De Junks Restaurant (懷舊鍋) Review @ Tmn Mount Austin (CLOSED)

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Whether its reunion dinners, or simply a get together with friends,
Steamboat is always the prefer way for everyone to sit together, putting the ingredients that you like and eat together.
This month I would like to introduce this special retro-theme steamboat restaurant in Johor Bahru, which serve the epic 4-tier steamboat-- De Junks Restaurant

Here is the location for De Junks Restaurant
8 Jalan Austin Heights 8/2,
Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.
(Facing Austin Height Water Theme Park)
Google map:

One of the attractions of this restaurant is their retro decoration, which invoking nostalgic feelings among the customers. Besides enjoying your steamboat, I can guarantee that you will look around all the decorations on the wall in the restaurant. 


Here come to the most epic 4-tier steamboat. It's my 1st time trying the 4-tier steamboat. To be honest, it's interesting for me. 

The first tier is for the soup, and you can have 2 types of soups. 
While the second tier is a hot plate. You can fry and grill the food. 
The third tier is for keeping warm. This tier can be either warm the food such as chilies chicken or as chocolate fondue.  
Finally,  the last tier is a steamer for the buns and other foods 
Here is the look after putting the food in all tiers.....


The package have more than 25 ingredients.  So here's the steamboat ingredients for 2 person. Noodles is included too. 

The price also include the buns and breads, with the quail egg and homemade meat platter.

Plus the marinated meat for grill. 

and lastly, the biscuits, mashmallow and fruits for chocolate fondue. You can have all the ingredients for steamboat, grill,steam and even the chocolate fondue. No worry about sharing with more friends if you feel the portion are big. You can just order for 2 person steamboat set, and eat with more friends.   

So, there are variety sauces and flavoring provided for steamboat. 

Besides the steamboat, the restaurant served drinks such as chrysanthemum tea with basil seed, lime juice with sour plum, passion fruit drink, and soursop drink. It's not too sweet, just perfect match with the steamboat.

The restaurant also serve other food such as the signature salted egg fried rice. Overall this fried rice is fragrance, not too oily.  

Next, Japanese breadcrumble salmon with fried chips. I would recommend you to have a taste of this snack while waiting for the food to cook in the steamboat.

Giant prawns meehun soup
As this dish name with"giant", I was just amazed with the big bowl of meehun soup served in front of us. The prawns used are fresh, which is the most important ingredients in this meehun soup. The portion is big, so I would suggest to share this meehun soup. 

Still wondering how the customers think about De Junks restaurant? It's seem like most customers left a positive comments to them.

So, come and try this 4-tier steamboat in De Junks Restaurant in Johor Bahru, and feel the retro environment and recall all nice memories with your friend and family. 

De Junks Restaurant Address:
8 Jalan Austin Heights 8/2,
Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.
Contact no :  019-7002228

Opening time:
Everyday : 5:00pm till 11:00pm.
Close every alternate Tuesday.

Do check their website and FB page for their updated menu:
Website :
FB page:

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