3 styles in Women’s shoes that are in fashion

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Pick up this season’s trend and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. There are endless styles and colors to choose and one can easily get overwhelmed by the number of choices. But the right choice and fashion give your an extra edge over others. It adds an extra color to your outfit and it is important to make the right selection.

Fashion and trends change often and it is difficult to keep abreast of what’s in style. Here are some styles that are in fashion and you can should have a pair in your closet.

1.  Wedges

Wedges shoes are in fashion and are the way to go if you want to have the extra height and be comfortable. The wedge runs under the entire length of the foot, from the back of the foot to the toe forming a solid block.

They are generally casual footwear but can be worn for all occasions including parties.
Wedges are often thought to be spring and summer shoes, but depending on the kinds of materials used, they can be worn year-round.

Wedges are made from all materials like suede, leather, rubber and synthetic. Woven straw or cork wedges are for warmer seasons. Get the shiny look wedges from satin or shiny leather.

They come in different designs, for e.g
Peep Toe

The pump wedges looks good with formal and can be worn for occasions like parties and weddings. The sandal or the slip-on wedges have a more casual look. Peep toe wedges come in between the two styles. It gives the pointy chic look still keeping it formal.

Neutral colors are always pretty. Have a look at Reebonz shoes for those pretty pastel shades. Bold bright colors like yellow, orange, red, pink looks exquisite if you wear with right outfit. Wear prints like florals and stripes. It looks decorative.

Do not miss the Zalora hidden wedge sneakers. They are casual, they have hidden wedge platform to give you the extra height and they are smart.
Souce: Reebonz

2.  Sneakers

Nothing can beat the comfort of sneakers. The grip, the canvas, the shape and style gives immense comfort of your feets. Students, athletes, office goers, busy moms, elders would definitely have a pair of sneakers in their shelves.

Sneakers are not boring for your feet. Major brands Skechers, Something Borrowed, Zalora, Nike, Converse, Rubi has brought fashion to your feet.

You get it all. Are you looking for pastels or bold colors? Are you looking for prints or solids? You get sneakers in all colors and styles. You have the slip ons to the laced ones. You have the low tops to the ankle highs. Have the laced panel sneakers. Metallic Wedge sneakers !! You will never be lagging behind in fashion.

Take a look at Zalora shoes . Zalora women shoes have shoes for all ages. I bet you would like having a pair for you.

Souces: Zalora

3.  Ankle Strap Flats

Flats are this season's most comfortable trend. They are bold yet simple. Have a look at Lazada. It has a great collection of lightweight, comfortable design, top quality flats. They are affordable and fancy.

Though you get flats in various styles like ballets, loafers, slip-ons, peeptoes , the flats that are in are those bold pointed toe with an ankle strap fasteners.

The sandals and the ballerinas have the edgy look with trendy fasteners like laces, elastics, buckles or even an ankle-strapped leather. Many of these flats have back zippers which make it easy to wear.

Get these high fashion pair of shoes at affordable rates from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They work for parties with traditional wear, they work for offices and they look good with casuals too.

Feel the comfort with the latest in fashion.

Souce: Zalora

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