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If you are my blog follower, or if you have contacted me recently, you will know that I had made a big decision in my life;
I was so lucky to get myself a full scholarship to study an International Master course in France.
Really appreciate it and it realized one of my big dream- going  to Europe!!!!!
YES!!! I will travel around Europe in this coming 2 years beside my study.
That means, in this coming 2 years, I will not in Malaysia most of the time.( I miss Malaysia,truly!!!)
and YES, I will share my overseas study life at here.
Still remember the day when I received the email of the offer of scholarship and university, I was so excited...
With attractive offers given, sure I will not reject it...( and I accepted it after some very very little considering)

Université Paris Sud, one of the well known public university in France, with it's research strength on Physics and Science.
I got myself this student card after registration. It's a new start of  my life in France.

It's a very very very BIG and GREEN campus, with many trees, and all the buildings have some distance; even if you want to have lunch, you need to walk about 5 minutes to restaurant. ( In France, there no "bungkus"  or "tapao" culture). Sometime, I felt this campus just like a forest....
Yellowish trees can be saw everywhere include in the campus during Autumn. The weather is cold in Autumn.....

Again, I must say that French people like to walk, and they walk a lot!!!! Here is the road from the train station to my university.

French people might think that drawing on the wall is an art, but for me it's ugly lol (and it's vandalism)....and you can find "those art drawing" on wall almost everywhere in Paris and also include in the campus. I really don't know how to appreciate this kind of art......

In the 1st week of semester , some clubs and societies were having promotion on their activity. Students were playing band to attract new students to join their club...( well, I didn't not join anything....)

Besides yellowish trees found in campus, I like this red tree!! ( In campus , trees are everywhere, LOL)

There are many entrances to campus. This is one of it!!!!

Bibliothèque-It's a  Library; I don't like the entrance of library, because many students just smoke proudly in front of the library. ( Smoking in campus is not prohibited here, so it's normal to see students smoke ) 

A coffee machine, you can get a hot coffee in just 0.40euro.

Restaurant in the university, which is the place selling the cheapest lunch meal in Paris.

A whole set of meal will include a starter, main course, dessert, cheese( or fruit) ,a baguette and plain water.

Can you guess how much is it??

It's just 3.10euro!!!!! with a  very very big portion.....
Overall the food is not so bad, with wide variety of choice, hardly to have similar meal in within 2 weeks.

and Here is the place I dislike the most- Exam Hall,( just an usual hall, nothing special....)

Exam questions...It's open book exam and you know that it's usually useless to open your book in this kind of examination. Why I need to study law???

Annoying French keyboard!!! see the photo carefully; you will know the reason; which always make my "A" turn to "Q".

I will share more about my Paris city trip very soon....
Stay tune~~~~

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