Interesting "facts" in Iran- Part 2

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Ok, There are a lot of interesting stories I experienced in Iran.
so, for sure, there going to have Part 2 about Iran.
For those who curious about Part 1, here is the link :

Brief information about Persepolis : The most significant tourist attraction in Iran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date from around 515 BCE. 
"If Great Pyramid represent Egypt; then Persepolis represent Iran. "


8. No KFC, McDonald, Visa credit card.....etc~~
Hmm... major credit card like Visa and Mastercard can not be used due to U.S sanctions.
In simple word, most of thing that relate to US is banned in Iran.
Therefore, we need to bring enough cash, and change in Iran.
In simple word, Iran and US is not a very good friend.... There is no US embassy in Iran.
So, no KFC, no McDonald, no Starbucks, no........etc...
However, you have to try their local brand fast food restaurant, which their quality and taste are even better than McD,KFC.... Their burger is really big, just look like the photo display.

9. Facebook in Iran
I'm a bit surprise that Iran have same situation like China, which banned the use of Facebook and most of the popular websites worldwide in their country.
So, I as a FB regular user, therefore away from FB about 10 days...( not yet break my record...haha!!)
* Anyway, you still can use some software to unblock the firewall and access to FB, but loading speed will be extremely slow.

10. Food- Chicken Kebab, Persian Rice~~
Eat local food is most important part in a travel.
Before going to Iran, I had tried some Iranian food.
So I'm quite used to have local food in Iran, and it's delicious!!!
Portion is normally big, with valuable price.
I would like to recommend some food in Iran I love!!!
Chicken Kebab : Kebab is traditional Middle East food, which is also quite common to find in Europe in fast food style. In Europe, Kebab is like sandwich, with a layer of pita and some small piece of meat.
In Iran, chicken kebab is in stick, marinated with some spice, cook in grill ,
normally will eat with Persian rice ,salad and grill tomato.
Local Iranian love to eat Lamb Kebab, which is generally same style as Chicken Kebab.
I'm not a lamb lover, but I tried a small bite; It's taste good too...
Chicken Kebab & grill tomato. 

The rice is cooked until the best texture and very fragrance. 
Persian Rice
Sandwich bread is not common for Iranian as breakfast.
Their bread is called naan, which is stone-baked.
Taste a bit like Roti Canai ( If you are Malaysian) , but less oily. 
Normally they eat naan with jam, cream,white cheese, cucumber....etc..
Take note of their Jam, which is special too. Their fruit jam is not dilute, but in watery liquid, and with real pieces of fruit. 
Persian Breakfast

This carrot juice with ice cream ( I forgot the local name of this juice) is cheap. Not so sweet because pure carrot used to make this juice. 
 Carrot Juice with tradiational Ice cream

11. The price different of entrance ticket for local and foreigner
I'm not very sure about how Malaysia tourist attraction entrance ticket price difference between Malaysian and foreigner. I'm quite sure the difference is not so much like in Iran.
In Iran, foreigner need to pay 5 times more than Iranian .
For example, entrance ticket to Persepolis, Foreigner price : RM15, Iranian price :RM 3 ( Approximately Price convert from Rial;  Information for non-Malaysian : 1 Euro= RM4.20 )
It's seem not so much, but when you go to 5 attractions per day, then you will understand.
In Iran, there is not discount package or tourist card, like go 2 musuems together get 10% reduction...etc
and almost all attraction need ticket, no free entrance...
Is it ridiculous?? Hmm, anyway,  each country have their own law....

12. Airport security check
Iran is an Islamic, preserve country. It's interesting when I passed through airport security check, there is clear separation between Male and Female. In the whole section of security check, only female officer checking your bags or body.  

13. Super grand Mosque
Yes, It's super awesome view when you see full of mirror pieces interior decoration in Mosque.
It's blink like diamond. You will amaze with their design and construction.
Some Palace for King were also built with awesome, complicate interior design.
It's a must to visit Mosque when you come to Iran.

14.  Desert along the highway~~
Some part of Iran, especially center of Iran, it's humidity is low and dry. 
Because of dry weather, desert exist. 
You will finally know that Palm tree along the highway in Malaysia is one of the uniqueness. 
While Iran having desert along their highway, from north to center to south of Iran. 

15. Handicraft, Persian Carpet
The quality of carpet and handicraft are well known throughout the world.
Most handicraft and carpet are handmade, with tiptop material, reasonable price.
Therefore, most of tourists will buy it as souvenirs.

16. Visa for Malaysian?
Anyway, I'm very confuse about the visa law between Iran and Malaysia.
From most of the website information, Malaysia is one of the few countries that can enter Iran without Visa.
However, when I "proudly" want to pass the custom without any Visa, the officer ask me to go to Visa office in airport to get Visa on Arrival. ( ok, my "proudly" turn to "shame" immediately, hahaha :p)
and I didn't pay any fee for the visa, but I need to filled some annoying personal detail form.

17. Traffic in Iran
Ok, the traffic in Iran is SUPER CRAZY.
I feel so nervous for the driver, and I'm also nervous when I want to cross the road.
If I drive in Iran, I guess I will bump to another car or people easily.

18. Camel riding experience
It's totally different feel from horse riding.
Anyway, the camel I ride is not big, a bit feel like riding a horse or donkey. Plus I didn't ride in desert....
But, I don't care~~~~  It's CAMEL!!!! hahahaha~~~

===The end===

~~~Stay tune for more travel update ~~~

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It's like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

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