My experience of ISES @ Trondheim, Norway

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Before starting to write this blog post, I would like thanks to the organizing committee and the event sponsors, who selected me to have free delegate pass to attend this summit. It's help a lot, and also it's my 1st time to North Europe.. Thanks you!!!

Ok, as from title of this post, you may wonder what is ISES??
ISES is International Student Energy Summit, which empowering the next generation of energy leaders that will support the global transition towards a sustainable energy future. It is a three-day event that uses a multidisciplinary framework to educate, inspire and unite students around energy issues. This is 3rd ISES, held aNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim, Norway. 

I'm glad to join this summit, even my study is not directly relate to sustainable/ green/renewable energy. 
In fact, I gained some knowledge about current global energy issues, increase my conscious about this issues.
I met a lot of new friends from all over the world, who have a passion on discussing this issues. 
Climate change, global warming, depletion, renewable energy, nuclear energy, Arctic drilling, carbon footprint, innovation, sustainable future....etc, and it's discussed in the point of view in political , economic, research,media,investor area....etc. It's interesting~~

Get my nametag and programme guide book on 1st day. 

Accomodation provided by organiser- Radisson Blu Hotel
Opening ceremony at Studentersamfundet. It's a location for Norwegian Student to have their society activities, and good meeting point for student. 
Opening ceremony is simple, marking the starting of summit, and networking section for all delagates. There are some performance by Norwegian singer and with some wine and food.  

Most significant building in Trondheim. We had a chance to listen Organ Concert in this prestige cathedral for free!!!! 
Nidarosdomen- Biggest cathedral in North Europe. 

Speakers invited are expert from various fields, and also from different countries, continents.
It's interesting when some speakers have different views, and they bring out to discuss on stage.
Pigeonhole live is used in most plenary session for Q&A session, which have their pros and cons.
I tried to ask question through Pigeonhole, but not selected to be answer by speaker. (Only question with most vote will get attention and display to screen.)
However, I like this way of Q&A session, as you ask question at anytime, even during talk of speaker.   It's good invention.
Plenary Session about Nuclear Energy

Gala Dinner on the last night of Summit.

My 1st impression about Norway is SALMON!!!!! In fact, most meals in this summit are mostly relate to Salmon, breakfast with smoked salmon, Lunch with Salmon Sandwich, and in this gala dinner- SALMON!!!
It's a must to try salmon when you come to Norway.

Met some friends from different countries~~~ Nice to know you!!!

Trondheim is not so well known like Oslo, but the view in Trondheim is fantastic and breathtaking ~~ I like Trondheim more than Oslo. 
and because of the time I went to Trondheim is summer( but still very cold), The sky didn't turn dark at all... It's my 1st time in my life to see the sky almost bright for 24 hours.  The local student told me that some day of their winter will be 24hours dark. 
Trondheim at night.

It's a nice experience to join this summit. I'm glad to join with my another 2 classmates. It's inspiring me a lot.  (ahaha, 1st time in my life stay whole night in airport..T-T. LOL) 
Video concluding the summit. From the ISES organizing committee

*There are going to have regional summit in several places in different continents next year. It's going to announce soon which country in Asia will organize the regional summit. In addition, ISES is going to look for student who interested to organize summit in year 2015.
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