Celebration Party @ Henry Cook

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Continue to write about Henry Cook ( This is not an advertorial post and I didn't receive any benefit from them; It's all my real experience with my beloved friends)

The purpose of this celebration party of course is to celebrate!! with all Chinese Orchestra Players and organizing committees, as we have successfully organise a concert in my university.
After last visit, I'm quite familiar with this place, and look forward the food they prepared for us.

Chef prepared their signature Nyonya Laksa for us....

Yellow Fragrant Rice ( taste like Nasi Berayni )
Assorted vegetables- always seen in catering buffet package, nothing very special about this normal dish

Fried Fish Fillet...( I had mention in last post...)


Roll roasted chicken - haha, I still like their sauce!!!
Some fingerfood

Prawns- no idea what the name of this dish is...

Dessert - Pudding...the glasses are less suitable to be use as pudding cup gua...You will feel it if you eat it...

Chocolate cake- taste not bad, but I still like their tiramisu cake and Mango float cake ( It served after the main dish,and I forgot to take photo lol.....it still my favourite, I eat quite many pieces since it's buffet, haha!!!)

Fruits with a design basket melon....

Group Photo!! We have fun and enjoy the food really much!!

You can alert their update of FB fanpage as they will have some unique promotion to some christian names on certain day (eg; today, the people who name is "Henry" will have 50% discount off your food )
That all for my sharing of my visit to Henry Cook.

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