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We can't deny the convenience of  internet access which made our life easier.Online shopping is getting more common and I believe most of us at least tried to buy something through online. We enjoyed the benefits and conveniences from online shopping.

As a traveler like me, the 1st two thing I have to do once I decided the place to go is to book flight ticket and accommodation online. The good thing that you have to know is you can even save money if you use ShopBack to book the flight and accommodation on your next travel. In this post, I would like to introduce more benefits that you can have by using ShopBack.

Shopback is a Coupon and cashback site for online shopping from a whole variety of merchants — fashion, food, travel and many more!

"Cashback" is quite common rewarding concept if you owned a credit card. In ShopBack, same concept of cashback is used on your every spending on certain online stores. To get the cashback, you have to click on the store through ShopBack, to redirect to the store's website. After redirect to the store's website, just make the purchase as usual. That mean in order to get the cashback and discount, you have to go ShopBack first. What I can conclude is just visit ShopBack if you wanna do online shopping and check out whether the stores you wanna make purchase are in ShopBack list or not. If yes, Hurray!!! you get the cashback!!!  

Enjoy discount codes and cashback
Different store have different rates of cashback. For example, if you book the accommodation in, you can get 6% cashback for your booking. Not only the cashback, you can get the latest discount codes information for your booking from Shopback. No worry about spending money during your travel, as you get the cashback on your every booking of accommodation in

ShopBack have collaboration with not just the stores based in Malaysia. As I browsed through all the stores available in ShopBack, I did find quite a few international and overseas websites.

So, do your shopping smart with Shopback and save money with every spending.  Get ready for their New Year promotions from ShopBack and more discount you can entitled during the festival. To enjoy all the cashback and discount, sign up for the ShopBack and Get RM5 off on your 1st purchase redirected from ShopBack. Here's the link :

You may watch their video to know more about ShopBack and how it's work:

ShopBack FB page:

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There is nothing wrong about cash back as long as you know which is scam and not.
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