Customised Phone Case at RM20 only!!!

Recently I just got my new phone case for my Iphone SE.
Too cute to share with everyone about my case with kitty design~~
Aww~~~ my kitty collection is expanding ~~ Haha~

You can just design the phone casing with your own photo or picture you like, such as the couple shot, family portrait, scenery, your pet....etc
The case is durable and fit your smartphone perfectly. 

Model available : 
Samsung Note 2,3,4,5
Samsung S3,S4,S5,S6
Samsung S3,S4 mini
Iphone 4, 5,5S,6,6+,6S

This month, you can get your own customised phone case with just RM20!!! RM20 only !!!!
How to get this offer??
1.Send your photo or picture you would like to put in your phone case to 0199858151 via Whatsapp
2 . Mention the promo code : JY1001
3. You will made the payment after receive the confirmation. 
4. You will get your phone case within 3-5 working days. 

Offer until 30th Nov2016. 

More information about customised phone case :

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Visit to FAD Irish Bar & Restaurant, Mount Austin, JB

The Irish people are a nation and ethnic group native to the island of Ireland, who share a common Irish ancestry, identity and culture. What I know the most about Irish people is they love beer!! (Haha~~)

In JB hipster Austin area, there is a hidden Irish Bar, which not only served Irish beer, they served good food with reasonable price too.
FAD Irish Bar & Restaurant located nearby Austin Height Water theme park.
When I stepped into the restaurant, the decor will make you feel that you are in a bar in western country. The seating is suited for gang of friends for a meet, gathering and party.

There is a row of barrels on the top of restaurant . Personally, I like this design.

The food served in this restaurant is mainly western, with some local fusion.
This German Pork Knuckle is one of the bite-size food you can order and share among your friends.
The skin is dry, with tasty flesh, and can be matched with the chili sauce provided.
Well suited to eat and drink with your Irish beer as an appetizer.
Pork Knuckle, RM68.90

Another bite-size food - Fajita, which is normally referred to grilled meat served with tortilla.
The grilled chicken meat is stacked into the stick, and before served, the chef will put some brandy VSOP and burn the meat, which make the taste greatly blended between the alcohol and meat.
Below the stick, there is salad, which will also mix some VSOP, which flow from the meat.
3 homemade sauces are given to eat with the grilled chicken, and tortilla to wrap the meat.
The aroma of the grill chicken is enriched after burning with VSOP. The flesh is tender and soft.
I strongly recommend to order this Fajita if you are coming to this restaurant.
Fajita V.S.O.P - RM54.90

Here's another sharing platter you can order, with chicken, lamb and beef chop in one plate. Besides the meat, it's served with salads and baked cheese potato too.
Char Grill Combo - RM79.90

Beside the sharing dish, you can find some a la carte, such as Irish's Chicken Chop. One of unique part of this chicken chop is the special homemade Irish' sauce.

Irish's Chicken Chop- RM25.90

Irish's Beer Belly- From the look, you can see a layer of fatty meat, but not greasy as expected. It's cooked with the Chinese spice star anise( 八角) and western beer. A typical fusion between east and west. It's served with garlic spread's bread.
Irish's Beer Belly, RM38.90

Besides all variety of meats you have, you can have their pasta, which cook with creamy carbonara sauce. You can choose either eat with mushroom or clams ( which refer Vongole- pasta served with clams and a light sauce of olive oil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes )
Creamy Mushroom Pasta- RM17.90

Generally, the Irish brew beer has the rich aroma and flavor of toasted malt. Kilkenny, a beer brand with nitrogenated Irish cream ale from the makers of Guinness. I don't drink much, just having few sip.

Come and enjoy your night at this FAD Irish Bar & Restaurant after your work with your colleague and friends !!!!!

Don't drive after drinking alcohol!!

More information:
FAD Irish Bar & Restaurant
20 Jalan Austin Heights 8/2,
81100 Johor Bahru

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The Covets- Malaysia's first beauty platform

Looking for beauty tips? Looking for beauty review??
Here's the latest beauty platform - theCOVETS.
TheCovets began with the quest of providing aspirational and inspirational beauty to women that walk and breathe beauty. It’s dedicated to affluent women that embrace beauty as a part of her.

Stay tuned for more post with theCOVETS very soon!

You can find more about theCovets through
Website : 
Instagram: @the.covets
Facebook page:

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Visit to Terminal One Cafe, Johor Bahru

The booming cafe culture is spreading throughout the JB city. Many locals now see cafe hopping as a way of life, since not much entertainment and happening in JB.
The uniqueness of  a cafe is one of the key elements which attract the curiosity of people entering the cafe.
Besides serving the good quality food, the interior design and theme of a cafe can be a factor to make people visit the cafe.

One of the latest theme cafe in JB, inspired by retro railway station located in Tmn Pelangi- Terminal One. It's very easy accessible once you are along Jalan Serampang.
Terminal One is renamed from Station One Cafe previously.
Terminal One is a bistro that encapsulates the need to escape from the bustling city lifestyle and to serve as a gateway to the bygone idyllic era of class and elegance.
The designs are based on retro style of train, including decoration, lighting and the food utensil.

Retro style luggage are all on the top as decoration.  

Terminal One is the place to be for an exquisite dining experience. Discover a timeless setting combined with delightful fusion delicacies and be blown away with the grandeur of the design. There are lunch and dinner set menu, with a wide variety such as western, locals, snacks,etc... for your choice. 

Personally, I like this Pandan Rice with fried chicken chop. It's like the fusion of Nasi Lemak with chicken chop. From the look, you can see it's colourful with lettuce, eggs, slices of tomato and cucumber, sambal and the pandan rice.  

I ordered this appetiser- mushroom soup with puff. The puff is crispy, while the taste of soup is well- match

If you come with your friends, you can try this snack combo, which includes salad, chicken wing, sausages and wedges. 

Terminal One also served snack from the east-- crispy Taiwanese chicken chop. This is one of the new items in the menu. It's best to eat while it's still warm. The chicken chop is cut into the size which is convenient for us to eat in bite.

As the theme of cafe is retro, the cup used in Terminal One is also the retro style big cup. From the left of picture, frozen lemonade plum and chocolate banana. There is a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top of chocolate banana drink.

One more thing to mention, the staffs are wearing the uniform just like what you will see in a train. It's interesting as you can imagine yourself in journey to your destination.

Do come and experience your retro railway journey with Terminal One. It's definitely a place you will recall all your memory of train journeys.

More information:
4, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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Weprint- The First WeChat Instant Printing Machine in Malaysia

With the advance of technology, printing photo can be done in anywhere, and you can get the photo instantly.
Most of us used our smartphone to take the photo anytime anywhere. Instead of just keep the photo in phone, you may wonder the possibility to print out the photo we like.
This post gonna introduce the latest photo printing though mobile app- WePrint
WePrint is the very first WeChat instant printing machine in Malaysia. You may see this machine in some shopping mall or event before.
Liberty Printing is a heat transfer printing machine and material supplier in Malaysia. WePrint machine is exclusively imported, managed and distributed by Liberty Printing since 2015.

All you have to do is: open WeChat app on your smartphone, scan the QR code shown on the machine, upload selected photo from your phone, insert the ID code shown on screen. A high quality hard copy will be printed in just 60 seconds!

For any corporate or private functions, WePrint is always a crowd pleaser, attracting people from all walks of life to print their favourite photos onto different material, including photo paper, magnetic paper, button badge and phone casing. For the advertisers, they can use the machines to attract followers, collect database, and engage the followers more effectively through this popular social media platform - WeChat. 

As you can see, the photo template can be customised and the size of photo is just nice to keep in wallet or notebook.  Instant photo printing is getting common  and become one of the attraction of crowd in an event. 

With a Weprint machine in your event, such as birthday party, wedding dinner, it provides the best souvenir for the friends and family. 
With a Weprint machine in your corporate event, it provides the quality instant photo printing for all the customers, in the same time contact can be kept through WeChat account. 
Good news to all of my readers who like to engage with WePrint. If you are interested in WePrint service, you may use the promo code belo to get 10% discount when you purchase WePrint.

“What can we print for you? Free instant high quality photos!”

For business enquiries, contact:
Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.
Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)

For those who are interested in personalized gift (such as photo mug,T-shirt,keychain...etc) , you may order directly from below website.

More information  : 

Official Website:

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Visit to Ho Ho Steamboat (Pulau Ketam) Austin Height (好好海鲜火锅之家)

One-person-one-hotpot is the latest trend of eating steamboat , as there is an increasing number of restaurant offered this kind of steamboat in JB.
For me, I still prefer a round table traditional steamboat. The round steamboat pot which symbolises “Reunion” . It's a kind of joy to put the food we want to eat into the same pot.
The fresh seafood and ingredient are important to have a good meal of steamboat.

Check out this latest steamboat restaurant in Mount Austin Area, which offer the freshest seafood from Pulau Ketam and top quality of ingredient for steamboat feast- Ho Ho Steamboat.
Pulau Ketam is an island at the mouth of the Klang River, near Port Klang, downstream from Kuala Lumpur. It hosts Chinese fishing villages comprising houses on stilts. This island is just like Pulau Kukup in Johor. Most of the freshest seafood are all the way from the fishing villages in Pulau Ketam.
The location is near to Austin Height Water Theme park, same row with DeCast Karoake.

My 1st time ever to see such a big pork bone used to cook the soup. The taste is AWESOME!!!

Adding big prawns into the soup to cook, which further enriched the taste of the soup. I can't stop drinking the soup before I eating the ingredient in the steamboat.

If you are the seafood lover , you must not miss this big crab if you come to Ho Ho Steamboat. It is fresh, with lot's of soft and sweet-taste of meat.  The price will be based on the weight of crab you ordered.

Personally, I highly recommend this homemade fishballs and fish noodle too... From the 1st bite, you can know that the ingredient used is authentic and in good quality. 

There is set meal for choice, which the steamboat ingredients can be ordered based on the number of persons. You can also order the sliced meats and homemade yong tau foo for the steamboat.

Besides the steamboat, remember to try their signature Pork Belly Fried Bee Hoon. The price is quite reasonable with the portion served. The Pork Belly can be replaced by crab, lala or sliced fish. The Bee Hoon is a bit oily, but not salty, worth for a try.
Pork Belly Fried Bee Hoon, RM 21 (2016)

Another highly recommend side dish you can try while waiting your steamboat ingredient to be cooked. This homemade fried dumpling has crispy layer with minced meat inside the dumpling. Beside the dumpling, you can choose some other side dish such as deep fried sha zui fish, fried bean curd skin, etc... You may refer their menu on their website. 

There are a wide variety of drinks served in this steamboat restaurant . I tried this buah long long drink. The taste is strong and not sweet. The juice is fresh and pure, which is a perfect match with the steamboat.  

Overall, the price is quite reasonable for the quality and portion served. Eating steamboat is also one of the good ways for family and friends to chat after a tiring day. It's not just eating, but the network built during the meal. So,  come and have a seafood steamboat dinner feast with this latest steamboat restaurant in JB.

More information:
Address: 12 & 16, Jalan Austin Height 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
Opening hours: Everyday 16:00 - 01:00
Official page (Menu is available) :

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Visit to Crab Bar & Cafe @ Johor Bahru

In JB, there are few nice restaurants which you can have seafood and bear, a place where you can relax after tiring work. 
In Mount Austin area, there is a new restaurant which serves good seafood, especially the crab. 
I believe the owner must be a crab lover, and the restaurant is straight-forward named as Crab Bar & Cafe. 
If you are crab lover, you should not miss this latest restaurant in JB.

The seafood served in this restaurant will be more to western style, with some fusion of local taste.
If you are 1st time visiting this restaurant, you must try their grill crab.
You can choose either to cook with or without spicy.
For spicy grill crab, sambal chili is used, and it provides mild burning sensation, match well with the crab. The crab is fresh, served with grill corn, potatoes and some salads.
Grill Crab

Next, this is a must-try signature dish in this restaurant. There are not many restaurants in JB served soft-shell crab burger. The fried soft-shell crab taste good, served with a layer of cheese.
Soft Shell Crab Burger

Besides the crab meal, you may try their other seafood meal such as grill white tuna. The flesh of tuna is soft, with the fragrance of grill tuna. Black pepper sauce is served with the white tuna, together with grill corn , salad and chips.
Grill White Tuna set 

For seafood lover, prawn is a must for a good meal. The texture is firm yet soft with a little bouncy. Personally, I like this king prawn, it is very fresh and the way the prawn grilled is just nice, not overcook.
Grill King Prawn

We tried these white wine mussels too. For me, it's a bit spicy until I can't really taste the existence of white wine. As you can see from the photo below, the mussels are good in quality.
White wine sauce mussels

If you are not an alcoholic person, you may choose a cup of hot tea, match with your seafood. There are variety of tea for your choice , such as earl grey, jasmine and garden of fruit. Nice aroma surrounding as the hot tea served in front of us.
Hot Tea

Come and try with your friends and family this new bar to enjoy some alcohol and nice grill seafood. The location of the bar is in Akademik Suite, near to Sunway College Johor Bahru.

More information: 
Address: Crab Bar & Cafe
G-07,Blok A,Akademik Suite,
Jalan Austin Heights Utama,
Taman Mount Austin,81100 Johor Bahru,Johor.
Contact No. : 016-7102808
Opening hours: 5pm -12am
FB page :

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4 Must-Visit Cities in Asia

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. There are 48 countries in Asia today, according to the United Nations.
There are many interesting countries in Asia that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.
Here I listed out some nice cities that you may start your discovery of Asia if you are planning to come for the first time.

1. Malacca, Malaysia
To suggest a place to travel in my country, I would always tell my friends start with Malacca, which located in the middle of the Peninsular Malaysia.
This historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best starting point for you to know more about Malaysia.
Malacca, Malaysia

2. Singapore
Next to Malaysia, Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.
It's a small country, with full of excitement and things to discover.

3. Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand is well known for its rich cultural heritage. Another popular thing to do in Thailand is to experience the floating market.
More :

Bangkok, Thailand

4. Taiwan
This is the most friendly country that I ever visited. You should visit this country to experience warmest Taiwanese and the beautiful scenery from the nouth to the south of the country.
This is also one of the country that I would like to revisit.
More :

JiuFen, Taiwan

Here's another 5 selected cities in Asia that I plan to visit in future:
Siam Reap, Cambodia
Beijing, China
Kyoto, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
New Delhi, India

Don't know how to plan your trip to Asia? Scare to travel to a new country? You may find some useful guides on travel in Asia from the links below:

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