Day trip to Zaanse Schans, Netherlands.

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The Zaanse Schans is one of the highlights of the Netherlands, near to Amsterdam.
It is well known with its collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses.
Windmill is like an icon for Netherland. The trip to Netherlands will never be completed without visiting windmill in Zaanse Schans.

Tips: I would recommend you to reach Zaanse Schans by train. The nearest station is Koog-Zaandijk. The train from Amsterdam Central Station takes 17 minutes. Zaanse Schans is just a 15-minute walk away.Directions to the location is pretty straight forward and well guided for signboards! To be honest, you will discover more thing if you reach by train, even most people will tell you that bus is the good option and it will bring you directly to Zaanse Schans. 

The whole Zaanse Schans is not big, just a small village. Besides the most significant windmills, there are a lot of Dutch wooden architecture style building in whole village.

Here's the windmills. It's big and most of it are still functioning. 
The mills are used for sawing wood and grinding oil, flower, spices and colourings.
You can go into them and climb to the top. 
In my opinion, there is a lot of windmill replica in the world but none of it can replace the windmills in Zaanse Schans.

Besides the windmills, I spent some time at this wooden shoes workshop. There have the demonstration session to visitor about the making of famous Dutch wooden shoe. The most important thing is the entrance is FREE. The speaker will speak everything about wooden shoes and the talk are interactive and fun. He will make a shoe from a wet wood live during his demonstration. Worth to listen.

There are workshops about dutch cheese, wine, cocoa and traditional crafts.

So, in front of woodenshoe workshop, I did something very touristic pose with the giant shoes. The shoes can be found very frequent in Amsterdam.

The sceneries, windmills, musuems and workshops,are all definitely worth a visit. I just enjoyed myself a lot in this places and took a lot photo with this wonderful beauty village. It's important to come to Zaanse Schans at good weather and timing.  

The picturesque scene you shouldn't  miss~~~

" We can't control the wind , but we can direct the sail" 

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