Homemade Dried Fruit - Your Healthy Snack Choice

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What is your 1st impression about dried fruit? 
Crispy?? Sweet?? 
As a fruit lover, I will take at least 2 different types of fruit everyday. 
To make sure the fruits I ate is always fresh, I need to go to the market consistently to buy fruit. 
Well, life can be easier!! 
You can keep your fruit for longer time, without adding any preservative or syrup. . 
Dried fruit can be nature, just like the normal fruit. 
You can eat the dried fruit anytime, anywhere, just like eating the snack. 
I got some homemade dried fruit and granola from my friend- Deonne. 

To keep dried fruit fresh, she packed her dried fruit with convenient zip bag. The size of package is just nice for you to put in your handbag.  

Can you imagine how fast I finish up the whole pack of dried green apple? 
I put a pack in my office. I finished it in 2 days.
It's unbelievable that you will non-stop eating this, just like the snack. 
As the dried fruit is natural without adding any preservative and flavours, it reserves the natural sweetness from the apple itself.  

I got a pack of dried lemon, which can make my lemon water or ice-lemon tea at home.
Normally we sliced a piece of fresh lemon to put on our drink, but the rest of lemon can't keep long in the fridge
With dried lemon, you can just keep the other dried lemon slice up to 6 months.

One of my favourite breakfast is the granola. When I know she also selling homemade granola, I'm very interested to try this granola.
This homemade granola is not sweet, with lots of different grains and nuts.

If you are interested to buy the dried fruits and granola , you can contact her :
Ms. Deonne +6017-534 0425 (Whatsapp / SMS )
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unparalleledgrace/

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