My story in Italy #2

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Many awesome experiences I had in Italy in this 2 months living here. 
Beside attending classes in weekday, I had my own free time to do the thing I love, read a book, watch a movie. 
Today, I would like to share about stamp in Italy. 
Since I came to Europe last September, I have habit to send some postcards back to Malaysia. 
Personally I didn't have the hobby of collecting postcard of different places. 
I'm quite surprise of the joy and satisfaction I had for sending postcard, especially when your friend told you that they received the card in Malaysia. Can you imagine the card fly from Europe, long long way to Malaysia. 
There are a lot funny stories I heard; I had sent a postcard which until today, still haven't reach Malaysia. 
Some postcards reached in 10 days; some need more than 3 months to reach. ( I suspects some postcard take flight, some take ship, some take boat..... ahaha!! LOL~ )
Even I didn't send a single postcard back to my own home, I'm still happy to buy postcards in a new place I visited, buy a stamp and send to my friends who had made collection of postcard all over the world. 
Some countries have a very beautiful , well design stamp; some countries have simple, but significant stamp. 
So, here come to stamp in Italy.... It look like~~~

Stamps in Italy 

Ermm, in my opinion, it's a very simple design than I thought..
and the most important thing is
It's the most expensive postcard postage fee I ever paid, even more expensive than Norway, UK. (average postage fee is about 0.80-1.20 Euro per postcard )
WTF~~ to send back to Malaysia ( in standard fee) , it's cost 2.00 EURO( RM 8.50) per postcard!!!!
I would like to see how fast, how efficient the card will reach ....(It's still on the way)
Anyway, I just have budget to send one postcard from Italy.
Forgive me if you don't receive my postcard from Italy.
I promise I will send postcard in other places of Europe beside Italy in the future.....

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