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Many people know that I went to France to study my Master degree,
But, many people don't know why I stay in Poland now.
The Master Degree I studied now is an Erasmus Mundus Programme,
The uniqueness of this programme is the mobility to at least 2 universities from 2 different European countries ( It's a collaboration of 4 countries Universities) 
It's mean every semester, I will go to a new country, to know a new place...
So, my 1st semester, in France , you can read back my post before

and now, 2nd semester, I chose Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. 
Poznan, well known as students' city ( every 5 people in Poznan, one will be student ) 
Poznan is not a very famous tourist city in Europe, but it's the best city in term of learning atmosphere and public transport. ( from and also the various privileges and discounts that a student can have. 
The university name- Adam Mickiewicz is from the name of a  famous polish poet.
To know more about Adam Mickiewicz University, you can go to this website:

Poland is one of the European countries, but this country not using Euro,
There have their money currency- Zloty. ( 1.00 Zloty = around RM1.00) 
I'm confusing when I just reached Poland. 
It's interesting that this country have 9 different value of coins. 

Poland has low cost of living if compare to other European countries.
Many thing here are generally cheaper, especially beer~~
It's so normal to see that in most restaurant and bars, beer, coffee,juice, plain water have almost the same price. ( That why polish people like to drink beer, and they are hardly drunk...)

To proof that you are still a student, identity card is always need
Lalala~~~ I'm still a student and forever young!!! Hahaha~~~
It's a bit sad that student card is a bit simple and non-electronic...

Come to a new country, learn a new language...
One European country, one language.
Adam Mickiewicz University have it's campus spread in many areas in Poznan.
Faculty Chemistry and the place to learn language is totally different building in different area; You need to take tram to go from Faculty Chemistry to Language class.
Honestly,for me, polish language is hard to learn, especially the pronunciation.... :(

The building of Faculty Chemistry is very new, just started using this few years
I like the modern design of the faculty. Another special about this building is their huge transparent window.

Practical session- It's seem like easy, but somehow it's difficult....


Really BIG organic laboratory. It's also annoying that I need to walk a lot when I want to get some apparatus & materials...etc....

University Restaurant food- Food was nicely present (it's really give you a good 1st impression)
Taste- average;  Price- average

Tea session with my lecturer,tutor and classmates. 
Most polish people are friendly, even though their English proficiency might not so good, 
but they tried their best to make you understand what they mean. 

After a tired day in University, It's time to go back home~~ 
Sunset~~ On the way back to home.....

It's seem like most Poland city will have a old market square ( Stary Rynek). Many nice design, colorful,historic building and shop will usually surround the square. It's always the main tourist attraction for each cities in Poland. 

Last but not least, haha!! Again, it's me in the entrance of Faculty Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University

Next post: Museums in Poznan and the Zoo

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