Hot Hot Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

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I heard hot air balloon every year since I study at KL, but never been there before
So this year I told myself I must go , to see all those special design balloons. ( this might be my last year stay at KL, IF I not work at KL)
maybe I put too high expectation to this event, I have a bit disappointed..( a bit only, bacause I took this outing as gathering than see hot air balloon, so we took photos crazily with Putrajaya nice scenario,but not much photo for the whole event lah... )

Because the balloon I saw the most is in this shape, extreme NORMAL shape.....LOL

Where are those design balloon?
Actually I saw a cake balloon, a cat balloon, penguin balloon ( saw it far apart ) and
Tune talk ballon...
That all the design balloon I little....( I should blame myself for wake up late + going late...wuuhuuu)
So walk around the whole event...the weather is so hot on that day ( somemore forgot about apply sunblock pula...)

Climbing....( I watched people climb la,didn't climb myself ,haha....)
Water ball....seem interesting...

and many other games to play,

Para motor Display

Putrajaya have a nice scenario to have photoshoot....

Group photo of the gang....

Public transport is the most convenience way to go Putrajaya from KL ( no car no choice lah..)

That all, very little thought from me; I will go again, and hopefully can see more design balloons in next year! :)

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