My story in France #1 - France again

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This is not my 1st time in France, after 11 months living in Poznan,Poland and Genova,Italy, and also backpacking travelling in Europe during summer, and finally come to my last 6 months in my entire 2 years Master programme. In the same time, I returned to France. ( How time flies~~)

I had wrote some posts relate to France in 2012/2013~~ Check out my previous post about France
Eiffel Tower                       :
Some French famous food :
Arc de Triomphe               :
Study @ Paris, France       :

Story never end, experience always new, even in a same place.
This will be my 1st post about France in 2014.... more to go~~
Almost 11months away from France, I forgot most of the french I learnt in 1st semester (LOL...Damn~~)
Anyway, I hope I will love France, love Paris more than previous semester...
I would like to keep more sweet memory in Paris, rather than bad memory

Most European love to drink coffee. In fact, I drink more coffee in these 2 years since I came to Europe for study.
I had taste many different types of coffee. Coffee is not just a coffee.
How much do you willing to pay for a cup of coffee??
Recently, I had a cup of Cappuccino in front of Arc de Triomphe. ( not purposely go there and have coffee, it's because of some private reason)
How much do you willing to pay for a cup of Cappuccino, drinking in front of Arc de Triomphe??

Let's guess the price of the Cappuccino in photo above....
Leave your comment with the price you guess..
The 1st reader who can give the correct answer about the price of a cup of Cappuccino in front of Arc de Triomphe in photo above will receive a postcard I post from Paris,France!!!

Deadline: 31st March 2014
Correct answer for the price of Cappuccino in front of Arc de Triomphe will announce in this blog on 2nd April 2014.

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