Season of Graduation~~

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It's October, and It's the season of graduation in my University.
Time flies, I already graduated 1 year ago.
Before graduate, I didn't even think what I'm going to do in the future...
At that time, I didn't even think my life will be like now, further study~~

I'm very appreciate all my friends who came to my convocation last year..
and many of my friends graduated this few day...
In fact, I'm thinking how to make surprise to my friends who graduated
I'm happy that most people like the card I made
That the idea I already planned since few month ago...
Happy graduation!!!

Anyway, when I looked through some of my friends convo photo,
I have some regret about my own convocation

1. I didn't being throw up high to sky~~
I really want but my body don't allow me to do... Yes, it's sad

2. Didn't have a full family photo with academic attire
It's too rush, I didn't even meet my brother when I went back that time...
Damn regret!!! Therefore, I decided no matter where I'm, take leave or what,  I will attend my brother and sister convocation for sure!!!

3. Didn't take more photo around campus.
It's again too rush...( why I don't have more time to do all this thing, haizz)
I didn't have photo with academic attire in my faculty, department, my kolej, KPS,entrance of university,Tasik varsiti....etc...
Damn sad....

I told myself, THAT LIFE~... You gain something, you lose something in same time...

As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do.--Zachary Scott 

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