Museum in Poznan and the Zoo

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Every city have their history, museum is one of the place to discover the history of a city.
Most museums are free entrance for every Saturday in Poznan, Poland.
Some museums are interesting, some are boring (just my opinion~~);

1.Museum of the History of Poznan.
Situated in the center of Stary Rynek (Old Market Square),
In history, this building is a city hall, somehow like a government office.

The symbol of Poznan - billy goats. 

Unique design of ceiling in City Hall. 

 2.Archaeological museum
Honestly, I felt this museum boring.
Mainly because all information and detail in exhibition are in Polish,
There are many exhibition, divided into several part.
Besides that, there are some interactive games for children in this museum.

Chess set always drawn my attention. Something interesting in this musuem. ( but I don't know the background and history of this chess set, since I don't understand Polish.....Hmm =.=)

 3.Museum of Musical Instrument 
I have a high expectation on this museum, since I'm classical music lover;
There are many collection of musical instruments, especially string instruments.
again lack of description and information in English,
Besides western musical instrument, there have some traditional instruments collection from Asia and America.

The main highlight of the museum will be this grand piano, which was used by famous composer from Poland, Chopin during concert in Antonin. 
Look at the keyboard on the piano, the black white keys is totally reversed from the piano we known nowadays. 

 4.Military Museum of Wielkopolska. 
Not a big musuem, display some military items.

Poland national coat of arms ...white eagle with a golden beak and talons, and wearing a golden crown, in a red shield.

5.Gallery of Painting and Sculpture 
Located in 2 buildings
Historic wing shown the gallery of Polish Art from 16th-18th century, Gallery of Medieval Art and Ancient Art.
Modern wing shown Polish art ranging from Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism and symbolism.

Some contemporary art.

The only painting by Claude Monet in Poland - Beach in Pourville. ( Many Monet collection can be found in musuem in France. haha~~) 

6.New Zoo
In Poznan, there are 2 zoo.
Visiting zoo is a daylong excursion, and suitable in Spring and Summer season.
but sadly, most animals still not actively "show" to us ( the weather on the day I went is still quite nice~~)
Suddenly I felt I'm like a children when I still excited to see the animals in zoo....LOL~~

The deers

Feel young and energetic in the Zoo. hahaha~~ cute Polish children~~

Animals just walking around us....It's not kept in the cage~~ aha!!

It's not my 1st time to see elephant , but this is my 1st time to see the elephants to have this kind of pose...

Special species of monkey....I can't remember this species name.
It's look sad to be kept in the cage....T.T

The Kangaroo....It's so thin and small~~~ and I can't see their pocket.....

I can feel the lively, energetic Poznan when Spring and Summer are coming~~
The flower, the fountain , the sun !!!!

That all~~
Next Post : Student Parade in Poznan.

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