The Malaysia Food that I miss the most- PART 2

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I wrote a blogpost about Malaysia food on last February. Here the link.
I received some feedbacks, which motivate me to write more.
So, here come to PART 2 about Malaysia food that I love.
To list another 9 foods, it's easy and took me just few minutes~~
oh, I guess I really miss the food of my country.
I'm always proud to tell my foreigner friends, that -


10. Durian
King of the fruits, with strong odour,  thorn-covered green husk, and yellow flesh.
It's a seasonal fruit, which can only grow in tropical weather.
Their unique odour which create 2 reactions of people, either love it or hate it.
For me, I love it so much~~~
everything involve durian will be my favourite, such as durian crepe, durian ice cream, durian pancake, durian dodol...etc
I found the selling of fresh durian in Paris, which the price is surprisingly high ( around 40euro per kg = RM177.00 )


11.Chee Chiong Fan ( Rice noodle roll )
I'm so get used to call this dish in chinese dialect, so I just know it's english name after google...
I'm surprise to know that it's Cantonese dish. It is thin roll made from a wide strip of rice noodle, with some sauce and ingredient.
I love to eat this with sweet sauce and sesame, sometime with yam.
It's my favourite breakfast. I remember sometime my mum will buy this from morning market on weekend, which is a motivation for me to wake up early on weekend when I still a child.  

Chee Chiong Fan with sweet sauce and sesame

12. Satay
a dish of seasonedskewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce.These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings. 
It's origin from Indonesia ( surprise to know!! ), however, almost all celebration events in Malaysia, satay will be served. It is popular in Malaysia.
Usually, satay will eat with Onion, cucumber and sweet spicy peanut sauce.  


13. Roti Canai
I remember during my university time, when I don't know what to eat for breakfast or dinner, and with limit budget, i will choose roti canai.
Somebody think that it's oily and not healthy to have more. For me, I like it so much, but I will not eat too much, 2 pieces will make me full for a meal. 
The dish is composed of dough containing copious amounts of fatflour and water. Commonly found in Mamak stall in Malaysia. 
and I always choose the roti canai stall that the chef can twirl it until the dough becomes a very thin sheet and then folded into a circular shape. That a technique which is not so easy to learn. 
Anyway, roti canai is an Indian fusion dish, with many flavor varieties. Personally, I love Roti Pisang and Roti Telur!!( which the banana and egg will cover inside the dough)  
Roti canai should eat with good curry sauce, which is a key point to decide whether it taste good or not. ( Some people who don't like spicy, usually will eat with sugar, which I not so prefer)

14. Chao Kuey Tiaw
It my favourite noodle, I don't know why I miss out this dish in Part 1.
In fact, it is quite hard to find this noodle in Europe; so even you know how to cook, it's sad that you will not find a good ingredient.
It is made from flat rice noodles of approximately 1 cm,stir-fried with light and dark soy saucechilli, belachan, whole prawns,bean sprouts and chopped Chinese chives,vegetable and egg. 
Most well known, best Chao Kuey Tiaw in Malaysia is at Penang ( north of Malaysia), which is a must-eat dish if you have a chance to come to Penang. 

Chao Quey Tiaw from a Malaysian Chinese restaurant in Glasgow,UK. 

15. Keropok Lekor
A traditional fish snack for the Malay people in Malaysia. 
It is usually made bygrinding fish into a paste, mixing with sago and then deep-frying it. 
They are some variety, most common is lekor which is long and chewy, and keping which is thin and crispy. It is frequently served with chilli dipping sauces.
It's my favourite dessert or snack for teatime. I ate it when I'm in my primary school, secondary school, matriculation until University;  I still love to eat keropok lekor.
" Nak RM1 keropok lekor, bungkus, bagi chili~~ Terima kasih" ( English translation : Give me RM1 keropok lekor, take away and with chili, thank you) 
Oh I miss it so much ~~~ 

16. Kaya ( Coconut Jam) 
Again, I don't know it's english translation is coconut jam, which is damn weird.
In Europe, most people use Nutella as bread spread; In Malaysia, most people use Kaya.
Beside used as bread spread, it is also an important ingrediant in many traditional dessert among Malay community.
Composition of Kaya consist of  coconut, eggs, sugar and pandan leaf.
Anyway, my mum and aunt know how to make this jam, which in my heart, it is the best taste ever than those commercial package of Kaya. Homemade is the best!!!

Traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish. 
"Rojak" is a Malay word, which mean "mixing"
Usually it's consist  fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, cuttlefish and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce.
The ingredients are always cut into bite-sized portions.
Not all rojak I will like it, some rojak putting too much of sauce, which make the whole dish like a soup. 
In my hometown ( Johor Bahru), there is a stall with good rojak. 

18. Fried carrot cake
Their smell is always attract you so much, to stopby and buy it, commonly found it in some restaurant or night market in Malaysia. 
It is stir-fried cubes of radish cake (steamed rice flour, water, and shredded white radish) , with egg and some seasoning .
It can be a proper meal, can be a dessert. 

-- Home is where the heart is --
It's another 9 Malaysia typical dishes and foods that I miss~~
Which one you like??

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