Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall

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This restaurant was introduced by my friends who suggested to organise a celebration party here,
So, we went there to see and discuss about the possibility and budget of party.

Nice decoration and aroma ;cards and small games available while waiting for the food to be served

Here menu, with mostly Western and Peranakan Food...
Steam Fish Fillet with Special yellow fragrant rice....The fish is fresh enough as it's nice to eat although in steam. strongly recommend the sauce....make the fish taste nice and unique...

Fried Fish Fillet with baked potato....The sauce is superb..

I forgot this dish name, but it's a bamboo noodle with some meatball...

Kebab with Chicken and Cheese

Spaghetti Macaroni - around RM10( can't remember the exact price)

Signature Dish of this restaurant : Nyonya Laksa- RM6.50 (without egg), RM8.00 (with egg); one of my Penang friends say really can't compare this laksa with Penang
Laksa( coz Penang Laksa is too superb,haha!!).....Well,I felt the taste not bad..

Roasted Chicken Kebab with Yellow Fragrant Rice and mix salad -RM11.00

Tiramisu Cake- I like this dish the most!!! it's like ice cream in center layer....Must try if you visit the restaurant

Continue with Henry Cook Part 2 -Celebration Party Menu...Stay tune

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