My story in Italy #3 - Beauty of Venice

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There are many nice places in Italy, in fact, many tourist attraction spots.
I went for few cities in Italy. Venice is definitely my favorite.
It's is one of my dream place to go ( Sometime,I though I might go to Macau first in my life to experience eastern Venice before experience the REAL VENICE)
Yes, I'm lucky, able to see the beauty of Venice in Italy.
The REAL VENICE ( why I need to emphasis REAL? because there are too many fake, imitate Venice all around the world)
Venice is a must to visit if you come to Italy.
A place where you will lost even with your map,
A place where you will keep on crossing a bridge
A place where you can't find any pollution coming from road vehicle (In historical centre, only form of transport is on water or on foot )
A place where you will find most people are tourists instead of local people.

I wish I can go again.... in fact, the time I stayed in Venice is too short....
Venice is also a place for couple, as I saw many couple came here, taking Gondola...
Gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat. The gondola is propelled by a person (the gondolier) who stands facing the bow and rows with a forward stroke, followed by a compensating backward stroke. 
As we saw in some travel documentary or video, the gondolier will sing Italian song, and some people may drink wine while in Gondola, enjoy the wonderful scenery of Venice. 

Anyway, It's fucking expensive to have a gondola ride. Really really expensive...
A ride around 15-20 minutes, it's cost 100 euro (RM440.00 !!!) .
We met a good gondolier, who let us share the ride with 6 people ( the maximum a Gondola can take)
He even told us some story about Venice. He is funny, as you can see his look on the photo...
(Haha, he is very professional to pose and let us took photo)

The price for gondola ride is keep on increasing every year. ( LOL, gondola ride is worth to try it once, it's enough, haha!!! ) 
Anyway, still a very nice experience of gondola ride. Satisfied :)
There are many thing in Venice that you may need to have some time to discover.
It's definitely worth to stay in Venice around 3 - 4 days .

Some photo I took in my trip to Venice.
Met a painter, who draw the beauty of Venice.

A city with water....

Sunset in Venice

Oh, such a cute resident who hang their clothes in this way.... ( even hanging the underwear...opps!!)

Mask in Venice ( It's now selling everywhere in Italy). Usually, mask is wear during the Carnival of Venice, which is held around February-March annually.

Piazza San Marco

 Last but not least, ME with VENICE~~~ ( I want to go again !!!! )

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