My Story in Italy #7 - Visit to Leaning Tower, Pisa

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Pisa, city in Toscana region in Italy, which is famous because of the Leaning Tower. 
I know this tower since small... It's once my dream for me to witness the tower by myself...
Although the only special thing in Pisa is just this tower, it's definitely worth to pay a visit.( most travel website recommend 1 day trip to Pisa from Florence ) 

3 main sights in Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa 

3 main attractions in Pisa are all in Piazza dei Miracoli.  It's include famous Leaning Tower (Torre Pendente), Duomo di Pisa and Battistero.
Leaning tower originally is used as the bell tower for Duomo. The feeling to see the real Leaning Tower was awesome; and it's less slant than expected... and my friend and I were spending few hours to view this tower in different locations and angles. Of course, we acted like other tourist, taking lots of candid photo with this tower. 
Beside the tower, the another two buildings beside the tower are amazing too... with sculptured decoration and fine, historic design and architecture . 

One of my crazy poses with the tower....

Some interesting thing in Pisa~~~
No WiFi in Pisa? is WiPi~~~ hahaha...

The Arno river. You will cross this river if you come from Pisa main train station to Leaning tower. 

Piazza dei Cavalieri- Chiesa di Santo Stefano. The main university in Pisa is located nearby this Piazza. 

Last but not least, the Leaning Tower and ME again ~~~ I'm happy!!

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