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Throughout  the whole 26 days in Taiwan, only 7days which having class. ( this exchange programme more like a trip than study) 
But we can learn when we play, so I totally agree with this arrangement...Hahaha!!!

Overall we have 4 sections of Mandarin Class and 6 different Cultural courses ( which include Financial Market in Taiwan, Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan, Overview of Taiwan National Health Insurance, Textuality and Culture of Taiwanese Women, Taiwan Music and Taiwan Arts.
Some is boring, but most of them are interesting. 

The Mandarin oral test given on the 1st day of class. We are  going to divide into 3 groups according our proficiency of Mandarin language.  

Here the notes of Cultural courses.

In one of the cultural courses, we learning the art of Chinese paper cutting. It's quite interesting but we didn't try to cut paper ourselves in class.  

I like the Mandarin Class the most. It's not as boring as I expected. Language class is quite fun with some story telling, interaction between classmate and lecturer, and friendly lecturer who bring the fruit in every session of class. Here are "Taiwan Banana"!!! (It's somehow become famous fruits in Taiwan as Taiwanese Famous Rock Band "Mayday" ate banana in one of music prize ceremony, and use the banana to describe friendship. Lolz)

Mango and Pineapples!!! It's sweet and fresh!!!!

She even cooked this for us!!!! So touch!!!!

And Here she is!!!!! My Mandarin Class teacher, Ms Julia Liu. Thanks for her enthusiastic. We really like her class very much. Learn a lot from her....

Here the group photo with lecturer. Yeah!!!!!

Overall, it's fun to study without stress in this exchange programme. No exam, no test!!! It's the best news for a student. I wish I'm student forever if no exam is require...Haha!!!

~Best memory in Taiwan- 2July 2012-28July 2012~

*Stay tune with more posts about Taiwan Trip.
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