Trip to Pulau Besar, Malacca

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This island is not as famous as Pulau redang, Pulau Tioman,
This island is not as beautiful as Pulau redang, Pulau Tioman
I don't know this "pulau" before going...
I'm following my collegemates ( around 30 peoples ) to this trip...

Pulau Besar ( "Big" Island ) locate within Malacca, is a small island, not as big as it's name,

Blue sky with sea. It's still a good place to have a holiday although it's not that famous tourism spot in Malaysia.

The ferry price for an adult is RM14 ( 2 ways)

We are ready for the trip, Yeah!!!!!

The bungalow that we stay, It's can live up to 20 peoples...

Kitchen....( I strongly recommend to bring own ingredient for cook, as the food provided by resort is not that nice....)

Living room!!! with Astro...

Great island?? You will know it if you come and experience yourself....ermm..ermm
Pulau Besar is a good place for jungle trekking, suitable place for mild fitness practice( not harsh at all) ...

Here is the famous spot of the whole island --"Batu Belah"
At the highest point on the island exist a large boulder that is split down the middle. It is named "Batu Belah" and is a favourite destination for local pilgrims. There also exists a cave which is said to be the place of meditation for another Wali named Yusof. Near this cave, it is claimed one can see the footprint of the Wali on a boulder. In 1997 the Malaysian government labeled such practices as deviant and tore down many buildings that were erected around the mausoleum. This caused an uproar in the Indian Muslim communities which frequented Pulau Besar.

You can see many 4-digit number wrote on the "batu" , as they believe this is a holy rock and it can give them good luck....

dull lake .... no birds, no fishes

Golf field  (but didn't see anybody playing golf there...)

Yeah!!!! We love trip!!!! 
Have some "black" sand, don't know is it naturally occur or ........
At night, we wrote our wishes on lantern.... I wrote mine too, but....My latern failed to rise up....Sad!!!

It's seem easy to rise the lantern, but after try, I know I'm wrong, It's need some skills instead...hahahaha!!!
This island still not fully develop, therefore It's not as famous as other island in Malaysia..Less travel spot, less outdoor activities make us feel quite boring if stay long in this island.
However, It's still a nice place to relieve our burden we had in our studying or working. A trip sure will be fun if we go with our friends and family....So no matter what place we go, the most important is the time we spend together..

That all for 2 days 1 night trip at Pulau Besar...

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