My True Story with My Passport

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I decide to share this real story, which happen to me.
Very unlucky, which made me very sad for a long time~~
Now, everything solved, I'm in Poznan, Poland for my 2nd semester already.
Let's see what happen to me last month~~

26 January 2013 (SAT)
It's supposed to be my last weekend in France. Very happy, very excited
I and my friends decided to Paris city, to have a nice dinner and wanna say bye to this city
My unlucky day started. I don't know why, I brought my real passport outing..
and I still don't know how I can get lost of my passport.
When I realized, my bag is opened and passport gone~~
Nothing else lost, just my passport....
try so hard to walk back the road, looking all the dustbin,
but no, my passport really GONE~~
very very very very SAD

27 January 2013 (SUN)
Very sad, but still hope that I can move to Poland as usual.
My 1st ever enter Police Station in my life, report lost of my passport
The police in France is still nice and kind, not as bad as I thought...

28 January 2013 (MON)
It's Monday and immediately I went to Embassy to apply for passport.
Sad news that I confirm can't go anywhere until I get my new passport.
Force to postpone my moving to Poznan.
and embassy officer tried to make me "happy", saying it can be done in "1 week" ( WTF, you will know the reason when you continue reading my post.)
I strongly emphasized that I need it urgent, please help me to make the procedure faster
The officer looked kind and helpful...
I really believe it...and still think my country efficiency not that bad.

29 January 2013 (TUE)
The university told me that I need to reapply France residency permit, in order to move to Poland.
Some of my senior told me that I can apply Poland visa, which expect to be faster than getting back France residency permit..
From all the forum and website discussing about the France residency permit, It's usually took more than 1month.
I went to Prefecture ( It's like a government department, applying foreigner residency permit).
It really a nightmare, Prefecture is a hell~~ They are trying to bully you if you don't speak French.
I waited for a whole day, and at last only know that I went to a wrong prefecture. ( Each prefecture settle certain living area, and OFII(another department settle foreigner thing) told me a wrong place, SHIT~~)

30 January 2013 (WED)
It's the day I should get back my deposit of residence and prepare to move.
Prefecture is not opened today ( French government servant is even worse than Malaysia government servant)
My friends is going to Poland tomorrow, I supposed to follow, but sadly, France love me so much and want me to stay longer here. WTF~~

31 January 2013 (THURS)
It's the saddest day....I should on my way to airport.
but, I went to "correct" Prefecture today.
8am, but the queue number I got is no.75...( Prefecture open on 9am )
So all the foreigners, standing outside freezingly in the winter, waiting the open of Prefecture.( it's very cruel and I hope you understand why I hate France)

From the experience I gained on last Tuesday  I know it's useless to say " Parlez vous anglais? "( Do you know English? ) in Prefecture.
But what I hate the most, there is a lady sitting in counter ( look 100% Chinese),  I used my very broken French tried to tell her my situation.
I hate her because she know I can't speak French well, but she didn't even try to say other language to make me more understand. Especially she look 100% Chinese. Really hate her~~ so shame as a Chinese. I really look down on her if she only know French.
So the result I get from Prefecture today, without my new passport, I can't do any application.
So now, all depend on my new passport...( still believe I can get it by next week)

1 February 2013 (FRI)
It's Friday, It's 1st day of February, I should at Poznan right now, but sadly, I still in France.
I tried to call Embassy to know the progress ( as they give me hope that I can get my passport in 1 week).
The result I got: no news from London( FYI, all Malaysia passport application in Europe will send to London)

2-3 February 2013 (SAT-SUN)
It's weekend!! I know I should have some fun, instead for feel sad all the time all because of the PASSPORT.
I went out and visited some exhibition and museum. I went for a Chinese Orchestra Music show.
I tried to forget all sadness. I can't do anything beside WAIT~~~

4-5 February 2013 (MON-TUE)
I called to embassy again to see whether my passport is ready to collect.
Their answer is always " No news from London"
They asked me to contact directly to passport department in London.
and their answer which make me so frustrated " receive my document on 4th Feb, Officer still checking ,Currently our system is down"
WTF, it's mean my document using 1 whole week to send from Paris to London.
What a nice promise embassy gave me last time.

8 February 2013 (FRI)
Chinese New Year is coming soon. I want to be happy.
I looked happy, tried to be happy
but still when I wake up in the morning, I kept asking myself, why I still in France?
I tried to call to embassy again to know the progress. Their answer is still the same
"No news and instruction given from London"
I tried to contact officer in London. The answer they gave which made me quite happy
" It's done and can be collected in London on 12Feb"
I email to France embassy officer about it immediately and I expected to have my passport by next week

9-11 February 2013 (SAT-MON)
Until today, I only know that embassy is followed holiday in both France and Malaysia. ( so nice for people working in embassy~~)
This mean Embassy is not opened on Monday because of Chinese New Year.
Ok, try to forgot everything about my passport.
Try to be happy and enjoy the festival.
Paris is snowing and raining this few day.
I don't have white Christmas, but white Chinese New Year.
went for lunch with Malaysian in Paris. It's my 1st time to know so many Malaysian living in Paris.
I got my Angpau from Malaysia Ambassador to France.
I have my steamboat with some Buddhism in Paris. Nice to meet all new friends.

 12-13 February 2013 (TUE-WED)
My 3rd week waiting my new passport
The passport which should be ready in 1 week, seem like a very ridiculous joke.
Fully hope that I can get my passport by this week.
I called to embassy, telling them my passport is ready in London.
Their answer " They tried to contact London officer and send DHL courier to send my passport back to Paris."
I don't know their problem, they tried to explain the DHL situation and problem.
It really annoying to listen their explanation about DHL- blah blah blah.
The only thing I want to know is- When I can get my new passport?

14 February 2013 (THURS)
It's Valentine day. For me, it's just a normal day.
Receive call from embassy, telling me that DHL can't send my passport.
They force to use normal post to send my passport from London to Paris.
So, all my hope to get my passport by this week vanished immediately.
really angry~~ Is the embassy 1st time handling urgent case? How they can think that using DHL is faster and later telling me passport can't send by DHL?  WTFFFFF~~~
My class is going to start on next week, I have no place to stay in Paris after February
I still need to apply for new visa or permit before move.
Did embassy really understand my situation and problem?
I forced to skip class next week. I have to skip the integration programme again...
Full of dissapointment today,  in the day with full of love~~

18 February 2013 (MON) 
New semester start today~~ I should attend my first class in Poznan today.
Sadly, I still in FRANCE~~~
After waiting for 22 days, finally, I got my PASSPORT~~~
I quickly took my bag with all documents material and ran to embassy.
but, I know it very well, this is just 1st step,
I still need to apply a visa or get back residency permit in order to move...
after getting my passport , I just ran to embassy of Poland in Paris.
what surprise me is, the officer is only working on morning.
WTF, just MORNING?? super nice to work in embassy.
I can't do anything beside waiting for tomorrow...
It's a sunny day in Paris, but my mood is not sunny,
even I had a nice hot chocolate, even I climbed to Eiffel tower, even I listened a good music show
But, I"M LONELY~~~ :(

19 February 2013 (TUES)
I cried, truthly~~ in front of somebody~~
I can't sleep well this few day, I'm tired but I can't sleep
Early morning, going to Embassy of Poland, fail
going to Prefecture, fail again
I'm worry, very very sad,
February is just left another 9 days, this month is going to end
I don't want to pay the residence in France anymore,
I want to move....
I don't mind to stay in Poland illegally for 4+ months, I can go as a normal tourist, since Malaysia Passport can enter Poland without visa up to 3 months....I don't understand the need of visa and permit in Poland.
I don't mind to reenter Poland after 3 months.
Now, I hope University can help me, and they will tell me what to do tomorrow..
so, again, I need to WAIT~~~

22 February 2013 (FRI) 
Today, I learn the different between Schengen visa and National visa.
To apply a Poland visa, I needed to fill the form online, and later pass the document to embassy.
Today, I filled wrong application form of visa. I filled for Schengen and what I needed is National visa.
Ok, I'm stupid and blur.....and I needed to go embassy again on Monday.
Because the Poland embassy always tell me that the visa need 10 days to be ready,
and my residence in Paris is going to end on 28 Feb,
so, I decided to have a trip to London, my another dream destination.
I booked the bus ticket, hostel and every preparation for London trip.
Yes, this is the only thing that make me happy and excited now.

25 February 2013 (MON)
Finally, I submitted visa application form successfully to Poland embassy.
Oh!!! I'm so happy, count down the day to leave Paris.
The officer told me to call to embassy on Wednesday to check my visa status.
WHAT?? WEDNESDAY?? Did you mean that my visa can be ready in 3days??
What a surprise!!!! Let's see whether my visa can be ready in 3 days~~

27 February 2013 (WED)
Ok, I'm followed their instruction, call to embassy to check my visa status.
But, at last, I can't contact to the right person, unreachable...
It's normal, I should get use of it....

28 February 2013 (THURS)
" You can come and collect your visa today...."
I received the call from embassy...( In conclusion, my visa is ready in 4 days only, such a surprise efficient work they did )
I felt so lost, as my London trip is decided, all things is booked and paid...
but actually I can move to Poland by this week....
Ok, I made a decision, I don't want to cancel my London trip.
So, I delay my move to Poland.

2-5 March 2013
My wonderful London Trip~~~
( I kept some secrets~~~ forever secrets~~~)

6 March 2013
Finally, after 1+ month of delay, It's my day to POZNAN!!!
Don't ask me why I choose a long-hours bus....I don't know why~~
Something which make me touch in my last day in Paris was, I met a lot of helpful guys, which help me to carry my 30+ kg luggage on my way to the bus station.
Yes, that's gentleman~~ which is hardly to find in Asia.....

7 March 2013

The story end, and I hope the my bad luck end too.....
Unlucky things keep on happened to me during my Master course in Europe.
Actually, I didn't got back my French residency permit at last, which make me a bit worry for the procedure later as I want to go back France for last semester.
However, I really learned a lot, met a lot of helpful people, friend too...
Yes, I always tell myself to think positively~~
Life should be happy and fun.....

I'm happy, are you?? :)

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