My story in Italy #1

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I decided to make a series of blogpost about funny,ridiculous stories in Italy.
In fact, sometime, because of my stupidity and blur, many funny stories created by myself.
So, for the 1st post, I would like to share about my Italian Language class.

For those who know me well, I'm not talent in learning language.
So, I still can't speak or understand much of French and Polish, even I went to class for a semester.
and now, new semester in Italy, I need to learn another new language- Italian.
2 classes a week, each class last 1.5hours

So, in evaluation test on my 1st Italian class, I just guess all the answer...
circling without any grammar knowledge in Italian.
( well prepare to go to Level 1 Italian beginner class)

I'm so surprise when my Italian teacher tell me that I did this evaluation test with above 50% correct answer, which persuade me to Level 2 Italian Class...
WTF, LEVEL 2!?!!?
Is it mean Italian grammar test is easy to guess the answer and get it correct?? or am I too smart on Italian??
Anyway, It's about a month I attended the Level 2 Italian class. So far, still can catch up...
Pronunciation is not so hard like French and Polish, but Italian grammar is quite complicate...
and also vocabulary, which is hard for me to memorise so many new word in a short time.  

Lesson learnt : Next time just leave it blank if don't know the answer.... ==!!

Stay tune for next post : My story in Italy #2
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