Asia University Summer Exchange Programme @ Taiwan

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After finish my last paper in my entire 3 years life in university, I'm lucky enough to be 1 of 99 students chosen to join summer exchange programme at Asia University, Taiwan.

Asia University is a private university located in Taichung, Taiwan. It is recognized in Taiwan for its research and teaching in Health Science, Computer Science, Creative Design, Managemant and Humanities & Social Sciences.

I really excited to get this offer, all thanks to International Student Centre (ISC) in my university. As a local university student, I always dream to go exchange in overseas while I stilll a student. My dream come true!!! Yeah!!!!

So, almost 5 hours flight from Malaysia to Taoyuan International Airport, It's nearly midnight when we reach the airport, but we still can see Asia University Students who wait our arrival. So warm!! It's another 2 hours journey to Taichung, and finally reach the campus!!!!

and here my hostel room, It's clean and nice, air-conditioned and hot shower provided. ( Air condition is only open at it's HOT in day...) 

There is no time zone different between Malaysia and Taiwan. However, the summer in Taiwan is much more hotter than Malaysia. The sun in early morning of Taiwan is just like Malaysia sun in afternoon.

and here the entrance of Asia University..

One of the main building of Asia University

College of Health Sciences

You can see green everywhere in campus....

 Library and international college. The place I go for class for the whole month....

 You can see many artistic statue in campus, with the composer and pieces detail

I with the "snow white" and "1 of the dwarfs" . Haha!! It's cute and located in different places in campus.

It's Rome style building... Guess what is it?? It's actually a gymnasium + sport hall....

Bus Station- our favourite place...haha!! because it's the place we wait for bus and OUTING!!!!

The auditorium - the place we go for open and close ceremony of Summer programme.

The meals provided by the hostel is nice, in very chinese style, and chopstick is the only given for eating ( luckily I know how to use chopstick...) 
Luxurious Breakfast!!!

Buffet Lunch - Yummy!!!!

Most suitable dessert in the hot summer !!!

Overall Asia University have nice environment and well design campus. Many places in campus are so suitable for photoshoot. 

More posts about my Summer Exchange Programme and Taiwan trip....
Stay tuned!!!!!

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