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Ice cream is one of the popular desserts to have in the all year hot weather country such as Malaysia.
Nowadays, ice cream is not just as simple served as a cone or a cup, and the flavour is not just limit to vanilla and chocolate.

By Grace, Trus ,which is one of the soft-served ice cream specialized in JB. Basically, soft-served is ice cream that is softer than the normal ice cream as the machine incorporates more air and doesn’t allow the ice cream to harden as much. Texture of soft-served ice cream will be smooth.
The location is just in the the old town of JB, walking distance from Tan Hiok Nee Culture Street.

The shop sells Earl Grey ice cream with different toppings. It can be served in cup or cone.
The fragrance of Earl grey melted on your tongue nicely. It's not very sweet. Ice cream is soft and made of fresh milk.
The owner spent time to try different ingredients to be used to match with the Earl Grey ice cream.
Most of the ingredients are made by themselves, and some even bring back from overseas.

One of the latest, unique flavour of topping- Sakura, which is the ingredients bring back from Japan. The pinkish sakura sherbet having a taste of little salty and sweet in the same time. It's my 1st time trying a sakura flavour ice cream, quite interesting~~

Personally, I like the Uji Matcha topping. Matcha powder is one of the ingredients which the owner need to bring back from Japan.
This cup of ice cream will not going to be just ice cream. It's actually full of surprise with all these topping ingredients--Matcha rice crisp, Matcha ice cream, Genmaicha espuma, Matcha ganache, and Matcha tulipe cookies in a cup, and not forget match with the Earl Grey ice cream.
It's very appealing for every toppings, both the look and the taste.

Can ice cream be an healthier dessert? With this topping, I believe it changes our perception on ice cream. Osmanthus topping with dried longan muffin, goji berries, osmanthus charcoal ice cream, rice crispies pop and osmanthus&goji berry jelly.

This is also another popular topping in shop- Tiramisu, with espresso meringue, mascarpone espuma, feuilletine, coffee jelly, and coffee ice cream. As you can see from the cup, all the ingredients are nicely arranged with layers.

Caramel topping-- with caramel espuma, pumpkin seeds,salted caramel ice cream, and caramel candies!

The chocolate flavour consists of 75% dark chocolate ,ganache, espuma, feuilletine and rice crispies. It's well suited for those who don't like sweet chocolate. 

All the toppings will match with the Earl Grey ice cream as a base. Overall, the choice of ingredients are detailed and the best quality is used. The price may a bit more than other soft served ice cream, but it's worth the price.

More information:
Address: 9, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
FB page:

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Apple Berry said...

Wow... really should have an ice cream date after looking at those sweet photos. <3 Really need to set a date to hunt them down <3

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