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Recently I came across people asking me about Malaysia local matriculation. I decided to write a short post about Matriculation in my point of view as a former Matriculation student.

First and foremost, if you are non-bumiputera and you got the offer to study Matriculation, Congratulation, you are the precious 10% non-bumiputera who got the offer.

If you are considering other pre-university program besides Matriculation, you may need to understand well about what Matriculation it is.

1. Matriculation is a 1-year intensive, semester-based program. Semester-based means you learn certain topic in this semester, having the examination for those topic in the end of semester, and later on new semester with new topic to learn. The Matriculation program is "intensive" as you learn quite a lot of topic in a very short time.

2. Many people have a misconception about Matriculation is easy to study compare to other pre-university program. This is not true and you may ask all the former Matriculation students for their experience. The syllabus covered for each subject is competitive, and the examination standard is tough for us . Nothing is easy in the beginning. The only thing which make us score 4.0 easily is that the grade is given depend on the overall performance of the student, therefore if all the students score badly, it's mean the grade threshold will adjust .

3. Matriculation doesn't guarantee a placement for your desired course and dream public university in Malaysia. You will not the only person who can get higher CGPA in Maticulation. Even you get 4.0 in Matriculation, you still need some luck in order to get the competitive course in university, especially the research university (UM, UKM, UPM, UTM,USM). It's just that your chance is higher with 4.0 result, but still need luck.

4. If you choose Matriculation, your path in future will limit to public university and some private university in Malaysia. Matriculation is not recognize by overseas university.

5. All the Matriculation College are located in very rural area, which you should expect least entertainments while you study in the college. All students are compulsory to stay in hostel, and curfew is strict. Without any special reason, you are not allow to leave the college during weekday. During weekend, you are allow to leave the college, but you need to return to college on time. You should expect to have roommates from other races, and it's not allow to change your roommates as you like.

6. Since matriculation is an 'intensive' program, don't expect a long holiday during Deepavali, Christmas or Chinese New year. Holidays are short. We spend most of our time in places far from home and confined within the walls of colleges due to strict curfew.

7. Normally the class start at 8am, end at 5pm. Sometime extra class will be given, either in early morning or night. Normally 1 practicum will have around 25 students. For all subjects, few practicum will have a joint lecture in the lecture hall. Each practicum will have separate tutorial session. There are some sport and academic activities to join in college besides study. There is good sport facilities in college, and normally there is a sport event annually called KAKOM, which is a sport competition among the college.

Johor Matriculation College, Tangkak


I'm not among the top students and I understand my ability that even I study other pre-university program, I can't get into top overseas university with scholarship. I can't afford to study in overseas without a scholarship. Therefore, I chose Matriculation once I got the offer as I'm clear that I want to enter public university in Malaysia instead of overseas. I chose to believe my luck in getting the course and university I want, and I don't mind even I don't get my 1st choice. In addition, I'm independent and open-minded, and live with Malay roommates and practicum mates, who from strangers to best friends. I can relieve my homesick with a phone call. It's just one year you stay with strict curfew. I found myself quite easy handle the challenges I encounter as Matriculation is a suitable program for me, If you think you have same mindset like me, Matriculation maybe is the choice for you.

In conclusion, nothing is easy in the beginning. You should choose a pre-university program that is suitable for you and your future, and not choose based on the level of difficulty. A lot of students have the mindset to choose the easy path for easy life, and forgot to think whether this path suit him/her or not, when considering the future, ability and personality. Life is about making decision when you have 2 routes, once choose, go ahead and believe yourself that you can do the best.

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Darling, it was a sweet memories of my life having you as my roommate & my first chinese friend, ever! Felt blessed to know u & have u as my roommate &neighbour of my bed. :D

I still clearly remembers all your daily routine & how discipline you were to achieve 4.0 perfect score for both sems!
Sweeeet memories with Bazilah too!

Thank you for your loveliness & sweet memories togetherr~

Stay successful&kind, JY♧

♡♡♡much love,cikin

Aishah O said...

Di dalam blog ini mengisahkan mengenai Program Matrikulasi di Malaysia. Tajuk blog ini sangat menarik untuk semua pelajar-pelajar bagi menyiapkan kertas kerja dengan mencari maklumat yang terperinci. Sebagai rujukan, di sini saya mempunyai laman web yang boleh membantu anda semua mencari maklumat yang lengkap dengan hanya melayari iaitu mempunyai isi kandungan yang lengkap dan sangat berkualiti baik. Dengan itu, ia dapat membantu anda semua di dalam bidang penulisan ini. Terima Kasih di atas perkongsian yang baik ini.

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