Billy Goat Inn Restaurant @ Poznan

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The Poznan Tourist Organisation in cooperation with several hotels, restaurants and musuem offer half price in  one of the weekend last month. 
I was grabbing this chance to visit one of the classy Polish cuisine restaurants in Poznan. 
Billy Goat Inn Restaurant ( Gospoda pod Koziołkami) , located in Stary Rynek, Poznan
It's specializes in polish cuisine dishes which consists of many centuries and many culture cuisine tradition. 

The promotion menu is mainly grill-based dish. After half price promotion, it's affordable by us as a poor student....Haha!!

A unique atmosphere created by medieval times interior, Grill cellar in this restaurant have great historic background behind . The wall is all by real brick. 

Waiting for our dish coming~~~ The menu is well designed like a adventure map.  

Typical old polish sour soup with an egg. 
It's not so salty, not so sour even it is sour soup. Generally, I like it....

This is my main dish today~~~
Grilled Salmon in smoked salt crystals with a hint of orange, baked potatoes, grilled broccoli, cauliflower and carrot, lemon sauce. 
The salmon is fresh, taste awesome~~The ingredients used were chosen wisely...  
This dish made my day!!!haha :D

My friend ordered this main dish~~~
 Spare Ribs in Spicy Sauce served with grilled jacket potatoes and braised sauerkraut.
According to my friend, she can't taste any spicy , even the ribs is in Spicy sauce.
Hmm, yes,it's always happen in Europe. The spicy hot level is always not as expected.

Billy Goat Inn official website :

* More and more food posts coming soon~~~

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