Visit to Gokako @ Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

The latest shopping mall in Johor Bahru, Paradigm Mall has been opened for few months. As usual like other new shopping mall, curiosity attracts a lot of crowd to visit the mall.
One of the attraction points for Paradigm Mall is the new brand and restaurant having their 1st outlet in Johor Bahru.
Gokako is one of it.

Gokako, Malaysia’s first trendy roasted chicken food chain restaurant with the aim is to solidify the harmony feelings of our three major nationalities in Malaysia.
“Gokako” is derives from the combination of three languages in Malaysia: “Goreng” “Kao” “Koli”
The innovative idea to blend the uniqueness of Malay, Chinese and Indian food into one.

Located at 4th floor in Paradigm Mall, near to cinema ( just taking escalator down and you will spot it)

New in Gokako!!!
No worry if you have kids having meal with you, there is kid's zone , which they can have fun aside of having nice meal.

Creation of Gokako mini burger is the latest trend natural homemade mini color burger with the flavor Original(red) ,Gula Melaka(Yellow) and Sambal(Blue)
As you see the distinctive bright colour of burger, the colour is all from natural ingredient. Red colour from beetroot, blue colour from blue pea flower (bunga telang) and yellow colour from Turmeric herbs ginger. No artificial colouring at all.
The mini chicken chop inside the burger is quite juicy, with different flavouring sauce, and some
lettuce , coleslaw ,cheese, onions and tomato to boost the fiber and nutrition of the burger.
It's different taste if compare with other burger you can find in other restaurant, especially the burger with gula melaka and sambal flavouring, which you can find spicy and sweet in your bites.

Besides the colourful mini burger, the colourful Gokako rice attracted my attention too. 
The colouring is from natural ingredients too, red from beetroot, yellow from tumeric and green from pandan. 
All these natural ingredients not only give nice colouring, but it's provided nutrients too. 
Beetroot is great in boosting the stamina, Pandan leaves helps in relieving the pain , while the tumeric has antioxidant, which is good for health. 
White rice may not catch your kids attention to having the meals, but colourful, healthy rice will definitely make them fall in love in finishing the meals. 

We can see few trendy, new idea about nasi lemak, which fuse into western cuisine and fast food in the recent year. Nasi lemak burger is one of the most hit and popular, especially in KL. 
Not only burger, Gokako have their very latest and creative nasi lemak pizza, 1st in JB. 
Nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.
This pizza included all the ingredients you can find in nasi lemak, such as anchovies ( ikan bilis), peanuts, eggs,onion and chicken as the topping, with sambal sauce and cheddar & mozzarella cheese. 
It's very tasty, heavy in personal as many ingredients served in 10 inch tortilla flour (small, thin flat bread made from wheat flour), cut into 8 pieces. 
I recommend to eat this pizza with Gokako rice, if you prefer ligther taste. 

Another creative pizza from Gokako-- Gula Melaka Pizza
Gula Melaka, aka brown sugar is a very common ingredient used in Malaysian cuisine. 
With traditional homemade Gula Melaka sauce combine with the topping fresh chicken, onion
and mix cheese which finish with sprinkle toasted coconut that bring irresistibly sweet flavor.
Because the taste of this pizza is sweet, I would say this can be a dessert too. 

My favourite in Gokako- the juicy & crispy fried chicken, with different sauce.
3 flavours available- Original, Curry and Gula Melaka.
I like it a lot- something similar to Korean Fried Chicken, but Gokako served a better local fried chicken with innovative sauces, which challenge your taste buds.

If you don't like fried chicken, you can also try their roasted chicken, with 2 different flavours.
Gokako uses marinated chicken drumstick bake and grill to perfection original flavor and with
our special favorite Gokako dipping sauce to serve.
The chicken is tender, soft and not oily.

Do come and try this unique, creative and innovative restaurant in Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru, with fusion taste that you will looking for. 

Latest signature dish by Gokako with burung puyuh (Quail)

More information :
No pork, No lard
Website :
FB page :
Address:  4F-49, Level 4, Paradigm Mall, Taman Bukit Mewah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-232 3114

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Visit to Friendscino Pelangi Johor Bahru.

Looking for a place to hang out after stressful work? Looking for a place in JB to have gathering with friends and family? Looking for a place in JB to play darts ? Looking for a restaurant with music and live band?  Looking for restaurant serving western cuisine??

Friendscino have all you needs, in both entertainment and food.

Friendscino, a name that you will link to "friends".
Friendscino – Cultivate from the abbreviation "Friends, Culture Is Not Optional". Friendscino Restaurant & Darts Bar was founded in 2010, with 6 outlets throughout the Peninsular Malaysia.
This high energy ambient Restaurant offers an extensive western cuisine that suitable for family, groups, corporate event, and private parties.

The southern region outlet located at the heart of Johor Bahru town, which the restaurant can be easily spotted along Jalan Serampang. I came and tried some dishes in this restaurant last weekend.

Once you step into restaurant, there is a ready stage and equipment for live band performance (Daily 9PM – 12AM).

The Friendscino restaurant and bars have very wide space and area to hold the function or party. There are 2 floors for the restaurant. The upper floor have more private area and entertainment activities, such as darts machine, pool table and karaoke room.
Darts machine

Pool Table

Karaoke Room

Time is well spent for a gathering, not just the company, but also tasting the good food together. 
One of the latest menu in Friendscino- Raclette Cheese Bistro Bites, which is good sharing platter during gathering. 
To be honest, there is not much restaurants in JB served the raclette cheese. Friendscino served raclette cheese as topping with 3 different matches. 

For those who wondering what is raclette cheese: 
Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk Swiss cheese, which the cheese is heated and scrape off the melted part for serve.

The common match - raclette cheese with baked potato and ham. This match is the safest, if you never try raclette cheese before. The potato is baked until soft, which the skin can be easily peel off. There is not much other seasoning beside the raclette cheese. Therefore you can indulge with the taste of raclette cheese.

As a cheese lover, personally I like raclette cheese a lot. In my opinion, you can't eat much, since the texture of raclette cheese is thick and you can easily get full after few bites.
The amazing match - raclette cheese with mushroom spread, beef bacon and truffle oil on the top of baguette.
Cheese with bread, which is also quite common match in western cuisine. The thing I amaze the most is the topping. Every bite you have, you will feel a very fragrance truffle oil with overload spread and thick raclette cheese. The bread is not hard, but unexpectedly crunchy.

The fusion match- raclette cheese with seafood egg rolls with seaweed and tortilla chips.
It's a very interesting fusion between eastern egg rolls with western raclette cheese and tortilla chips. The cheese will also spread it on the top of the egg rolls, and it's very nice to dip your tortilla chips with the melted cheese. I like the fusion of taste, and there is full ingredient of seafood spread with minimum seasoning inside the egg rolls, which the raclette cheese enrich the taste of this egg rolls.

If you are not the cheese lover, you can have this Bistro Bites Platter, which include the onion rings, potato chips, potato fries and sweet potato fries.
With only RM10.90, you can have all 4 different types of crispy snack bites with your friends and family.
Highly recommended the sweet potato fries! You can taste the nature rich taste from sweet potato, fried into crispy orange colour.

Besides the snack, if you want to have a full lunch or dinner meals, you can try this Friendscino new seafood sharing platter- Shell Out!!!

2 different sauces for your choice. 

The seafood is grill and baked, served on the top of a clean paper. The restaurant is considerate in providing some water at the side for customer to wash their hands after eating the seafood. The creamy cheese sauce is immersed into the flesh of seafood, which enrich the fresh seafood. 
For crab lover, you can add-on the price to have crab in the same time. 

Talking about western cuisine, steak is the first thing come to most people's mind. 
Friendscino serves their all time favourite- Australian Striploin Meltique Beef, with quality and thick meat. 

All time favourite refreshing appetizer - Fresh Salmon Trout Carpaccio.

For Beverage, Friendscino serves wide variety of drinks, which suit to different needs. I tried this Asam Boi Lime Mojito, which was well decorated and matched with the meal ordered. 3 asam boi are used in a glass of this mojito, which give a strong taste of sweet, salty and tangy.
Cranberry Crush and Asam Boi Lime Mojito

Besides the non-alcoholic drink, Friendscino is having promotion on their Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Somersby Sparkling Rose and Clarendelle wine.  

Clarendelle is a Bordeaux wine brand launched in 2005 by Clarence Dillon Wines, established in Bordeaux. Its name is inspired by Clarence Dillon, who established the family's presence in the Bordeaux area in 1935. It is also related to the term “claret” that designated the Bordeaux wines during the 17th and 18th century in England. The wines are made according to the Bordeaux style and tradition.

Friendscino turns it Restaurant into the best entertainment bar by nightfall with the wide range of best chilled beer in town, the restaurant turns into the most preferred bar to spend the evening.

Do come and have fun in Friendscino for your next gathering and party.  

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” -- Auguste Escoffier

For more information:

No. 55, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor

Booking reservation: 013-359 0443 ( especially if you want to use entertainment facilities)

Do follow their FB page for more promotional event :

Friendscino Pelang J.B Operation Hour:
Sun – Thu : 11AM – 2AM
Fri & Sat : 11AM – 3AM

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Redken x Toyako : Product Launching and New Opening at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

Year 2017 is gonna be a prosperity year, as 3 new shopping malls opened in JB before the end of this year.
Paradigm Mall, one of the latest shopping mall have their opening in the end of November 2017.
Toyako Salon have their new branch in this latest shopping mall, located at 2nd floor of the mall.

Toyako Salon provides variety of service, from hair cut, colour, perm, rebond and treatment. 
One of the service that you can only get it at Toyako Salon will be the treatment with Redken product. 
Redken is an American hair care brand, which have wide range of product for different condition of the hair. 

Redken launched the latest product and treatment with Toyako Salon-- the Clean Maniac Micellar series, which highly focus on clean, fresh and healthy hair care.  
Micellar shampoos offer a new type of hair cleansing experience that gently washes away dirt, grit, pollution, product build-up and excess oils.
Micellar technology is quite common to be see in skincare. The micelles are helping to get your hair as clean as possible without being too aggressive on your hair.

I tried their Clean Maniac Micellar treatment, using Redken Clean Maniac product. 

The shampoo and conditioner are silicone and sulfate free, which make it suitable for most of the users. 

The whole treatment took about 1 hour. It started with pre-art treatment, then continue with applying the thick cream to my hair. The hair left for few minutes, then rinsed and washed with Clean Maniac shampoo and conditioner.

The Clean Maniac shampoo and conditioner have a nice pleasant smell, which is notable everytime after I used it. My scalp is clean and fresh after using the Clean Maniac product. The Clean Maniac series is suitable for all hair condition, especially if you are stay outdoor for long time.
It's very comfortable and pleasant experience to have my hair treatment with Redken and Toyako Salon. 

If you are not sure which type of Redken treatment is suit to you, you may drop by any of the Toyako Salon in Johor Bahru to have personal consultation on your hair condition. Besides the newly open in Paradigm Mall, Toyako Salon also have their outlets in Sutera Mall, Holiday Plaza, Johor Jaya, Aeon Tebrau City and Plaza Pelangi too. 

More information about Redken and Toyako Salon :
FB page:
Phone for reservation : 016-771 2933
Address: 2F-76, Level 2, Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

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11D10N South Korea travel guide: itinerary & tips

South Korea, one of my top bucket list to discover and travel, mainly because of the influence of k-pop and k-drama.
The moment when I decided and bought the flight ticket, I was so excited, thinking about so many plan, place and thing I would like to do in South Korea.
One of the main barrier I worried so much will be the language, which almost stop me from planning for the trip itinerary.  I’m glad that I have the courage to step out and plan the trip to South Korea by myself, without following the tour package.
I chose to travel to South Korea during summer, a long 11D10N trip to 3 main cities in South Korea- Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island.
In this post, I'm going to share my itinerary in South Korea and some basic spending and tips.

1. Flight
For all my travel, the most important thing is to grab the Cheapest Flight ticket. With cheap flight ticket, I can spend money on other aspect, such as food, better accommodation and things to buy. For this trip, I purchased the return flight ticket to Incheon International Airport, depart from Kuala Lumpur at RM758 per person (without check-in baggage) with Air Asia.  Air Asia Ticket Price is always very competitive and budget, especially during the off-peak season.

Good news to most of traveller who like to go Jeju island, Air Asia will be commencing the direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju Island, starting from December 2017.  There are more options in arranging your South Korea itinerary.
Anyway, I used AIR BUSAN, a domestic flight in South Korea to Jeju Island. It’s very sudden and last minutes decision to add in Jeju island in my South Korea trip. The price of domestic flight ticket can be cheaper if I can purchase in advance, and avoid the weekend peak period.
Here’s my spending on my flight ticket (per person):
Air Asia return ticket (Kuala Lumpur- Incheon International Airport)
RM 758.00
AIR BUSAN one way ticket( Busan- Jeju Island )
RM 122.40
AIR BUSAN one way ticket( Jeju Island – Seoul )
RM 180.45

2. Accommodation
Basically, I don’t have much request on my accommodation, as long the room is clean, comfortable and with private bathroom. This is mainly because I don’t spend much time in hotel room during my travel. To choose a good hotel, you will need to take some time to search and read the review from other travellers. Another thing I will consider when I choose the accommodation will be the location. Normally I chose the accommodation that is accessible to public transport, and near to city centre.
Here’s my spending on my accommodation (per person):
Accommodation in Busan- near Seomyeon  (3nights)
RM 414.11/2 = RM 207.10
Accommodation in Jeju Island- near Seogwipo (3nights)
RM 317.55/2 = RM 158.80
Accommodation in Seoul- near Dongdaemun (4nights)
RM 544.44/2 = RM 272.20

3. Stay alert with the promotion with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia.
Before depart to South Korea, remember to check out any promotion or discount booklet give away by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia. For those who going to travel before 31st March 2018, do check out this DKYW2017 discount booklet. Here’s the website link:
It’s free to redeem from Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia, as long as you are Malaysian. Just show them your IC and flight itinerary. I really save a lot by using the discount booklet from KTO.

4. 11D10N itinerary
Day 1 : Arrival at Incheon International Airport à Brunch at Food on Air (in airport) à KTX to Busan à Check in Hotel à Bujeon Market à Seomyeon Shopping and Food Street

Day 2 : Gamcheon Culture Village à Jagalchi Fish Marketà Yeongdodaegyo BridgeàYongdusan ParkàBusan Towerà40-step Culture & Tourism Theme StreetàNampodong Shoppingà Taejongdae Recreation Area

Day 3: Dongbeak ParkàHaeundae beach àHaeundae Marketà Haedong Yongunsa templeàLotte Outlet Mall à Shinsegae Centum City

Day 4: United Nations Memorial Parkà Busan Museum (Cultural Experience Hall ) à Pork Rice Soup à Depart to Jeju Island à Arrival at Jeju Island International Airport à Check in Hotel à Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market

Day 5: Cheonjeyeon Waterfall à Jusangjeollidae à Teddy Bear Musuem à Halim Park à Hyeopjae Beach

Day 6: Follow one day Jeju World Natural Heritage Bus Tour (East) with Hana Tour (Gimnyeong Beachà Manjanggul Lava tube à Seongsan Sunrise Peak à Daheeyeon Green Tea Foot Spa à Saryeoni Forest Path)

Day 7: Depart to Seoulà Arrival at Seoul Gimpo Airportà Check in Hotel à  Dongdaemun’s food alley à Jongmyo Royal Shrine à Arko Art Center à Ihwa Mural Village àFortress Wall of Seoulà Dongdaemun history & culture park, Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Day 8: Gyeongbukgung Palace à  Bukchon Hanok Village à Insa-dong à Unhyeongung à Myeong dong Shopping

Day 9: Nami Island à Petite France

Day 10: Ewha Universityà Ewha University Shopping Street àDeoksugung Palace àDongdaemun Shopping

Day 11: National Museum of Korea à Check out Hotel à Depart from Airport

Stay Tune for more post and my experience of South Korea Trip!!

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Disclaimer: My South Korea vacation is NOT a sponsored trip. I paid for all expense of trip. 

Batam DIY guide for Malaysian ( Updated version 2017)

Batam Island, an island which is not far away from Singapore , is well-known for Singaporean to have a short escape during the short holiday or weekend.
I never been to Batam before. What I heard the most from my friends around me about the Batam island-- " nothing to see lah" , " No attractions lo",  " Just go and relax" .....
Ok, never expected too much, but still curious about this island, the island that I haven't leave my footprint.
When I did my research about Batam travel guide, most of them are written by Singaporean.
Curiosity came into my mind~~ " Is Malaysians not interested to visit Batam Island? "
Well, after my 2 days 1 night trip to Batam with my family, I think I know the answer. 

Here's in this post I summarise my 2D1N trip into few points and tips, especially for Malaysian.

1. About the Ferry to Batam Island. 

You may book in advance the ferry ticket via online-- RM126 (2 ways)
Here's the link:

Note that the seaport tax is IDR115k or RM40, must be paid at the counter in Batam before boarding the ferry. The ticket bought from online didn't include Indonesian's seaport tax. So, spare your Indonesia rupiah money.
For Malaysia side, you not need to pay any extra tax before boarding. After book the ticket online, exchange the ticket in the counter in Malaysia. They will give you both go and return ticket. Keep the return ticket, and later show to the ferry counter in Batam to redeem the ticket for returning trip.

2. Taxi in Batam
The most convenience and budget public transport will be taxi, especially if you have a group of 3-4 person. Beware of the scam. Most of the taxi will offer a higher price, especially to the tourist, you need to do a little bit of bargain and negotiation.
I used Bahasa Malaysia throughout my trip in Batam. It's seem ok and understandable for them. Here's some price guideline that I paid for my taxi for your reference.

Batam Centre Ferry Terminal --> Nagoya (1 way)  -IDR75 000
Nagoya --> Barelang Bridge + Citra Utama 188 --> Nagoya -IDR200 000
Nagoya --> Batam Centre Ferry Terminal (1 way) -IDR 70 000

Tips: Make a reasonable bargain and don't over bargain. Don't spoil your pleasure of travel and it's more important to travel safe.

3. Accomodation in Batam

After some research on the accommodation in Batam, I chose the hotel near to Nagoya ( aka Lubuk Raja) . I stayed at Hana Hotel, which is located near to Nagoya Shopping Mall. Here's the website of the hotel. ( )
Even it's 3-star hotel, most of the basic toiletries is available. The breakfast included is much more than expected with the price paid. 

4. Shopping Mall in Batam

One of the biggest and best shopping mall in Batam- Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, according to what I research from some website before going.
Don't expect this shopping mall will be something like in JB or Singapore. I would say this is just a very normal shopping mall.
As for Malaysian, I found that most of the price of the thing is almost similar like in JB, not very cheap, but a bit lower if compare to JB.
I went during weekday. There are some promotion offered by restaurant in Shopping Mall, which is quite cheap -such as IDR 8800 ( approx RM3 ) for a decent meal per person.

5. Food in Batam

You have to try some Indonesian cuisine when you are in Batam. In the Nagoya Shopping Mall, I tried Mie Goreng Jawa in Warung Cobain (Ground Floor inside the mall)

If you go the top floor of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, you can find few restaurants offered promotion price for their meal during weekday. Taste is ok, portion not very big and it's really cheap.

5. Place of attractions in Batam
I didn't plan to go any beach or seaside during my stay in Batam. Therefore, I chose to visit the remarkable bridge in Batam- Barelang Bridge.
It's a bit far from the Nagoya, about 40 minutes drive of journey.
There are positive and negative argument about whether worth to visit this bridge.
Overall, I went at the right time, before the sunset, which the scenery is beautiful together with the bridge. 

After taking few picture with the bridge, I went to the seafood restaurant- 188 Citra Utama, which is just less than 5 minutes from the bridge.
This is really a good place to see the sunset, and in the same time enjoying your seafood feast.

You can see the Barelang bridge in another view, from the restaurant.

Address for 188 Citra Utama- Good place to view the sunset

Besides that, I went to the Tua Pek Kong Temple ( aka Vihara Budhi Bhakti )

6. Enjoy Massage in Batam

There are a lot choice of massage centre around the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. I chose Reborn Massage ( ) , which I got 30% discount due to weekday happy hour.
Do make appointment if you visit during the weekend.
I tried Balinese Body Massage for 1 hour, only IDR 84000 ( approx RM 26 ).
It's optional whether you want to give the tips to the therapist.

Hope the tips are useful in planning your trip to Batam, especially those depart from Johor Bahru.

Summary of my basic spending ( for 1 person) :

Ferry ticket (JB-Batam-JB) 
Accomodation (1 night, include breakfast ) 
Transport fees in Batam (Taxi)
 IDR345k ÷4 =  IDR 86.25k
Seaport charge, Batam

Total Basic Spending : RM 227

Disclaimer: My Batam vacation is NOT a sponsored trip, I am NOT paid to advertise for anyone or any place.

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