Too excited!!!! I wanna sell phone!!! OMG!!!!

15:27 Jia Ying 4 Comments

Yes!!!!! I'm too busy with my study life now until abandon this blog for so long time....

attending so many workshops and movie screening recently,

will update here soon for all events I joined.....

Good news I wanna announce...


After writing blogs and joining Nuffnang for almost 1 years,

Finally I won something big!!!!

Can't believe my eyes....but it really my name and my blog url....

although the phone I won is not so a touchscreen or any superb famous phone..( and not that expensive like S2 or iphone 4s)

I'm happy and excited!!! I won something finally!!!

This box of thing is not just holding for 2 weeks, but belong to me!!!

You may refer the blog post about OMG smartphone at here

However ,I have an idea to sell this phone,

since I have already have 2 phones which still function quite well,

Therefore, If anybody have interested to buy this phone, You are welcome to leave comment in this post or email contact me...

Price is negotiable....selling whole box include the phone, prepaid sim card, charger, battery, phone case, earphone, disc, warranty card, user manual, travel charger.

Delivery method: COD(for KL,PJ and Johor Bahru) or postal ( other areas in Malaysia)

About the features and everything little things about this phone, You may refer my previous blog post :

Spread the news to any friends who interested to this phone, It's hard to find in many Digi store since not many retail shop selling this phone.

Hopefully I can find the buyer and this phone owner very soon....

Wish me luck!!!!


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LauraLeia said...

Wow, you're really lucky to win a phone! O_O It looks so cute, hehe~ :D

Camy said...

you are really lucky! congratz!

Congrats! It's a really cute mini phone (:

Anonymous said...

pm me the price, ty :P

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