Visit to Ho Ho Steamboat (Pulau Ketam) Austin Height (好好海鲜火锅之家)

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One-person-one-hotpot is the latest trend of eating steamboat , as there is an increasing number of restaurant offered this kind of steamboat in JB.
For me, I still prefer a round table traditional steamboat. The round steamboat pot which symbolises “Reunion” . It's a kind of joy to put the food we want to eat into the same pot.
The fresh seafood and ingredient are important to have a good meal of steamboat.

Check out this latest steamboat restaurant in Mount Austin Area, which offer the freshest seafood from Pulau Ketam and top quality of ingredient for steamboat feast- Ho Ho Steamboat.
Pulau Ketam is an island at the mouth of the Klang River, near Port Klang, downstream from Kuala Lumpur. It hosts Chinese fishing villages comprising houses on stilts. This island is just like Pulau Kukup in Johor. Most of the freshest seafood are all the way from the fishing villages in Pulau Ketam.
The location is near to Austin Height Water Theme park, same row with DeCast Karoake.

My 1st time ever to see such a big pork bone used to cook the soup. The taste is AWESOME!!!

Adding big prawns into the soup to cook, which further enriched the taste of the soup. I can't stop drinking the soup before I eating the ingredient in the steamboat.

If you are the seafood lover , you must not miss this big crab if you come to Ho Ho Steamboat. It is fresh, with lot's of soft and sweet-taste of meat.  The price will be based on the weight of crab you ordered.

Personally, I highly recommend this homemade fishballs and fish noodle too... From the 1st bite, you can know that the ingredient used is authentic and in good quality. 

There is set meal for choice, which the steamboat ingredients can be ordered based on the number of persons. You can also order the sliced meats and homemade yong tau foo for the steamboat.

Besides the steamboat, remember to try their signature Pork Belly Fried Bee Hoon. The price is quite reasonable with the portion served. The Pork Belly can be replaced by crab, lala or sliced fish. The Bee Hoon is a bit oily, but not salty, worth for a try.
Pork Belly Fried Bee Hoon, RM 21 (2016)

Another highly recommend side dish you can try while waiting your steamboat ingredient to be cooked. This homemade fried dumpling has crispy layer with minced meat inside the dumpling. Beside the dumpling, you can choose some other side dish such as deep fried sha zui fish, fried bean curd skin, etc... You may refer their menu on their website. 

There are a wide variety of drinks served in this steamboat restaurant . I tried this buah long long drink. The taste is strong and not sweet. The juice is fresh and pure, which is a perfect match with the steamboat.  

Overall, the price is quite reasonable for the quality and portion served. Eating steamboat is also one of the good ways for family and friends to chat after a tiring day. It's not just eating, but the network built during the meal. So,  come and have a seafood steamboat dinner feast with this latest steamboat restaurant in JB.

More information:
Address: 12 & 16, Jalan Austin Height 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
Opening hours: Everyday 16:00 - 01:00
Official page (Menu is available) :

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