Some French Famous Food!!

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There are many famous dessert and food that it's origin come from France
so once you come France, you must try all this food!!!
To taste the most origin flavor, to enjoy it's most original bits..
So, the most well known food from France for sure is this!!

1. Baguette

French loaf, which more well known as Baguette!!!
You can find it almost everywhere....every meals...
The cheapest can be found in Carrefour supermarket about 0.40 euro....expensive can be up to 1++euro
What I discover that, baguette is great to eat when it just come out from the oven!!
A good baguette will maintain it's crispy outer skin with soft bread inside very long...
which you will finish the whole empty baguette without your realisation.   

2. Macaroon

I would consider it's as a very high class dessert in France. ( as it's not cheap leh!!!)
This is cookies for me, although some people say it's a small cake. 
The most well known brands of macaroon in France are Pierre Hermes and Laduree ( Both are nice but I prefer the first one... haha!!) 
Price around 1.75-1.90euro per piece...( If a macaroon divide into 4 bites, 1 bites cost me RM2...) 
The most well known taste would be caramel and chocolate ( must try!!) 
I would highly recommend white truffle flavor from Pierre Hermes ( The taste is unique and GREAT!!!)  

3. Croissant 

The most well known breakfast for French people....
French people like to have light breakfast, so they will have croissant with a cup of coffee 
The dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a sheet
price would be around 1euro per piece....

4. Eclair

A dessert with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing.
I like this dessert, and it's not that expensive like macaroon...
This dessert may not so common in Malaysia...
Price would be around 1-2euro....

5. Crepe

It's a very common street style food in Paris.
You can easily find it in any street in Paris....It divide into 2 main types
Salted crepe would have some ingredients such as bacon, cheese, tomato, beef...etc put inside a thin pancake layer...
Sweet crepe would have banana, almond, nuts sugar or nutella spread on the pancake layer...
Price would be around 3-5euro....depend on the ingredients...
Just a gentle reminder, must choose those stall that make their pancake freshly...So that you can taste the most origin taste of crepe.... 

This would be self-made mini size salted crepe..... 

6. Escargot 
 A dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer in French restaurants.
This is my very first time trying this kind of food...I felt disgust at first glance..
But , I would say the taste is superb....a must try food if you come to France.
Later, I discovered that not only in restaurant, you can buy the frozen escargot in most of the supermarket in France....( That mean it is very very very common food.....) 

I know that there are still plenty of significant foods in France I haven't introduce...
( I know you would say where the WINE and CHAMPAGNE!!??) 
More to go!!! once I tried!!!! Haha :)
That all~~~ <3

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