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This is my first experience on smartphone

What smartphone can be defined??

It usually mention handphone with many feature including browsing website..

yaya!!! you can now online everywhere...just need a smartphone

As a student like me, current smartphone in the market is too burden to us...

The price and the package is not really can be affordable by me every months.

That why I keep using my 2630( My 1st handphone and it's already 3++ years)

It a good news as recently, DiGi has introduce a budget OMG smartphone with prepaid package.

OMG!!!!!! let's screammmmmm......

I'm going to unbox it!!!!!!

Here is what inside....the phone, SIM card, purple case,charger, travel charger, cable, earphone,disc,user manual,warranty card

the case is totally fitting with this phone and I must tell you,It look nice.
I think the purple colour will make many female user to choose it

and the specification of this phone has summarise here!!!

the overall look of the phone.....
3 button at the upper part of phone
the center round button is like a touch-button.You can scroll up down right left just by touching the button

I like this button very much....It react well while I touching it.....

and the blend colour keypad.It can type chinese character too.

many buttons make me type message more faster....

You can put 2 SIM card in a phone- It is Dual SIM

The 2 megapixel camera is just at the side of the phone....it look more quality than a VGA camera.You can see the difference( Just don't compare it with other high mp phone...you know what I mean ya...)
(click the picture to see bigger and clearer difference!!!!)

It take sometime for me to get usual that the camera is at the side but not at center...

The application is just look like any smartphone in market.It include facebook, twitter, google and Yahoo!
You can check the weather...

Yahoo services with News,Messenger,Mail,weather,and Yahoo page.
Yahoo news

I use Yahoo! mail most often and I must admit that I like it as it is so convenience to check mail with this phone.It is fast and not cost a lot....

Besides that,
You can read any website in Opera Mini also( this is BBC website through opera mini)

Opera mini is the latest mobile browser.You can see here for more infomation on Opera Mini :http://www.digi.com.my/whatshot_v3/operamini/landing.do?p=6&f=all

What I like the phone the most is the size....It's so cute and small.

Even same size with my mouth.....OMG( is it my mouth too big?)

and the flipping of the phone always attract my friends to look at me...It's fasionable and in trend. The way you flip open and close is so unique.

Extra feature I discover( actually my friend realise it 1st...)
Mirror!!!!!LIKE it!!

Not need to scare of high internet rate charge because.......
You can enjoy 300MB of free data/internet after using RM40 per month with DiGiEasy Prepaid with the OMG package.

You can now get this OMG smartphone + DiGi Easy Prepaid + FREE Mobile Internet for 12 months for ONLY RM299!( This promotion until 11 August 2011....so grab it if you want to have it!!!)

What you can request more?? RM299 with all this wonderful smartphone and package!!!It's worth I think!!How you think??

For more information on the DiGi OMG Prepaid Package, log on to http://www.digi.com.my/whatshot_v3/prepaidOMG/landing.do

More photo about OMG phone you can see here : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150224968013062.321891.566243061

Next post : It totally free to call and sms with my BUDDYZsss....OMG!!!!!

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Isaac Tan said...

Looks like a pretty cool phone! nice review!

Xue Ren said...

woots! nice phone! =)

Kendra Bing said...

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ken said...

looks like a cute tamogochi :)

Lavenderish said...

hi i already bought it... how to put full wallpaper? and how to use it... can u tell me detail? and can i change it theme?

Theme can change, full wallpaper can put, just try to look at setting(if not wrong)

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