My story in Italy #6 - Study @ Genoa, Italy.

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Italy, my 3rd European country, 3rd university to stay for my Master study,
It's also my last semester with classes and exam, as my next semester will be internship.
This Master course give me opportunity to study in 3 countries, to experience the culture of 3 European countries....
As this is 3rd semester, I'm more familiar with the adaption to new environment. It's easier for me to get use of everything.
Every semester have their difficulties and challenges; and yes, nothing come easy.
This semester the university is Universita degli Studi di Genova, one of the largest university in Italy, founded in 1481.
The unique thing about this university is that each department and faculty are located in independent campus and located in different part of Genova.
For example, the building for all my classes are situated in 3 different locations. While the International Student office and registration administration office is in another location.

So, like my previous post written about study at France and Poland, first to show is definitely the student card. Tadaa~~~

A glimpse of moment of class... Lecturers mostly speak an English with strong Italian accent. Sometime it's hard to understand their explanation.

Coffee and Snack area. You can get a cup of coffee in 0.35 euro. 

Corroded metal display during corrosion class 

I have 2 classes in Faculty of Engineering, which located opposite the sea. Find out this scene during lunch break. It's seem enjoyable to eat and revise in such a wonderful scene, maybe~~~ ( I haven't try yet..)

Some classes are in Department of Physics. It's taken during fire drill session.

For the whole semester, we have 5 industrial visits... Mostly is small industrial, spin off; but it's a great experience. I like this kind of visit, and study outside the classroom. This photo taken during our visit to a refinery plant in Italy. 

Genova is definitely a good place to stay, with nice weather, sun, hill and sea. This city gave me more than what I expect. I had not regret choosing my 3rd semester in Italy. In addition, Italian people are mostly friendly, although their English proficiency might not so good, they are willing to help you as they can.

Genova is not famous like other city like Rome or Milan. It's not a big, busy city. Genova don't have complicated metro line ( lrt ) or tram.

Piazza de Ferrari in city centre of Genova,Italy.

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