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This is my 1st year knowing about the blog day, which is TODAY!!!
and it go the 6th years....what I'm doing over this past 5 years?? didn't realise the world blog day

Anyway going to topic, I gonna recommend you the blog I often read...I actually a blogger who read people blog before starting my own blog.They are actually influenced me on starting my own blog.

First blog to recommend,
I'm really impress with this 15 years old blogger- She aka known as siao sparrow,chinese name as 陈安时。
As we normally know, English writing blogs are usually more readers and view count.However you gonna amaze with this small little girl...
With 100% chinese writing, she can have up to 781 followers to follow her blog
She even earn herself the most humour blog award last year,by beating many elder nominated bloggers.So if you wonder, just find out yourself how funny you can feel from her words in her blog.

Secondly, I think this famous blogger I not need to explain more....
Kenny Sia
I like his articles,especially the latest post about current university phenomenon
He stated out the reality...
I started read his blog since many bloggers follow and recommend to me his blog.

Next, I gonna introduce this Fashion Blog.The author name is Valyn.
It's another chinese written blog which won the best fashion blog in the recent Singapore Blog Awards.
I believe that most of us will think of cheeserland or xiaoxue when you think of fashion.
But , I think of her....
Should have a look if you can read chinese.

Next, I discovered this blog recently and find it interesting with many giveaways to her readers.It attracted people to follow her blogs.
I don't know how "easy" we can win from her giveaways,but it not harm to have a try and see...
Her giveaways are very very very attractive,especially if you are a female..

Next,It is a future Ms. doctor blog.
I like her drawing and her creativeness...can't imagine she is study medicine...
She can be a very good plastic surgeon in future( hahaha!!!,with her great drawing and medic skill...LOL!!!)
Hope to know her in future...Hope to meet her in future blogger events

Next, This is a food blog, I read it the most to find all delicious food in Malaysia.

All the posts were catogorised and I can search easily with proper tags..
strongly recommend if you think Malaysia have no nice food.

Last but not least, before I end this post,I would like to strongly, super duper thicken face to promote my 2 very very very unfamous blogs
If you are using FollowMe Shampoo, you must follow me,
If you are using other brand,You super duper must click the "follow" button on the right now...Hahaha...

Yeahh!!!! not matter what is the purpose of writing blog, Happiness is the most important. I find happiness and content when I write blog.

Happy 6th Blog Day!!!

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