Wecomed Skin Centre CLAP Treatment Review

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Wecomed Skin Centre provides proprietary Combined Light & Aqua Peel System (CLAPS) . 
It is Superb, Affordable, Safe, Effective (SAFE) on the skin. 
The whole treatment is just around 30-40 minutes, which is shorter compare to other facial treatment. However, it is effective treatment with no pain and no squeeze. Everything is done using the high-tech machine. 
The general idea of this facial concept is quite new to me, as I never experienced this kind of facial treatment before. 
I visited the Wecomed Skin Centre in Tmn Mount Austin 3 times in the past month. 

Beside the facial service, they sell the skincare product.
Basically their facial service and products mainly target 4 types of skin problems - Acne, Pigment, Aging and Sensitivity.

So, for my skin, they recommended "Pigment" for my treatment, which have the whitening and smoothing effect. 
There are several rooms equipped with the machine and tool for CLAP treatment.  

Before start with the treatment, you are given a "magic cotton" to clean your face. 

The CLAP treatment involve few steps: 

1) Aqua Peel 
 The main purpose of this step is to awaken the skin by using the machine to suck out dead skin . It helps in exfoliating the skin and cellular renewal.The machine will pull your skin and take out the dead skin layer. Blackheads are removed too in this step.

2) Cryo-pulsed light (CPL)
This stage with the use of CPL technology, it's helped to reduce pigments, acne and pores. It helps the new skin cells to resurface. Before starting the CPL, a thin layer of cooling gel was applied. A cloth was used to cover the eyes as the red light emitted by the machine could be a little bit uncomfortable.

3) Deep Dermal Wave (DDW)

Deep Dermal Wave serves to stimulate the skin. It focuses on the sides of face to create the V-shaped facelift effect. It also helps to control wrinkles. 

4) Ultrasound
In this step, it promote the infusion of nutrient to our skin. It helps in whitening, anti-aging and anti blemish, depending on the treatment type.

5) Perfect Mask
Before the end of whole treatment, a mask is applied on our skin to protect the moisture locking and enhance the suppleness on our skin. The duration of the mask on our face will be around 10-15 minutes.

Skincare buffet. 
After the mask, the therapist will lead us to the skincare buffet, which we can use their product before leave.

Overall, I can see the improvements of my skin after the treatment. I enjoyed the whole treatment; in fact, this is one of method to distress after work.... hahaha~~~ With the advanced technology they used, the price is quite reasonable.

If you are interested in their CLAP treatment by Wecomed, you can look up their FB page for some promotion given to the customer, especially the new customer. Wecomed Skin Centre provides some promotion package:

So, if you are interested in the latest CLAP facial technology, there is the recent CNY promotion for the customer. Do check their FB page.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wecomed?fref=ts

p/s: Please make reservation through phone before going for the treatment.

JB Tmn Century Address:
No 174, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad,80250 JB.
Contact: 012-7340955

JB Mount Austin Address:
G07, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin,81100 JB
Contact: 012-7640955

Website : http://www.wecomed-skin.com/

" Judgments based on facial appearance play a powerful role 
                                                        in how we treat others, and how we get treated."

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