramen - with topping of your choice.
Ebi Curry Udon- RM15.90

Karrage Chicken Ramen- RM13.90

Some recommend side dish to be order- edamame and gyoza (Japanese Pan-Fried Dumplings).

Check out their latest promotion at FB page :

Address :
4, 46, Jln Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

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