How to use Easybook to purchase your tickets of travel?

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Long time not updating my blog....
I had been working hard in past few months....
Therefore, I decided to take a short break

My destination this time is not overseas anymore... but in Penang for 5 Days 4 Nights.
Thanks you My Amazing Malaysia 玩疯马来西亚 for organizing the ‪#‎MyFascinatingPenang‬ Blogger Competition. I'm one of the blogger involved in the competition.

I tried Easybook to book my bus ticket to Penang.
It's convenient, like its name " easy"to"book"
Established since the year 2005, have been providing online bus booking services of luxurious coaches and express buses tickets from Singapore to and fro Malaysia, within peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
Not only bus ticket, now you can even find train ticket, ferry ticket, tour deals in Easybook. 
All details of the trip is transparent, such as time of departure, types of coaches, prices and seat numbers. 

Basically once you know the destination you would like to go, you can go to Easybook website. 
Easy steps : SEARCH --> CONFIRM --> PAY  

Here is how I book my ticket:
Select your Origin, Destination, Departure Date, Departure Time

Choose your preferable type of coach and departure time, then choose the seat

Lastly, fill in your detail

 Select your desire payment option. You can pay by either credit card or internet banking

After payment done, Order Summary will be sent to your email within 24 hours. Here is my printed ticket which I have to show to the bus driver while boarding .

* More information about booking the ticket from Easybook:

Some tips to those who like to purchase ticket from Easybook

- Not all the journey is direct and non-stop, especially the long hours journey. Some coach companies will display the places they stop on Easybook website. Therefore you can estimate and expect a longer journey as the bus will have few stops before arrive your destination.

- The ticket price shown in the Easybook website is almost the same as the price bought from counter. Sometime with discount code, the price you get will be even lower than the counter price.

- One more benefits on booking the ticket from Easybook will be their transparent, fair ticket price. You can compare the price between the coach company . You can see the seat availability. Therefore, once you confirm and pay, you will get your seat, and no worry on not manage to buy the ticket in the last minute or during the peak season.

- You can book the ticket by using Easybook mobile app. With your smartphone, you can make the deal.... More info about mobile apps :

So, try to book your travel ticket from Easybook, and you will know that to plan a trip is not as difficult as you thought, even during the peak season.

Easybook FB page :

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ROSE R said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

I do not recommend anyone booking a ticket through Easybook. Many times they provide wrong information in the order confirmation (summary), so many people had been their victims. To make thing worst for the Easybook, they did not ask for an apology, instead blame the customer. What a pathetic. Highly not recommended.


Really really urgent,someone please reply me asap, do i need to check in b4 90mins for ETS as stated in the email if I booked with easybook?

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