Eiffel Tower - Day vs Night view

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The most significant building in Paris, in French known as  La Tour Eiffel,
It's a must visit tourist spot,
You must take photo with the tower, it's the best to show that you had visited Paris, France. 
It's just like KLCC in Malaysia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan. 
So, even I haven't climb up to this tower, 
I had snapped many photo of Eiffel tower from different place and time. 
As a conclusion to all these photo, I would say I like the night view of Eiffel tower,
During night, the tower light will blink and sparkling in certain time, and it's superb nice and wonderful.   

Photo taken during summer; View from the top of Arc de Triomphe

View from  Trocadéro, which is the best view of the whole Eiffel tower. 

It's hard to take a good photo, especially when there is many visitors during the summer weekend. 

The whole "complete" Eiffel Tower.

I like this photo, although the view of tower is small. Photo taken from a bridge of the Seine River...

Here come to Night view of Eiffel tower. 

Closer look!!!

Closer x2 look!!!

United Buddy Bear tour came to Paris and displayed it's bear exhibition just in front of the tower. 

Here come to Malaysia Bear with the Eiffel Tower. 

View from the Seine river. The flash light at the top of tower seem like a scanner , which scan through the whole Paris city. 

Me and Eiffel tower night version. 

The tower look more attractive during the night as the light make the tower look fabulous!!!It's the best to view it from certain distance.   

That all , 

Stay tune for more post about Paris~~~ 

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