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Looking for a place to have a gathering with your friends? Looking for a nice place to have dinner in Johor Bahru? Looking for a place to have some drinks? Looking for a place to celebrate your birthday?? 
In this post, I would like to recommend a restaurant in Johor Bahru- Gran Fiesta
Thanks for the invitation to review some cuisines in Gran Fiesta. 

Facing the Straits of Johor, just 5 minutes distance from Foon Yew High School, Gran Fiesta provides free parking lot and nice dining area in both indoor and outdoor.
The restaurant also provides adequate outdoor space for events,group gathering and drinking.
As for indoor, the decor in restaurant mainly in white, classy and comfortable .

Gran Fiesta serves every dish just like what it looks like on the menu.
First, Seafood Platter (RM99.00), which is one of the good choices to choose and share with your friends. 5 types of seafood including the squid, prawns with mash potato, scallop, salmon fish and baked cheese mussels. For me as a seafood lover, I like this platter which include all the seafood I like. The prawn taste juicy and fresh, quite perfect to match with the mash potato.The salmon is a bit dry, but taste good too if eat with their sauces provided.

Besides the seafood platter, there is meat platter (RM88.00), which served the whole fried chicken ( poussin) , sausages , roasted smoked duck, salads and chips. The texture of the fried chicken is soft and not dry. Personally I like the smoked duck, which I think the taste and texture are both well handled.  

Next, Lobster Pasta (RM44.00) ,with spicy sambal sauce. The appearance of this dish is attractive and very photogenic. The pasta just cooked with the sufficient time, with some seasoning.  

Next come to the signature dish in Gran Fiesta-- Red Wine Herb Chicken (RM66). The chicken has been marinated with some chinese herb and wine , and cook in stew. The presentation of this dish is unique, with the fire burning on the whole chicken in front of the us to make the outer part more fragrance.

In a western restaurant, pizza is one of the significant dish represent the wet. The unique selling point of this restaurant with their pizza will be with the Wasabi paste. The dough are thin and crispy, with the most usual ingredient in pizza such as onion, tomato, cheese, meat , pineapple, etc. From the top of photo, Gran Fiesta's signature wasabi pizza and Chicken Hawaii

If you familiar with Spanish food, you will definitely know their national dish-- Paella. It'a a popular Spanish rice dish served on a big pan.  In Gran Fiesta, they served seafood paella, in smaller size with some local fusion. The seafood and vegetables are spread on the top of the rice. The rice is quite fragrance with the seasoning added.

Every night around 9pm,  there will be performances on the stages.

Dessert is served before the end of our dinner. Waffle in Gran Fiesta served with little chocolate sauce, plus honey, a scoop of ice cream and some fruits. The waffle is not the crispy type; it's soft and good to eat in warm.

Overall, Gran Fiesta provides a good ambiance and environment for eating and gather with friends and family. They served wide variety of alcohol, which you may drink in a more classy, quiet environment. The food they served is well deserved to the price you paid. I would not say it's cheap to eat in Gran Fiesta, but with good quality of western food, good services and good venue, the price you paid is just totally worth.  

* Price stated in this post is nett including GST and no additional service charge.

More information about Gran Fiesta:
Address: PTD 12478, Lot 5504 & 5505, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, 80300 Johor Bahru
Opening hours: Everyday 12:00pm–01:00am
Phone: 07-207-0258
FB page:

Gran Fiesta provides booking service include all kind of meeting, event, theme party, wedding party, company staff party, even fashion show.

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