My Story in Italy #8 - About Tiramisu

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REVIVING NEW POST FINALLY!!!!! After almost 2 months break with no new blog post....
I'm really busy these 2 months, many thing ( good and bad) happened ~~
After 5 months living in Genova, it's again time to move to another country for my upcoming journey.
However, series of "My Story in Italy" will still continue in this blog, with my real, funny story happen in Italy. I will do a post about itinerary of travelling in Italy in this blog too.
In the same time, I will start a new series- " My story in France" in my next blog post~~~
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So, it have been few weeks ago since I left Italy. One of the dessert I miss the most is ---- Tiramisu !!!
The best,real, authentic tiramisu can only found in Italy!!!
Before living in Italy, I have a really wrong conception about Tiramisu.
I thought that all coffee-flavor cake is Tiramisu.

In fact, the main ingredient in Tiramisu is Savoiardi ( a kind of ladyfinger cake, can be easily found in any Italian supermarket). These Savoiardi should dip in coffee (espresso)layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolksegg whites, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa
Many modification of tiramisu that we see all over the world is without Savoiardi. ( that why it's not really real tiramisu). 
Beside the Savoiardi, the cream is also very important element in tiramisu. 
A good tiramisu should be soft texture layer cake, with the coffee fragrance Savoiardi, with the cream in suitable amount. 

When I traveled in Rome, some local people introduced me the most famous tiramisu specialty shop- Pompi.

The unique thing about this shop is there have some special flavor of tiramisu, such as strawberry, banana, chocolate,pistachio etc..., not only with the traditional flavor.
The price is reasonable and affordable. The quality is very good with the price you paid, but I believe it's not the best tiramisu in Italy (of course the best maybe cost more expensive).
Definitely still worth to try Pompi's tiramisu if you go to Rome.  


I'm Tiramisu lover!!! Do share with me if you know any good tiramisu in any country , any place~~~
I would like to try more ~~~

~~That all~~
More update coming soon.....

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