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I went Taiwan last year summer~~It's about 5 months passed and I miss Taiwan so much;
especially the food, the friendly Taiwanese,scenery and many many memorable moment~~
This post gonna introduce some night market's food that I tried during my Taiwan trip
Night Market, which more well known as "Pasar Malam" is a must go place if you are in Taiwan. 
Almost every part of Taiwan have the night market.
I had listed 10 night market food that I tried during the trip. 

Here come to 1st night market I went-- Yizhong street night market (一中夜市) , which located in Taichuang~~~

1. Small sausage wrapped in large sausage ~ (大腸包小腸)
This is a very famous street food in Taiwan, which can be found in almost all night market.
The large sausage is usually made of glutinous rice with grill small sausage in the center...
It's about 30NTD per piece. 

2. Stinky tohu
It's another must-try taiwan famous food~~
personally I don't like the taste, I had tried stinky tohu in Malaysia once and I banned it forever~~
But, the taste is totally different for stinky tohu in Taiwan.
I tried 1 piece in Taiwan, I would say the stinky smell is not so strong compare to Malaysia stinky tohu. 

3. Aloe vera ice lemon tea
This drink become famous since a very well known Taiwanese drama filmed for it. 
I really like the taste, not so sweet, and it's really suitable to drink it in summer hot weather. 

Scenery of Yizhong street night market~~~

People just sitting down and eat in the park nearby after buying the food from night market

In Taichung, the most famous night market would be this- Fengchia night market, which is huge and you can really find many cheap reasonable clothes and shoes here...( In my opinion, here would be the best place to buy clothes compare to Wu Fen Pu Commercial zone五分埔), which is another fashion heaven in Taiwan.

4. Moon prawn pancake 

A pancake which made of prawn, eat with some sweet sauce given,
Taste not that bad, crispy but with less prawn taste

5. Sweet cone pizza
This is not really a famous night market food, but it seem unique
We seldom see a pizza in cone shape, therefore we tried it~~
There are many variation of ingredients to choose...cheese is one of the most important ingredient in this food.

Overall, It's good to have a try, I would recommend you can share with some friends.  The crust outside is not as nice as I expected~~

6. Fried Squid 
 There are many fried food in Taiwan night market,
So, squid is one of it~~~
with many variation of sauce and spices( such as thai sour chili, wasabi, korean chili, cheese mayonaise,etc~~)

It's look so attractive and very fragrance smell, taste is ok~~

In KaoShuing (southern of Taiwan), the most famous night market would be LiuHe night market~~

This night market is not so big compare to Taichung night market..

7. Papaya milk

This stall is so famous with many well known people and artist's signature + photo displayed in front of stall.

Price is about 50NTD per cup ( not so cheap~)

Drink is rich of fresh papaya with good quality of milk~~

8. Taiwan grill sausage
One of the famous street food in Taiwan~~
Good taste~~

Scenery of Liuhe market~~ there are some very interesting broad, to attract the tourist and customer, with up to 90% discount of branded bag. Did you believe it?? ( Well, no for me~~)

In Taipei, the most famous night market - Shilin night market (台北士林夜市)

I didn't spend much time in this night market...
but I found something interesting~~~

9. Small bun wrapped in large bun (大饼包小饼)

It's somehow with same concept of small sausage wrapped in large sausage
The salted cripsy bun with some chicken foss wrapped in a layer of soft pancake skin 

It's look like a popiah, I really like the taste

10. Deep-fried chicken breasts

A must try street food when you come to Taiwan,
It's so famous, even in Malaysia you can find this food with labelled from Taiwan
But the most origin taste of this fried chicken you should try at Shilin night market.

The portion is very big, highly recommend to share with your friends,

and eat immediately when it is hot~~ very delicious and crispy

That all conclude the night market food in Taiwan .

There are much more delicious food in night market, but mostly is fried food,
so it's important to drink more water after eating many fried hot food, and don't overeat~~

Stay tune for next post:  Famous Food in Taiwan

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