Nice Food from London,UK ~~~

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London, one of my dream Europe destination to travel...
In fact, Malaysia is much influence by UK in many aspects, as there are many similarities( such as electrical plug type, driving direction.....etc) 
Among all Europe countries, UK had the most Malaysian residing...
Yes, I feel everything so familiar when I came to London. 
No language barrier( a little bit accent barrier...haha~~) 
People here are friendly ( If compare to Paris....:p ) 
I wish that I could visit UK again; there are many cities in UK that I wanna visit..such as Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham....etc 

This post gonna talk about the food I ate in London, 
These food are well known in the world, but originate from England. 
So, we should not miss all these nice food,
For me, one of the most interesting part during travel would be trying the local food, knowing the local people and their culture
1. English Breakfast
I would say this is the world famous breakfast....
When I'm in Malaysia, I always have english breakfast if I stay in hotel. (LOL~~) 
full breakfast usually consisting of bread, baconsausages and eggs, baked bean, hash-brown.....etc and a beverage. 
The meal portion in London is quite big...I would recommend to share if you have small stomach..haha~~
I have my English breakfast on the 1st day arrived to London, ate at a restaurant in Victoria station.  

I like it!!!! Even this restaurant is not the best restaurant serving English breakfast!!! 
Very satisfied with this breakfast!!!! 

2. Sunday Roast
Actually I have no idea what is it when my friend told me about this British traditional meal. 
There are (at least) 2 opinions on the origins of the Sunday Roast. 

-- One holds that, during the industrial revolution, Yorkshire families left a cut of meat in the oven before going to church on a Sunday morning, which was then ready to eat by the time they arrived home at lunchtime.
--The second opinion holds that the Sunday Roast dates back to medieval times, when the village serfs served the squire for six days a week. Then on the Sunday, after the morning church service, serfs would assemble in a field and practice their battle techniques and were rewarded with a feast of oxen roasted on a spit.

So, I ate this Sunday roast near to Covent Garden. Price is a bit high, but it's worth
Sunday roast usually will have meat (most common is Beef), Yorkshire Pudding, broccoli, carrot, potato....
The sauce served in this restaurant taste good, 
It's my 1st time try the yorkshire pudding, It's soft, taste very attractive....I don't know how to describe it well, but overall, Sunday roast is awesome~~
Portion is very big~~  :O

3. Fish n Chip
Many people might not know that this meal is from UK, even myself only realized after looking the tourist information. 
The "Fish" in Fish n Chip is larger than I always had in Malaysia, with some fries, mushy peas and tartar sauce. 
I like the soft texture of fish, which is totally different from many fish n chip I ate before in Malaysia. 
Fries is normal; while tartar sauce really play important role in this dish. 

Besides the 3 dishes I mentioned above, I tried some "uncommon" food in UK

Extra 1: Siew Pau in Chinatown, UK
Asian food and pastry is always expensive in Europe, but it really relief my homesick.
This siew pau is quite crispy with rich ingredients. It's cost about 1 pound.

Extra 2: Chatime in London.
Chatime is famous in Malaysia; Bubble Milktea is famous in Taiwan.
I miss bubble milktea so much after coming back from Taiwan last summer. 
It's surprise to know that Chatime is in London. 
It's served hot milktea too, which is more suitable during cold winter. 
Taste-- no much different. But the hot bubble milktea I had is a bit sweet..

Extra 3: McDonald's in London. 
I not really a fans of McDonald's, but I don't know why...It's seemed like I will eat Mcdonald's when I go to a new countries. ( it's a very budget meal during travel) 
London McDonald's is my 5th country (before that, I tried Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, France Mcdonald's)
Every countries have some similarities, some special menu and of course their sauce given with the meal. 
It's surprise to see sweet chilli given with my Mcdonald's meal.( 0%spicy, 100% sweet) 

That all about the food I tried in my London trip....
Nice and memorable~~~ 
Last but not least, I with my Sunday roast~~~

Stay tune for more posts about my London trip~~

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