Trip to Brussels, Belgium

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Belgium is one of the neighbor countries of France. 
Brussels , capital city of Belgium, is a small city, which is very suitable for a weekend gateway. 
It's my 1st trip with my classmates to another country after coming to France.
A trip with full of joy and laugh. I love it so much. 
Let's see the photos I snapped in my Brussels trip. 

1. Town Hall, Grand Place-Grote-Markt
The hostel we stayed is very near to Grand Place. 
It's most significant place in Brussels. 
The most well-known flower carpet is in this big landmark, but only take place every 2 years of Summer ( Next will be on 2014)  
This historic building currently is shops and some administration offices.     

2. Manneken Pis 
The world famous little boy...
I was surprised that it was much more smaller than I expected...
It a must go spot in Brussels. 

and this kind little boy souvenir is everywhere in Brussels.
The photo below is little boy wine bottle opener  

Beside Maneken Pis, you must try the waffle. 
It serve hot, not so crispy, but the taste is awesome. 
Belgium waffle is totally different taste compare with the waffle I ate in either Malaysia or France before. 

So, the price of waffle depend on the topping and sauce. 
For the most simple, waffle with sugar, it's just 1euro. 

3.  Jeanneke Pis
The sister of Manneken Pis , Jeanneke Pis is not so well known,
But, it's still one of tourist spot. 
There is a legend of Jeanneke Pis, saying that your wish be granted if you throw a coin into the bowl fountain. 

4. European Union Parliament 
Brussels is considered the capital of European Union. Most EU office located here.  
(Haha, that mean my scholarship come from here~~) 
The landmark is huge, display the history timeline of EU, in large poster hanging around. 

The euro currency that used in most European countries. 

Parlamentarium- A museum displayed the history and development of European Union and record some notable moment happen in Europe. 
Informative but boring if you are not interested

5. Atomium
Outstanding and creative to use idea of atom and bond ( Chemist know it well~~) into building structure.
I didn't go in, but took a lot of photo with this icon.
From website, you can climb up to the sphere and have a great view of Antwerp, another city of Belgium.  

6. St.Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral 
Old church is quite common and everywhere in Europe. 
Every church have it's uniqueness and beauty. 
It's not so famous like Notre Dame in Paris; but it's worth to look around and snap some photo. 

7. Comic strip painting
It's one of attraction in Brussels, the comic drawing can be seen in all around the city of Brussels. 
It can be in the side wall of the shop, the upper part of building....etc...
Tin tin is famous in Brussels. 

This is some summary of my Brussels trip.
It's too cold when I went for this trip.( It's snowing, and I have a lot of snowballs fight with my friends) 
The road name is really complicate, I don't know how to pronounce it correctly. 
You can easily to get a good,free Brussels map in many places, like hostel, metro station and tourist counters.  
Highly recommend using the guide and map below. I found it very useful and it's the best among many maps I had. 

That all~~~ :)

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