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Hmm, Yes, I wrote 2 blog posts before about Malaysia foods.
I had introduced 18 Malaysia foods that I miss the most.
Recently, my Italian language teacher gave us a task, to cook your country food, and wrote the recipe in Italian ....
It's a difficult task for me, as I'm not a good cooker ( but I'm a good eater !! haha ~~)
To all Malaysian, which Malaysia food first come into your mind?
Which Malaysia food you will introduce to foreigners?

In my opinion, I think about Nasi Lemak ( Coconut milk rice ).
Seriously, I miss Nasi Lemak a lot...
It's the typical breakfast for Malaysian, ( It can be served as lunch or dinner too)
I remember once I told foreigners that Nasi Lemak is for breakfast, they are surprise!!
WHAT!? such a heavy, big breakfast ?! ( of course for breakfast, the portion will be smaller if compare to Nasi Lemak served as lunch or dinner)
Nasi Lemak in Seapark, KL,Malaysia. 

I read an article, about how much would you pay for a taste of home,
They compared the price of Nasi Lemak all around the world.
In Malaysia, you can get Nasi Lemak as low as RM1.20, up to RM5.00 ( depend on the side dish you choose)
However, outside of Malaysia, the price of a plate of Nasi Lemak is few times multiple than the price in Malaysia.
In fact, I believe in Europe, beside UK, it's hardly to find restaurant serve good Nasi Lemak in other cities.
I ate Nasi Lemak in Scotland before, the price is really around 7- 8 Pounds .
It's expensive, but in the same time, I agree that taste of home is priceless.
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Anyway, I gonna learn how to cook Nasi Lemak, as I plan to introduce this dish to foreigner.
( but I can't find anchovies, pandan leaf in Italy, plus I don't know how to make a good sambal sauce.... Hmm.... I guess the Nasi Lemak I cook will be a brand new version..)

* If you don't know what is Nasi Lemak , refer my previous post about introduction of Nasi Lemak :

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