Interesting "facts" in Iran- Part 1

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I will never forget how I made my decision to travel to Iran, a country that is not common for travelling.
Most people might curious, and shock when I told them I'm going to Iran for travel.
"What?!, Why?!" Everyone look me weird~~
Even I myself don't know how to tell my family that I'm going to Iran, for travel....
This 10 days trip will never become a reality without my Mexican classmate as my travel companion and my Iranian classmate to host us AND all the Iranian friends that I know during this trip.
It's the most unique and special trip in my life.......
I would like to conclude this trip with some interesting thing, that you will only know when you are in Iran.

The Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran. 

Let's start ~~~

1. Iranian are very very very very very very very very very FRIENDLY~~~
Seriously, their friendliness will make you feel " Are they really sincere??"
No, No, they are really, truely, sincerely 100% friendly....even it's a stranger, a passby-er....
At first, I really feel uneasy when Iranian looked me, with their sincere curiosity ( Yes, for them, it's fresh to meet a foreigner in Iran)
and I can hear from them, saying something like " Chinois, Japonium" ( saying that I'm Chinese, Japanese)
Their friendliness made me think back about myself. Indeed, compare to them, I can say Malaysian friendliness is still a very big gap. A lot to learn from Iranian.
Here I show some example I experienced....
In my whole Iran trip, I didn't even stay in hostel or hotel. I and my Mexican friends were host by Iranian, even the tour guide home. Did you ever heard a tour guide offer their customers a place to stay in Malaysia? Not in Malaysia, but it's happen in Iran. We really met a very nice tour guide for 2 days Shiraz trip ( South of Iran).

Besides that, in a bus travelling, the bus driver has a very friendly friends, who want to invite us to come to his home. In fact, we have our own schedule and it's impossible to accept his invitation. At last, even we just talk to each other through phone, that Iranian is so friendly to treat us drink. You might think that it's just stranger, maybe a bad people. However, you will understand how sincere Iranian treat people and make friends.

From left: Me, my tour guide in Shiraz, Samaneh, and her 2 brothers. 

2. Iranian Dinner Time at 10:00pm
For me (and most of Malaysian) , 10:00pm is Supper time.(sitting in mamak stall, drinking teh tarik, eating roti canai, watching sport channel maybe...)
For Iranian, 10:00pm is the time for DINNER. A proper dinner with their family.

3. Persian number used ~~
Before that, when I went to a country that I don't know their language, at least, I can still understand the number.
However, this time, all number in Persian..... car plate, receipt, price tag, telephone number,money.....etc...
All in Persian number.....
Price in persian number
Car plate in persian number

4. Huge paper money
It's easy to become Millionaire in Iran.
Their currency in Rials.  RM1 = 10000 Rials.
Once I change my 100 Euro into Rials. It's end up give me back a big stack of paper money.
How I wish this big stack money is in Euro~~~

Paper money in Iran. 

5. The Iranian guys in Iran. 
Yes, some of the Iranian guys make me think of foreigner worker in Malaysia.
Slim, dark, wearing high waist trouser.
ok, this is just my opinion, as a Malaysian. (no offence....)
There are many Iranians come to Malaysia for working and studying. ( Iran and Malaysia have a good relationship in diplomacy. )
and honestly, my university in Kuala Lumpur before, even have a Iranian food stall inside the campus.
Therefore, it's normal to see Iranian guys, and make me think of foreigner worker in Malaysia.

6. Headscarf for all female
This is the most annoying part in whole trip.
All female, no matter who are you, which religion you are,
Once you are in public area in Iran, you must wear headscarf.
The period during our travel, which is summer, super hot and dry weather...
But, still, I need to wear headscarf..... :(

Dinner with Iranians

7. Non-alcoholic beer in Iran
Iran is an Islamic country, so following Islamic law, It's prohibit to consume alcoholic drink. ( That mean you can't find any alcohol drink in whole Iran. )
and so, there have non-alcoholic beer.
It's look so interesting to know their taste.... How can a beer without an element of "alcohol" ..
The taste end up like a juice.....
Apple flavour non-alcoholic drink in Iran

To be continue~~~ 

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