University Scholars Leadership Symposium @ Pattaya, Thailand Trip

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Finally I have time to blog it here, Yes, I WENT THAILAND for my very 1st time.Thanks to my University for sponsoring me for this trip.

University Scholars Leadership Symposium have gather more than 30 countries university students with more than 300 delegates.This 7-days symposium have mainly focus on the topic of global humanitarian affair.Networking session was also an important session for us to communicate and exchange our view with other countries students.

It was rain when we reach Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok on the 1st day

The officials( aka as ajk ) were in airport waiting for our arrival.

Pattaya is a small city, 2 hours journey from Bangkok. Wao!!!There was banner welcoming us.

Pattaya is a famous tourism spot in Thailand.The business in Pattaya are mainly bars,disco,clubs,massage and some grocery shops

Really "Original" Nasi Pattaya ate at Pattaya...Haha

I think this Pxxx burger can't find at Malaysia McDonalds...LOL....

I'm going for registration.....yeahhh!!!

Symposium venue, 5-stars Hilton Hotel Ballroom

Classy design and strategy location which is in front of the central Pattaya beach.

And very very very delicious food which make me fat after 7 days symposium....haha

Professional Chef doing pizza....

Sunset of Pattaya Beach

At the symposium, I must tell you that the crystal light on the top of ballroom is beautiful than what you can see from the photo..wao....

The speakers and the organisers

All delegates were divided into 10groups. I'm in Group8..Group8 is great!!

With the same passion of concerning the global issues

Tiffany's shows- Pattaya famous performance

Here we are, Malaysia representative...It was actually 9 of us...

Thai Alangkarn Theater

Perfect terrific performance, light, color and sound effects..They used the real elephants...Storyline was about the Thai king history if I'm not wrong( Because we all are keep focusing on the effect....LOL....)

Flowers on my neck....woohoo.....

The free time after the activities was mostly at night and I'm not going so many places since I didn't delay my flight ticket...haizzzzz

Networking .....interaction.....networking

yes,It a symposium,It a golden chance for you to broaden your social circle.


I must admit that the talk make me feel sleepy( so I chewing many mentos during the symposium....haha!!)

Guest speaker, Dr. Wijaya Godakubura, President of Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, Sri Lanka.

Another guest speakers
Peace activist, Dr Hakim,Founder of Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Many delegates like his talk..

He strongly believes that peace is possible..

Thailand famous tut-tut car

It between 10-30baht.(RM 1-3)

walking street in Pattaya, Just similar with jonker street or Petaling street in Malaysia

But It's full of "bar,disco" smell....

Her inspired short talk have made many audiences cried...

Her braveness to live although she are handicapped.

the power of dream, dare to dream,dare to realise..

Learn a lot from this symposium...

Happiness is not difficult as we thought,when you see the children joyful face
Happiness can be easy, If you are happy..,

To be continue....

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jfook said...

wowww proud of you. =D

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