Student Parade in Poznan

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Every year of  May, Poznan will have student festival,
Some universities will organize the festival.
Seriously, it's a bit out of my imagine...( Student festival in Malaysia is not like here~~)
The common thing I saw in festival will be rock or heavy metal band concert, BBQ, beer, beer and still the BEER.
Personally I don't like beer so much, but the youngster in Poland is really a good drinker!!
and generally I observed some trends in Poznan,
Youngster will be active in late night, having fun in club, bars and drinking beer.
Old people will be active in morning, like to listen philharmonic concert,
Some old people even collected the bottles and cans of beer; personally think that they are going to make small money with their collection.  

Ok, come back to student festival; one of the main highlight is the parade, which will join by all universities and high institution in Poznan.
According to my Polish Friends, every university will have their theme, and the student will wear based on the theme. There are award for best dress with theme....It's look fun...
Didn't able to snap more photos....some photo below are from the organizer FB page.

My university, University Adam Mickiewicz .


Student in Poznan are really crazy....I'm crazy too~~~ and I really scare of drunk guy in Poznan during day...It's disgust~~

Wao, Chemical theme~~ Are they.......

The parade end when the students reached the venue for band concert. and again the beer stall is the largest!!! Haha~~

Last but not least , I with my classmates in the festival.

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