Visit to Christmas Wonderland 2015 @ Garden by the bay, Singapore

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If you ever celebrate Christmas in any western country, you will definitely visit their Christmas market, which is exclusive in Christmas month only. Almost every city have their own Christmas market, size can be big or small depend on the city. I still remember when I stayed in Paris 2 years ago, I went to the Christmas market in  Avenue des Champs-élysées. It's actually like Pasar malam in Malaysia, just that the thing sell is more related to the festival, plus the lighting decoration. In the market, you can eat, you can play, you can buy the gift and you enjoy the festival phenomenon with the Christmas song and deco.

So, I'm glad to know that in Singapore there is a Christmas Wonderland, which is just like the Christmas Market in western country. I went to have a visit in the early December. I can see the excitement from the locals and tourists with this new Christmas Wonderland in Garden by the bay. It's just too crowd with full of people (I went on Sunday night, still lots of people even tomorrow is a working Monday).

The magnificent luminarie light sculptures, delicately handmade by Italian skilled craftsmen is so beautiful and I really amazed with the design , which make Garden by the bay more beauty than before.

There is various stalls selling food, gift, etc. In addition, there is a merry-go-round and game stalls that you can play in Christmas Wonderland.

 There is a place for ice skating !!!!

In tropical country like Singapore, there is no winter and white Christmas. So, you will see the "fake snow" around the Christmas Wonderland. From photo it's really look like real.

The day when I visited, there is a Christmas Carol by a choir group. There are various performances and programmes coming soon .You may check their official website for the date and time.

The Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay come to life in a spectacular light and sound show. It's interesting to see the light changing on the supertrees with the Christmas songs.

Don't miss the chance to witness the beauty of the luminaire at Christmas Wonderland in Singapore and I believe no matter you celebrate Christmas or not, you will feel the festival mood. However, I have to say if you really wanna avoid crowd, you may have to come on weekday or come early . I believe there will be more crowd when it's near to Christmas, as this is the latest attraction in Singapore.

Location and How to go:
Christmas Wonderland will be open until 3rd Jan 2016. Admission is free.
Official Website:

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Very nicely illuminated

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