Food Composting Centre in my University

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* It's a long overdue post....sorry for dragging so long time to complete this post...haizzz...:(

In conjunction on Earth Week in my University, which is organised by UMcares and Soka Gakkai Malaysia,
I have a chance to visit Food Composting Centre in my university.
This centre just started 1 year ago, by a group of people with passion to make the changes
They are master students majoring environmental engineering, besides doing their research project, they try to set up composting centre in campus area in small scale.

They start by collecting food waste from campus hostel cafe.
They need to do a well separation as only food waste can be used for making fertilizer
Food waste will mix with some dry leaves and some bacteria( if not wrong, it's use to make the decomposition process faster, I forgot the name of bacteria used...lolz...) and make it into group like the photo below..
Temperature of each group is controlled, I'm surprise that it's high( can't remember the reading...:(

The ready make organic fertilizer by using food waste...( wait for grading and packaging...)

The fertilizers will divide according to 4 grade, based on it's quality...
Their fertilizer really have it's effective like normal chemical fertilizer. So do support their food waste fertilizer. Price is negotiable....

The machine used to grind the mix waste...

As financial constrain, the facilities of whole composting centre is simple, without advanced technology. Or else, the fertilizer can produce commercially and in large scale.
but the whole idea is creative and green, I really feel their passion of 2 master student who initiate this project in university.
Their project need more publicity...
Hopefully this project can run smooth and successful with more support from university.
Best wish to this project!!

* The location of Food Composting Centre is next to Damansara gate of University Malaya.

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